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Found 32 results

  1. So due to the fact that I saw a discussion on here yesterday about new players in MP . someone said that there should be a server for people to learn on before joining for example EU2 & instead of getting banned you go back to that server to improve you're driving .. My thoughts on this are ... There should be a server for new players with damage but where you don't get banned .. Get so many hours before Joining for example EU2 All new players in MP to Automatically have L plates uk or to match the desired country . Why this should be added : This should be added to give New players a chance to get used to the truck for example breaking time's etc . The L plates should be added so people know that they are a new Driver & can give them some more room if needed or so that the more experienced driver can help them out wherever possible . Please see image below All so another great feature to add would be when carrying fuel in the uk real trucks have a ORANGE square that can be folded when not carrying fuel or a tanker . it would be great to be able to add this to our trucks & have it in unfold when attaching a tanker the same way that the walk way folds down on top of the tanker when you connect up to it ... maybe have it on all trucks or make it an option in the customisation garage.. Why this should be added : This is more a realistic feature on the truck it is used in the uk so that you know it has a tanker on from the front . please see image below : You will notice that the orange square on the tractor unit of the tanker appears to be in too parts that is cause it folds up when not carrying fuel . You will also see that there is one folded on the driver training truck because this company also gives ADR training . Thanks for reading .
  2. Last week Myself and Pascal from Truckers.FM were lucky enough to be invited the beautiful city of Prague visit SCS Software! (and of course, see the sights and eat some fantastic food!) So, your probably wondering. What is the reason for this trip? Well to be honest, we've always wanted to visit the Czech Republic, especially Prague. It's been on my list for a while and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to visit it. It's a beautiful city with a rich history which is prevalent to see when you walk around. From the old trams to the beautiful cathedrals, Prague is a city I'd happily get lost in, with surprises around every corner! If you love food, and drinking then your in luck! Prague is pretty well known for (in some areas) having beer that is cheaper than water, and having some very tasty dishes. Our long-time friend RootKiller was able treat us to our very first Czech Dish! I personally had Beef Goulash and Bread Dumplings (Also known as Hovězí Guláš) It was incredibly tasty, and those bread dumplings we're just fantastic. But enough words, let my picture below do the talking! NOM. To jídlo bylo vynikající! Enough about your stomach! What did you do at SCS Software's Offices!? We we're incredibly privileged to be invited to the home of SCS Software. Before we even get into detail on how it was visiting the offices, we like to extend a HUGE thank you to RootKiller, Nemiro and Pavel for being so kind to allow us to visit and take us around and introduce us to everyone and just put up with a couple of fan boys basically! But seriously, Děkuji ! I may or may not of intentionally blurred some PC screens. Or maybe they actually are working on a whirlwind DLC. You'll never know. Nemiro was kind enough to take meet us and take his own time out to take us around the offices, and first thing is WOW. If you haven't already, vote for SCS Softwares offices for the best one of 2018 ( because they really are fantastic. Each area or section (as seen above) is dedicated to a project/game or task, with a Whiteboard/Sliding TV and Meeting area in front which are used for team meetings and briefings, and for drawing 8/8 memes on them (which we totally loved, keep on drawing!) There are also lots of little meeting rooms, and offices which can be used for individual work or one on one meetings. They have also have a boss break room. Fatboy Pillows, Coffee, Tea and a great view. Just awesome. One thing we noticed when being taken around the offices was that each member of the team was working hard. From what we saw, every member was dedicated to their task that day, it was fantastic to see such a great team spirit and everyone just cracking on with what they were working on. It really gave myself a sense of how much SCS Software care for their community, their games and how much they really are listening to us. Did you do anything else in the offices? Absolutely! Besides our fantastic tour, in which we met a lot of fantastic people (including George.. you know George! He owns George's Radio in the Scania R/S Truck!) We got to have a try at their Motion Simulator which is used for testing as well as just having fun on. They were the same ones used in the Truck Racing Tour with SCS as featured on the blog. It was a lot of fun, driving on it makes you aware of how bad of a driver you maybe, especially when you crash. Which I did not.. *cough* SCS as a team also came up with an idea prior to our visit to create something special for us at Truckers.FM for our contribution to the community experience for truckers around the world. Your reading it here first, and soon you'll be hearing it! That's right, we were lucky enough to jump into the in-house studio (used to process truck sounds and also everyone favorite In-Game Menu Music!) to create some special Jingles for Truckers.FM which you'll be hearing very soon EXCLUSIVELY on Truckers.FM As you can see, those involved (including Pavel Šebor the CEO!) had a ton of fun. Heck, some even bought their own instruments to play for the recording session From didgeridoos to ukulele's we made some pretty fun Jingles for listeners to enjoy while trucking. Again, we were massively grateful for this experience and time we had to chat and bond with the team. It really will be something we won't forget. There is honestly so much more I could write about our experience, but I think i'd have to release it as a book if that came to be. In short, we are super thankful for the friends we met and made in Prague, our time there and the relationships we got to build. It made me smile ear to ear knowing that a lot of the good folk there knew who we were and what we did, and loved what we do. They work with passion, dedication and some good food dishes from a downstairs cafeteria. If you have any questions about our trip, I'm happy to answer them! I hope you enjoyed this small report on our trip, and well. Thank you to you all for supporting TruckersFM to get to this point! Your all fantastic, Happy Days! Much Love London! TL:DR - Food, Drink, SCS Offices, Recording, Driving, Fun.
  3. How to add new key option

    Hello. I would need information on how to add a second function to a key. As for MP, the police turn on the siren I'd like to know what I need to do to add this option to the modification (not necessarily .ogg playback) i mean when you press in MP as police button "J" then lights was worked normal but in the same time is turned sound .ogg (siren) specific one sound and i would know how to do that DO NOT USE IN MP ! ! ! DO USE SP ONLY !
  4. Nova maneira de distribuir caminhões

    Vou começar por dizer que é uma idéia louca, mas por que não sonhar? xD Imagine se a SCS comece a distribuir caminhões desta forma, mas não a caminhões normais, modelos antigos, digamos caminhões mais especiais, assim como outros jogos já fazem, como CS: GO que vende Skins dessa forma. Você acha que isso funcionaria? * Desculpe pela edição não profissional *
  5. .::Motion Media - Media Professionals::.

    Motion Media - Media Professionals Formally Motion Films We are a virtual media company that strives to make virtual media the best we can. Our services That's why we pride ourself on having professional and friendly staff. Our production services include jingles, event coverage and for the first time ever, the RAW files (.proj .psd etc). Our production team are competent in using many of the Adobe Creative Cloud software, the software used by many media companies, such as Global, The BBC, and Universal Video Production Event coverage Jingles & Sweepers Voice overs Scriptwriting RAW Files (.proj .psd) YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Website: E-Mail: [email protected] If you're still not sure, why not look at some of our past work Why not book us today?
  6. Salutation... J'ai un enorme problème. voila par malveillance j'ai cliqu" sur un fichier SCS et fait "Ouvrir avec winrar" et j'ai coché la case "Utiliser ce programme par défaut" et donc j'aimerai savoir comment enlever ça.... HELP PLEASE
  7. Adding RJL's Scania T to TruckersMP

    Suggestion Name: Adding RJL's Scania T to TruckersMP Suggestion Description: Add a new truck to the mod for more variety, the Scania T is a completely STANDALONE mod which means it will not clash with anyone's game, like the Scout car it can be easily implemented and others will love it. RJL has brought a very interesting truck to ETS2 and it should be brought to the MP! The customization range for the Scania T is very great and there is so much to choose from. A known hiccup which may present an issue is to gain the ability to use the Mighty Griffin DLC / Cabin Accessories DLC and the Flag DLC will require the compatibility patches from the Steam Workshop. RJL has made these patches with the publisher on the Workshop so it is bug free on a Single Player Aspect. More information can be found on SCS's Blog: Any example images: View the blog link i have provided for images. Why should it be added?: I firmly believe SCS had always lacked a few trucks in ETS2 and it saddens me to see the same online, although the devs are limited to what SCS provides to make the game as lag free as possible (which is greatly appreciated), I feel that RJL's mods should have been implemented into the game ages ago as the quality of the mod makes it look and feel as if it could have been official DLC. Players are missing out on a brilliant mod, with immense customization it would keep players creative and busy, plus its native 8x4 axles bring a more immersive road train feel to the VTC's. The ingame Truckfests also would benefit greatly from this mod as there is no Truckfest without atleast 1 Scania T! I hope to see some positive replies to my topic, and if my goal of getting this brilliant mod online is a success - I hope to see you truckers online!
  8. Junior 3D Grafik - SCS Software

    Junior 3D Grafik Naše společnost otevírá nové pracovní pozice pro schopné a talentované nadšence do 3D grafiky. Rádi rozšířili naše řady a týmy podílejících se na projektech pro Euro Truck Simulator 2 a American Truck Simulator. Hledáme především zájemce s nadšením pro práci v herním odvětví. Vhodné i pro absolventy. Více informací v odkazu níže.
  9. ATS için Ağır Kargo Paketi DLC çıkıyor! 2017 gibi görünüyor, kamyon sim hayranları için çok heyecan verici bir yıl olacak. Bugün, Amerikan Kamyon Simülatörü için Ağır Kargo DLC'nin piyasaya sürülmesini duyurmak için buradayız! ETS2 için Heavy Cargo Pack önceki sürümümüzde olduğu gibi bu DLC'de oyununuzu geliştirecek bir dizi yeni özellik içeriyor. Bu ağır nakliye grubunda nelere dikkat etmeniz gerektiğini görelim. Sizlere 9 nakliye yükü sunacağız: Paletli traktör Buldozer Kaldırma Kamyon Şase Forklift Kablo makarası Freze Makinesi Tüm Arazi Vinçleri Kazıyıcı Transformatör Bu yüklerin hepsi 55, 000 lbs ila 123 000 lbs (25-56 ton) arasında değişmektedir, bu nedenle hedeflerine ulaşmasını istiyorsanız daha fazla iş yapılmalıdır. Fragman Bu römorkların Avrupa'da kullanılanlardan çok farklı görünüp görünmeyeceğini merak ediyorsanız, Federal Bridge Brüt Ağırlık Formülüne bakınız. Römorklar, iyi bir sebeple oldukça uzun ve çok eksenli olma eğilimindedir. Kendimizi her parçayla tanıtalım. Traktöre en yakın olan ilk bölüm, jeep olarak adlandırılır ve normal beşinci tekerleğin aracıyla istif aracına bağlanır. İkinci bölümde lowboy denir ve yükün bulunduğu yerdir. Konfigürasyona bağlı olarak ya ortada ya da son kısım. Üçüncü bölüm taşınan kargoya göre yarı isteğe bağlıdır. Buna yayıcı (veya bazen denir aksi gibi dingil güçlendiricisi) denir ve adından da anlaşılacağı gibi, kargonun ağırlığını daha fazla dingil boyunca ve daha fazla uzunluğa yaymak orada. Her üçünün de desteğini gerçekten eğlendirici ve aslında genellikle tavsiye edilmez kılan kendi dönme noktası var. Ağır Kargo Paketi, her bir kargoya uyacak şekilde seçilmiş 2 parçalı ve 3 parçalı (yayıcı / stinger içeren) yapılandırma römorklarının bir karışımıyla birlikte gelmektedir. Yeni motorlar Kısa süre önce oyuna yeni motorsiyon varyasyonları (gerçek davranışlarla) ekledik ve bunun hatırlatılması için doğru zaman olduğunu düşündük. Tüm kamyonlar artık 600 beygir gücünde bir motor seçeneği var ve bazı kamyonlar arasında seçim yapmak için daha güçlü bir motor bile var. Çoğu taşımacılık senaryosu için elbette daha düşük güç motorları da mevcut - çok mantıklı ve ekonomik seçenekler var. Yollarda görüşürüz! SCS Cargo Addict Bundle. Çeviri: @HamitCanKilic / 24]
  10. SCS Yolda: Jobs Dev 2017

    Instagram ve Twitter profillerini izlerseniz fark etmiş olabileceğiniz gibi , küçük bir ekip arkadaşımız ve CEO'su Pavel Šebor, geçen hafta sonu özel bir "geliştiricilere pazar yeri" etkinliğine katıldı. Organizatörün belirttiği amaç, gayri resmi geliştirici-geliştirici diyaloğunu kolaylaştırmak ve geniş bir IT sektöründeki şirketlerin yetenekli programcılar, serbest çalışanlar, geliştiriciler ve üniversite mezunları ile buluşabileceği bir yer sunmak oldu. Aslında her zaman yeni yetenek arıyoruz, aslında şimdi bunun için daha fazla yer açıyoruz! Yaklaşık 1.700 metrekarelik ofis alanıyla SCS Yazılımı için yeni bir yer hazırlama aşamasındayız. Ekibimizi 100'den fazla kişiye yetiştirmeyi planladığımız için bu bizim için büyük bir sıçrama olacak. Standımızın ziyaretçileri için küçük bir programcı odaklı test hazırladık ("Bir sürü şamandırayı ne kadar hızlı sıralayabilirsiniz?" - algoritmalara girmeniz halinde bu Wiki sayfasına bakabilirsiniz). Küçük yarışmamızın şanslı (ve akıllı) kazanan David, ödülünü (MSI Nvidia GTX 1060 ekran kartı) ve SCS Software'in yakın zamanda açtığı e-mağazadan bazı güzel şeyleri almak için hak kazandı. Bizimle sohbet etmek ve oyunlarımızı denemek için uğrayan tüm ziyaretçilere teşekkür ediyoruz. Ayrıca bu etkinliğin düzenleyicilerine, Prag Teknik Üniversitesi'ne ev sahipliği yapan Prag'a teşekkür ederiz. Oyunlarımızı halka göstermek her zaman ilham verici bir deneyimdir. Bu olay hiçbir şekilde yalnızca oyun endüstrisine odaklanmadı, ancak oyunlarımızı bilen ve yüzlerce katılımcımız arasında bile genel IT sektöründe her türlü iş aramaya başlayan aktif oyuncular olduklarını çok fazla şaşırdık. Konunun orjinal metni: Çeviri: @HamitCanKilic / 24] SCS Blog @SCS Blog Not: Elimden geldiğince hata yapmamaya çalıştım. Hatalarım varsa söyleyebilirsiniz ve bende düzeltirim. Çeviride yanlış yaptığım yerler varsa özür dilerim.
  11. ETS2MP/ATSMP connection

    Hi i was wondering if there would be any chance there would a airport in a DLC MOD so that you could go from say the UK to the USA/ATS and so that they in ATS could come to ETS to say you put it at 20 pound GBP and we get enough people to agree that it would be good would you consider doing the update ?
  12. Whats ur first SCS software game?

    My first SCS software game was Hard Truck 18 WoS what ur 1st one?
  13. New State

    Anybody hyped about the new state?
  14. Guys i'm here to show some tips that i've send in the New post of SCS named ETS 1.26 Beta Update ( ) And this is the reply i post Some changes for parking and cargo bay for us to do in SP and MP. That will be awesome in my view if that can be bring to real.
  15. New truck coming to ATS

    Some of you may be aware of this mysterious new truck coming to ATS. Be great to see what it is
  16. Halloween Paint Jobs

    Suggestion Name: Halloween Paint Jobs Suggestion Description: You should put the halloween paint jobs in the game. SCS added these in because of the holiday [Halloween] that's coming up. Why it should be added: SCS added these in because of the holiday [Halloween] that's coming up.
  17. Stiamo lavorando duramente per assicurare le licenze dei camion nei nostri giochi e speriamo di confermare delle novità. La nostra community di fan è fantastica - stiamo ricevendo costante aiuto in quest'area molto spesso e la vostra voce sui social media vale molto. La parte legale del processo delle licenze può essere diverse volte lenta come avete potuto notare (con la licenza Mercedes per esempio), ma noi apprezziamo molto la vostra pazienza. Comunque, abbiamo rivisto un già esistente camion in ETS2 - il DAF XF 105. Potreste notare la somiglianza di questo con la mod di 50keda. Non ci sono coincidenze - 50keda è uno dei migliori modder e sta per entrare a far parte degli sviluppatori della SCS Software. La "revisione" del DAF XF 105 sarà disponibile con la versione 1.25, e non sarà solamente la disponibilità continua di una mod inserita nel gioco, ma sarà sempre migliorata come parte del gioco, aggiungendo nuove livree e rimodellando qualche parte - pensiamo che sarà apprezzato dai fan dei DAF. Ecco qualche foto: Leggi l'articolo originale (in inglese) Tradotto da Alex [ITA]
  18. [SCS Blog] Volante ajustável

    Em ambos, American Truck Simulator e Euro Truck Simulator 2, os jogadores já têm a opção de modificar o ponto de vista da câmera no interior da cabine, posição do assento, posição da cabeça e o ângulo de visão. Em atualizações anteriores, nós também fizemos a câmera da cabine mais realista através da simulação da direção e da câmera baseada na seta, bem como o movimento da câmera física. Mas nós sentimos que o trabalho ainda não está completo, então agora é hora de dar um passo adiante, a fim de simular totalmente a gama de possíveis ajustes que você pode fazer na vida real. Assim, sem mais delongas: nas seguintes atualizações do jogo, vamos adicionar uma pequena novidade: o ajuste da posição da coluna da direção. Com este recurso você poderá modificar a altura e o ângulo do volante, a fim de criar a sua posição de condução perfeita. Com isso estamos um passo mais perto de fazer a cabine em ATS e ETS2 exatamente como a real. Por último, mas não menos importante, na tela de interface do usuário, o Ajuste do Assento terá a capacidade de modificar os valores com a roda do mouse. Esperamos que você esteja tão animado sobre esses recursos como nós estamos. Nesse meio tempo, aqui está uma pequena GIF de demonstração: Ver artigo completo Tradução: @DiegoLBC1
  19. A maioria do pessoal da SCS Software estava de férias na semana passada, e nós não atualizamos nosso blog tão frequentemente como costumamos fazer, por causa disso. Vamos tentar compensar isso com algumas mensagens informativas nos próximos dias. Primeiro, porém, gostaríamos de lhe perguntar sobre algo. Temos notado que quase 1/5 dos trabalhos, feitos por contratos externos do World Of Trucks, acaba sendo abortado. Estamos perguntando: por que isso? É possível que exista algo acontecendo e não sabemos, mas deveríamos saber. Este tipo de feedback pode nos ajudar a melhorar o World Of Trucks para você. Enquete: Você abandona contratos do World Of Trucks? Veja o artigo completo (Tópico oficial aqui)
  20. what is next for SCS?

    Hi guys, What does everyone think is next in terms of DLC/new content?Apart from the ongoing developments at the moment (france dlc, making the ATS map bigger) I would like it if they did more customization options next, or a more detailed map. Thanks.
  21. American Truck nouveau klaxon???

    Bonjour à tous, j'aimerais bien savoir est-ce que c'est moi qui déconne avec un mod ou il y a de nouveaux klaxons dans ATS? Le Peterbilt 579 a un double klaxon et le Ken W900 idem J'aimerais ben savoir ce que c'est
  22. Oltre sessanta persone stanno contribuendo attualmente alla crescita e al miglioramento di Euro Truck Simulator 2 e American Truck Simulator, e questo numero sta continuando a crescere. Ci sono Grandi Cose in produzione nel nostro laboratorio; progetti che continueremo a provare fino a quando non saranno pronti per il rilascio. A volte un po' di tempo fino a quando siamo pronti veramente. Potete stare sicuri che ci sentiamo come voi - anche noi speriamo che SCS sia capace di rilasciare nuove mappe e nuovi camion velocemente. Stiamo cercando duramente - la SCS ha assunto tante persone nei mesi recenti - quattro nuovi sviluppatori con talento che entreranno a far parte del nostro team di mappe e veicoli già questo mese. Attualmente il nostro spazio di ufficio sta raggiungendo la capacità del 100%, perciò stiamo negoziando per essere sicuri di poter assumere più persone. Probabilmente affitteremo più spazio nell'edificio in cui già siamo oppure ci trasferiremo di nuovo in una nuova costruzione. L'area nella quale siamo diventati veramente produttivi, è la creazione di paintjob specifici di Euro Truck Simulator 2 per ogni Paese. Sappiamo che sono piccole cose - per qualcuno di voi ciò porta a discussioni - siccome stiamo aspettando tutti l'uscita di cose maggiori. Ma stiamo lavorando ai paintjobs per tutti quei fan che non hanno ancora il loro paese coperto. Siamo confidenti di creare paintjob per ogni stato che c'è in gioco e per qualche Paese che sappiamo ci sono molti giocatori di ETS2. Per ora, i nostri amici dall'Italia e dalla Slovacchia possono finalmente dare il benvenuto all'Italian Paintjobs Pack e al Slovak Paintjobs Pack rispettivamente. Divertitevi! Leggi l'articolo completo
  23. [Suggestion] Add RSS poster for SCS blog

    Suggestion Name: Add RSS poster for SCS blog Suggestion Description: Add RSS poster for SCS blog Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: It saves time for the people that post it every time
  24. Kenworth W900 is almost here

    Copied from: The iconic Kenworth W900 truck model should be added to the American Truck Simulator line-up in a few short days; it will be a part of the first small game update that we are finishing now. This is actually the very first truck we have started creating for the game over two years ago, it has been in an almost-finished state for a long time. We were sure that this classic vehicle would be received very positively by our fans. However, unbeknown to us, it did not turn out to be the best choice for the first vehicle to approach Kenworth with during initial licensing discussions. Truck manufacturers tend to be very careful about their image, and Kenworth, as the pioneer in aerodynamics in cabin design with their T680, had a rather different idea of the ideal truck to have in our game at the moment of release. So it was back to work for us to finish the other truck first before we could hope for the licensing deal to be successfully signed. Meanwhile, we also owe you news concerning the state of Steampunk DLC. We are gifting it now to loyal Steam followers of American Truck Simulator as promised. Our "robot" code has been processing the gifts for a few days already actually, we are however throttled by some technical issues. So far, we have managed to add the DLC to the Steam library of 53,000 players, there is still some 110,000 more DLCs to issue currently. Please have patience with us, the DLC content will automatically appear in your game shortly. As the execution on our side was not as swift as we had hoped, we are not yet limiting your chances to earn the DLC for free. Anybody following the game on Steam until and as of today will still qualify to receive it. You don't have to worry also if your game was a store pre-order and the box is yet to arrive; so long as you follow the game in time, the DLC will be added to it even if you activate the game a week or two from now.
  25. SCS Blog - Real World Inspirations

    Real World Inspirations The virtual world of American Truck Simulator is necessarily depending on artistic license when depicting reality. The scale is much different; when a hundred-mile stretch of real road must be passed in a matter of a few minutes in our game, there is simply not enough room to cram all the real-world bends, intersections, and landmarks into it. But we try hard to have many recognizable places and details into ATS, to make the world exploration more fun, to make the impression believable. Here is a few comparison pictures (with real location photos courtesy of Google Maps, thank you for all the help Google!) of some places in the game that represent our approach. We do not want to overhype this aspect though, what you see are carefully selected highlights. The game can of course only manage to take inspiration from a tiny subset of all the available landmarks, we are understandably not covering all of Los Angeles or Las Vegas street by street. Please check out our American Truck Simulator facebook page if you want to see several more world comparison pictures.