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Found 19 results

  1. Suggestion Name: NCZ Extension on Scandinavia Suggestion Description: Extend the non-collision zone due to double trailers update. Any example images: http://plays.tv/video/599b518a56054f4d7b/ncz-should-be-extended?from=user Why should it be added? As seen in the video due to limited space trailers are being damaged in certain areas. Maybe a small extension of NCZ would help.
  2. Suggestion Name: Remove the ncz @ marinas. Suggestion Description: Remove the no collisions zones at the marinas in scandinavia. There aren't all that mutch traffic there, and it would make the game better, if we have to wait ( as it is/was @ roadworks in ats ) if there's allready someone there delivering. Why should it be added? Makes it a bit more realistic. And might teach a bit of patience
  3. Hello fellow truckers and colleagues of Truckers MP, this morning I stumbled upon some troubling whilst launching TMP. In Steam, it keeps relaunching and asking if the launch options / parameters are good, which they are, but it isn't working. Picture of the error here: Click here for the error message picture. Please help me out if you can, I never had this happen before.
  4. I tried taking a job with a double trailer in Scandinavia, Since I seen others driving double trailers there too and wanted to try it myself. So I took a job at Polaris Lines in Hirthals and then this happened... Hopefully this can be fixed by changing the trailer spawn location, since we might see more players with double trailers in the upcoming 1.32 update but Scandinavia DLC support isn't working correctly as you can see in the images. And this was the information about the job I selected:
  5. Scandinavia haritası KÜTÜPHANEDE fakat oyunda gözükmüyor sebebi nedir acaba yardımcı olurmusunuz ?
  6. Bonjour les Truckers Français, Pour à nouveau un peu réveiller la communauté niveau convoi, j'ai décidé de vous organiser un convoi (ne vous méfier pas au nom, je n'avais pas d'inspiration) au départ du PORT DE BERGEN et à l'arrivée de l'entreprise NORTFOOD DE JONKOPPING. Le convoi se déroulera dans l'après-midi du Samedi 26 Mai à 14h45 (essayer d'être la 10 min avant) sur le serveur EU3 ! Je pense que les règles du convoi semble normal: -ne pas doubler -respecter TOUS les joueurs -ne pas bloquer les routes et les entreprises (et oui l'alsacien ne fait pas un convoi officiel donc pas le droit) -et bien-sûr toutes les règles de TruckersMP ! Vous pourrez bien-sûr venir avec votre entreprise et la représenter si vous le souhaiter ! Rejoignez mon Discord pour discuter pendant le convoi: https://discord.gg/MKKg9cW (lien qui n'expire pas) Essayer de venir avec un plein de bière...euh d'essence ! MERCI ! Une pause peut avoir lieux au milieu du convoi mais cela dépend de la vitesse du convoi et du déroulement du convoi ! DLC REQUIS: SCANDINAVIA Je pense n'avoir rien oublier ! En espérant vous y voir nombreux ! Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] ,
  7. Una nuova ondata di update sta per arrivare! Stiamo per aprire le Open Beta per entrambi i nostri simulatori; in primis pubblicheremo la Beta per Euro Truck Simulator 2. Non vogliamo troppi feedback e opinioni in poco tempo, perciò aspettate uno o due giorni e uscirà anche la Beta per American Truck Simulator (con il DLC Arizona!). Come ogni update, ci saranno migliaia di piccoli cambiamenti e altre piccole cose, ma ci saranno due cose molto visibili nell'update: I MAGGIORI CAMBIAMENTI I contratti di World Of Trucks saranno disponibili direttamente dal gioco - supportiamo nuove destinazioni del DLC Going East e del DLC Scandinavia. Aggancio del rimorchio come nella realtà (opzione) - la nuova "missione" sarà di agganciare il rimorchio come un vero camionista, ovvero avvicinandosi al rimorchio, fino a far combaciare la ralla al perno del rimorchio. Trailer dell'aggancio per esperti: CODE La multa per eccesso di velocità può essere disabilitata (opzione). Coppia notevolmente migliorata. Comportamento del cambio automatico migliorato. Supporto per XImput aggiunto. Supporto UI per il quarto e quinto controller. Rilevamento e supporto SKRS. Selettori di cambio (range, split) adesso hanno un supporto UI. DATA AND MODDING Camion SCANIA rilavorati, aggiunti accessori (presa, maschera, paraurti, paraspruzzi, etc.). Fixate varie cose, la maggior parte degli accessori interni ha bisogno di un update. I parametri dei danni sono stati spostati da game_data.sii e sono stati aggiunti nuovi danni (come il logoramento e i fattori di danneggiamento delle parti). Dati sui motori (curva della coppia, massimo giri al minuto). Dati per il Force feedback per XInput aggiunti (force_feedback.sii). Altri dati per la coppia e per il cambio (physics.sii). Potete trovare la beta nelle public_beta di Steam. (Libreria di Steam → LIBRERIA → Click destro su Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Proprietà → Tab delle beta→ selezionate public_beta - 1.24 public beta). Nessuna password è richiesta. Una precauzione: fate un backup del/i vostro/i profilo/i di gioco prima di sperimentare la beta! Ricordatevi che questa è una versione "test" dell'update; va benissimo se aspettate la versione definitiva e stabile del gioco. Se siete curiosi e volete assisterci a migliorarla, apprezziamo il vostro aiuto. Per favore, se riscontrate qualche bug, segnalatelo nel nostro forum. Nota del traduttore: La versione 1.24 NON è ancora supportata dal Multiplayer! Se volete giocare direttamente con la versione 1.24 in Multiplayer dovete aspettare l'update di TruckersMP. Traduzione di: Alex [ITA]
  8. Why cant we drive out of scandinavia whit dobble trailer?
  9. ItzDenis

    DLC Help

    I have buy ets2 but i wanna buy today ets2 scandinavia map of Instant gaming...Then I just have to activate key on steam??
  10. All my DLC's I just bought are incompatible with the mods, i have copied the dlc's from my steam folder to the ets2 folder where this mod is, and then nothing, then i moved the mod into my steam folder, still nothing, i have no clue what to do, everywhere i read it's possible to use dlc's on the mod, but.... i can't Update: the rocket league promo dlc worked perfectly from the beginning, but the ones i bought after getting multiplayer, don't want to do anything, the dlc's that dont work are : scandinavia, polish paint jobs, window flags, and cabin accessories
  11. ¡Buenas gente! Soy nuevo en el foro aunque no en el juego, empece con el primer ETS y me tiro horas pegado al monitor con el ETS 2 (y a la espera del nuevo proyecto de SCS ºwº) Estoy intentando sacar todos los logros que pusieron en Steam con las actualizaciones, pero aún me quedan cinco que no tengo. Necesitaría vuestra ayuda para que me iluminarais con vuestra sabiduría para poder completar dos de esos cinco que me quedan: el logro de "Minero" y de "Lo que sea que flota tu barco". He intentado buscar información por Internet pero nadie pone como conseguirlos y antes de hacer viajes a voleo prefiero centrarme en disfrutarlo para sacarle los logros . Los otros tres que me faltan son: "Sastre" (que se como se saca, tengo 2/3), "Cazador de beneficios" (que es cuestión de tiempo que salga un trabajo con los requisitos) y "Pionero" (que es con el que estoy poco a poco). Si me pudierais ayudar para sacarlos os lo agradecería enormemente. Un saludo, corto...
  12. Bought addition Scandinavia in the game he has found automatically! but when I approach the crossing and hit "the road" game completely freezes ... help!
  13. Hey guys, my friend has a problem. He bought DLC Scandinavia, installed it, however it works in single player mode, but it doesn't work in multi. I tried many ways to help him to get rid off this error, however nothing worked. First screen shows error, that DLC is missing. Second one shows it in game library. Sorry for resolution of screenshots, my friend isn't best at doing them.
  14. Speedah


    Hello. I am new to the game, and i just wanted to hear how to get other countries and regions, like Scandinavia, the East, more of the west, the south and more. Im playing it on steam.
  15. Hi all, i cant acces road to Norway, for me is blocked, why??? THX!!!
  16. OK, so me and my friend just installed the Scandinavia dlc, and we both have the same problem, when we click drive, the game crashes with a fatal error message. We have verified the integrity of game crash, and reinstalled the multiplayer mod, but nothing has worked. I can't see anyone else with this problem. Please help.
  17. I would like to ask that can i play in MP in Scandinavia without buying the DLC itself? Thanks for your help!
  18. Осло - это одна из крупнейших городских агломераций, показанных в Скандинавии DLC. На самом деле Осло (и прилегающие к нему районы), возможно, самый большой город, который мы построили на сегодняшний день в Euro Truck Simulator 2. Как вы видите на скриншотах ниже, мы широко используем новые типы стыков и пересечений в странах Скандинавии, в данном случае мы подключили город с большим портом, который включает в себя паромный терминал. В самом Осло существуют несколько доков с небольшими загрузочными площадками в разных районах города, расположенных в нескольких километрах друг от друга. Здесь очень много возможностей для исследований! Источник: http://blog.scssoft.com/2015/02/welcome-to-oslo.html
  19. Привет, Всех Вас С Новым 2015 Годом ! Похоже, что во время праздничного сезона в Euro Truck Simulator 2 играло большое количество народа. Более 34 000 игрокам удалось завершить наш праздничный эвент! Мы в изумлении от такой активности и готовы представить больше интересных вещей на World Of Trucks в 2015 году. Праздничный Эвент будет длиться до среды, 14 января 2015 года. Если вы всё еще в процессе того, чтобы попытаться заработать эксклюзивную раскраску Raven Truck DLC, то тогда время поторопиться! Еще одной приятной новостью является то, что в настоящее время DLC Скандинавия находится в завершающей стадии производства. Мы уверены, что еще необходимо проверить его должным образом, настроить и оптимизировать его -это большой проект, это тонна работы по его производству - но мы значительно улучшили свои способности в тестировании и в работе с большинства процессами, по сравнению с предыдущими версиями проекта. Будем надеяться, что все будет идти гладко. Некоторые скриншоты недалеко от шведского города Kalmar: Перевод \ Translate: http://ets2mp.ru/ Источник \ Source: http://blog.scssoft.com/2015/01/holiday-event-round-up-and-peek-into.html
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