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  1. Może to i bezsensowna odpowiedź, ale skoro nie chcesz wyłączać symulacji zmęczenia, to może w końcu pojedź spać, odpocząć? Zostaje Ci również wyciszyć całą grę.
  2. If you installed same thing five times, then something is wrong. Try uninstalling TruckersMP, then install it again, but open installer with admin rights.
  3. progamerx333


    I don't speak your language however I got your problem. ETS MP doesn't support Schwarzmuller, because trailers have different hitboxes and it's hard to implement into the game. If you don't have any other job, then you can skip some time in single player.
  4. Try to use temporary 1.26_x instead of normal version.
  5. Thanks for the update! When can we expect winter mod?
  6. 1. 1.25 compabile with multi 2. reinstalled many times, ets, mp, dlc 3. on new save he can join mp, however he doesn't see scandinavia on map.
  7. Hey guys, my friend has a problem. He bought DLC Scandinavia, installed it, however it works in single player mode, but it doesn't work in multi. I tried many ways to help him to get rid off this error, however nothing worked. First screen shows error, that DLC is missing. Second one shows it in game library. Sorry for resolution of screenshots, my friend isn't best at doing them.
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