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  1. Loving this Scania R370 + 1 axle trailer combo.
  2. The Schwarzmüller trailers don't replace the original trailers. When taking a freight market job there is usually a gear icon on the picture of the trailer, which lets you pick between the different trailers. When taking external contracts however, the Schwarzmuller trailers don't appear that often. You will just have to keep refreshing the jobs, or go to a different city to find one.
  3. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      No worries, I hope to see you on the road or at events ;) 

  4. Thanks for the follow. Also you were born one day before me.

  5. Thanks for the follow!:D

  6. I'd like to personally thank everyone who participated today, and the admins of course for organising and controlling the event. And it was nice not to hear any engines running during the 2 minute silence even though there were still a couple of people reversing the whole time. So once again thank you all, it was fun.
  7. while drunk, you see a wild TheDrunkenNarwhal appear in Players Nearby list :P ..

    1. Scram


      Haha. Shame we didn't get to talk for longer. Add me on steam if you want maybe we can drive together.

    2. Kehox


      wanna see something funny ?

      https://www.twitch.tv/videos/146736300  01:06:00 /// 01:07:00 ... XD

    3. Scram


      It was also pretty cool seeing me drive past at 00:21:00

  8. For some reason I seem to be crashing in London. All other cities I've gone to are fine but as soon as I go anywhere near London my game crashes.
  9. So I recently installed the winter mod and the game was working at first. I then quit the game to do something, came back to it a little while after and when I try and the launch the game it just sits there in the taskbar. So I click on the icon and I just get a black screen with the normal startup sounds. It in then loads into the server launcher, then when I click play I get a black screen again and nothing happens. I looked at the game log, and I get the error: <ERROR> [tobj] NULL texture data. The weird part is there is the same error over and over. Infact it creates the same error three times in a single millisecond at some points, and does this until the text document exceeds the limit (so I won't post the full log). So here's some of the log: http://pastebin.com/n6dn2cv3 Also should mention this doesn't happen in singleplayer.
  10. Never mind, problem solved now.
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