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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Remove the ncz @ marinas. Suggestion Description: Remove the no collisions zones at the marinas in scandinavia. There aren't all that mutch traffic there, and it would make the game better, if we have to wait ( as it is/was @ roadworks in ats ) if there's allready someone there delivering. Why should it be added? Makes it a bit more realistic. And might teach a bit of patience
  2. Game: ATS Mod Version: Controllers Used: Doesn't matter Description of Issue: Collision is on. This is located in the Southeastern corner of Phoenix AZ, "Phoenix Freight". How to reproduce: Drive here. Screenshots / Videos:
  3. Mod Version: and previous versions Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Using no collision area hack or server error. How to reproduce: idk... I actually think this is the biggest server error or whateve of ETS2MP mod. For example, our own friend passed inside of us while we were in the our big convoy about 5 months ago. We also were in ts3 and he was with us. Everybody hated him at the moment and he was reported by one of us who records after the convoy. He banned after than, he says "Im sorry but I was recording that part too, pls dont call me like that I'm not a cheater I can prove it." He made a ban appeal with his records and unbanned. I dont remember who was this guy right know. He showed his video and he just saw empt road at the same time when he passes inside of us at the same where Please check'em all videos; I think they are not even aware of what is happening He cant see anyone on road, on tab menu etc.. The only thing what they see empty roads.. They may have been banned unnecessarily so far. For example; this : I dont wanna report that guy this way (maybe he can be reported to reckless driving) cuz I have seen maybe 5 times such events before. Screenshots / Videos: Video1 Video2 Video3 Best Regars
  4. Suggestion Name: NCZ Extension on Scandinavia Suggestion Description: Extend the non-collision zone due to double trailers update. Any example images: http://plays.tv/video/599b518a56054f4d7b/ncz-should-be-extended?from=user Why should it be added? As seen in the video due to limited space trailers are being damaged in certain areas. Maybe a small extension of NCZ would help.
  5. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Xbox One controller Description of Issue: Bâtisse company at Paris isn't no collisions zone. How to reproduce: Go to Bâtisse at Paris with your friend and play bumper cars Screenshots / Videos:
  6. Mod Version: Used: Logitech Driving Force GTDescription of Issue: NCZ missing at Phoenix Freight & Transport Co. There is no text "NO COLLISION AREA" at corner.How to reproduce: Drive to Phoenix Freight company near Phoenix Airport. U can hit other trucks.Screenshots / Videos: http://prntscr.com/bgvru6 and company location: http://prntscr.com/bgvt7z
  7. Mod Version: 1.18 Controllers Used:keyboard Description of Issue: There is a small but terrible collision area at Esbjerg port, between the ferry boat and the port. I didn't know this collision area the first time I got there. Then I hit some 2 other trucks when driving in the ferry to go to England. I think this needs to be fixed. How to reproduce: Drive into the ferry boat at Esbjerg port. Screenshots / Videos: Sorry but I can not upload anything to imgur or youtube due to connection issues. One screenshot is in the attachment.
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