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Found 11 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Check box to Synchronising the rain. Suggestion Description: I saw answers like the Anriandor's answer in previous suggestions. Why not add a check box like winter mod check box to solve the problem of people that don't like this feature? Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: So that whoever wants to have synchronized rain and who does not want has the option to decide. For example when you go with friends there are differences with visibility and lights. It is simply not realistic or rather immersive. P.S: Is it true that rain do not affect the tires? In eurotruck there are different types with different characteristics. At least I had the feeling that some had more grip than others.
  2. Hi! I installed the new summer mod pack into ETS2MP and since then its always raining... Any tip on how to prevent/fix that? Thanks!
  3. Hi why TMP don't have rain for all players in online mod?!!!
  4. Hello ! im very happy to see the winter mod in multiplayers in ets2 but i've got a problem the snowdrops is rain (raindrops) i tried to see mod window and i see nothing, what is that ? (before i saw wintermod active, or not active)
  5. Howdey fellas! I got a serious issue over here. Sounds simple, but I got rain for days! I tried to log in several times and set my "rain probability" to zero, but it's still raining. I think it must be going on since Saturday so I hope you can understand that I'm getting really depressed by now :'( Heeeelp!!
  6. Hello, I don't know what it's going on, but 2days (real days) rain doesn't stop. It's bug or what? I didn't like rain in this game lmfao.
  7. I was wondering why my screen gets messed up and pixed when its rains is it my computer or the game???
  8. Is there is a way to Enable Rain in ETS2MP & ATSMP? I've never seen it raining around. Since Jan 2016. Is there's a option to enable it? I have Seasons Effects Enabled.
  9. Hy ho I have a question. I wanna ask how i can stop the rain in game? Its so when i start the game its rain and when i still play so 3 or 4 h its raining still. Its nerv me now and i want that it not rain all the time. Pwease help >w< Many thx for now >.<
  10. Guest

    Raining Everytıme

    Hi! My questıon ıs ın TruckersMP ıts rain everytıme.Yesterday (Real Life =D) ıt started and dont stop.I cant stop ıt help me please
  11. For some reason it always rains for me, even if the rain probability is set to 0. I just cannot get rid of rain. Any ideas?
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