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Found 9 results

  1. Hi why TMP don't have rain for all players in online mod?!!!
  2. Hello ! im very happy to see the winter mod in multiplayers in ets2 but i've got a problem the snowdrops is rain (raindrops) i tried to see mod window and i see nothing, what is that ? (before i saw wintermod active, or not active)
  3. Howdey fellas! I got a serious issue over here. Sounds simple, but I got rain for days! I tried to log in several times and set my "rain probability" to zero, but it's still raining. I think it must be going on since Saturday so I hope you can understand that I'm getting really depressed by now :'( Heeeelp!!
  4. Hello, I don't know what it's going on, but 2days (real days) rain doesn't stop. It's bug or what? I didn't like rain in this game lmfao.
  5. I was wondering why my screen gets messed up and pixed when its rains is it my computer or the game???
  6. Is there is a way to Enable Rain in ETS2MP & ATSMP? I've never seen it raining around. Since Jan 2016. Is there's a option to enable it? I have Seasons Effects Enabled.
  7. Hy ho I have a question. I wanna ask how i can stop the rain in game? Its so when i start the game its rain and when i still play so 3 or 4 h its raining still. Its nerv me now and i want that it not rain all the time. Pwease help >w< Many thx for now >.<
  8. Guest

    Raining Everytıme

    Hi! My questıon ıs ın TruckersMP ıts rain everytıme.Yesterday (Real Life =D) ıt started and dont stop.I cant stop ıt help me please
  9. For some reason it always rains for me, even if the rain probability is set to 0. I just cannot get rid of rain. Any ideas?
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