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  1. Wow! Thanks for those quick response! It was 2 AM here when I made that post so just now I have some spare time from work to answer.. I'll try to answer each in order: When it started I was in the UK, now I'm in France and 3 real-world days later still rains.. (however, I took those trains through the Le Manche channel and not a ferry I've tried to put the slider all the way to the left, but did not sleep after doing so, last time I tried to sleep it crashed the game and in the next login, put me on the middle of some random road, luckily I was alone... Last time I played single player on ETS was at the Genoa bridge event and IIRC it wasn't raining.. Still, after that I had all this time on "normal" MP without a single rainy day. I did not had access to the developer console, but will try. I guess there are some guides on how to do it, will search them after work and report back! I've logged in and out a lot of times since installing the mod and still rains Will first try to sleep now that the slider is to the left. If none of those work, Ill just have to remove the mod and play like that Thanks again for all the suggestions and quick response! EDIT2: ok, so I daled back the rain probability slider and went to sleep, this time in a hotel. The game didin't crash and the rain was gone! So, thans again to ewverybody who proposed soluitions!
  2. Hi! I installed the new summer mod pack into ETS2MP and since then its always raining... Any tip on how to prevent/fix that? Thanks!
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