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  1. I have read several answers pointing out that this is not going to be done, the reason is that there are always complaints that there are people who do not like it. Same response for rain sync. I accept that the synchronized rain should be optional, it is important but not a big problem if it is not. But I do not accept that argument for something like this, this is a technical problem that causes accidents and wrong reports, and it is solved by synchronizing it. Removing options is not a solution, it is depriving users of new improvements and features from the original game. So you can not move forward, in the end the single player will offer a more immersive experience than the multiplayer. It is your mod, if you have to make justified changes such as synchronization of random events you do them. It is not a cosmetic problem such as rain. There is no room for the likes of users.
  2. arv187


    I had the same problem, I didn't claim the rewards in "event" section here: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/events.php
  3. Suggestion Name: Check box to Synchronising the rain. Suggestion Description: I saw answers like the Anriandor's answer in previous suggestions. Why not add a check box like winter mod check box to solve the problem of people that don't like this feature? Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: So that whoever wants to have synchronized rain and who does not want has the option to decide. For example when you go with friends there are differences with visibility and lights. It is simply not realistic or rather immersive. P.S: Is it true that rain do not affect the tires? In eurotruck there are different types with different characteristics. At least I had the feeling that some had more grip than others.
  4. Thank you very much, it was my mistake, I was waiting for uncheck star but it still in yellow, so I clicked more times but nothing, now is when I realized that only when you remove the cursor over star is when it shows without check. Sorry for stupid question
  5. How I can remove favorite (star) in mod manager? it seems that it can only be done if the mod is uninstalled. Thanks.
  6. By default in spanish configuration "/" numpad isto rotate cam to the left and "*" to rotate to the right. All people with that default configuration would be forced to reconfigure their keyconfig. -1
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