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  1. non c'est bon vous pouvez fermer ce topic si vous volez
  2. Bonjour, j'ai effectué presque une dizaines de livraisons différentes pour l'évent "one truck family" et le comptage du nombre de livraisons effectuées est bloqué à 3 pour moi et mes amis depuis plusieurs jours maintenant Aidez moi s'il vous plaît .
  3. yes my last question is for what the previous years there was snowflakes ? (it was not frost mod ?)
  4. ok good but it's the same for he if you have a good eyes you can see in the glass the snow yes but it's rain outside and not snowflakes ...
  5. Hello ! im very happy to see the winter mod in multiplayers in ets2 but i've got a problem the snowdrops is rain (raindrops) i tried to see mod window and i see nothing, what is that ? (before i saw wintermod active, or not active)
  6. thanks i wich you happy paties, im very impatiant too see snow on the multiplayer
  7. Hello, my question is not totaly answered, i don't know why it's a problem to active the winter mod 800 mo is not to heavy and i think the community will very happy to see the snow on the multiplayers we all waiting this !
  8. There is no winter on ets2 mp it will comming soon ?
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