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Found 16 results

  1. What is Share your Desktop? This is a place where users of all likes can share their creations, their workflow area, their something special. How can I post mine? Grab a screenshot of your desktop area. Upload the image to any picture host (e.g. Imgur). Paste the link to the image in a reply to the thread and it will automatically add your image for you. Rules The picture must be of your own desktop area. Keep images suitable for younger audiences This thread is not for posting your setup(s)/tower(s). You can find that thread here. We look forward to seeing your desktops! TruckersMP Media Team
  2. Tool Name: truckersmp-cli Tool URL: https://github.com/lhark/truckersmp-cli truckersmp-cli isn't far from being the simplest TruckersMP launcher you could possibly conceive. It downloads the mod, launches the game, and that's about it. It aims to provide linux players with a launcher that's made to work with Wine. I developped this launcher in frustration after having spent multiple days trying to make the official launcher work on linux with Wine. This launcher isn't mean't to be a direct competitor to TheUnknownNO's (whose code actually helped me a lot while developing this tool), but as a last resort for linux players who have tried everything else without being able to make the mod work. This launcher being the dirty hack it is, it is far from perfect, for example, steam needs to be already running in order for him to be able to launch the game. But if can save at least one linux user from losing its mind try to install this mod, i'll consider this as an achievement Enjoy
  3. ETCARS is a revolutionary plugin built by developers for developers. The plugin exposes game data using sockets on the local machine. This allows for network connections to receive event based data from the game. The plugin is free, open-source, and available for anyone to use to make awesome creations, such as auto loggers, displays, or linking into LEDs on a raspberry pi. The goal of this plugin is to also simplify the number of plugins out there reporting data. And because ETCARS uses a socket instead of a file, multiple clients can connect simultaneously without impacting game performance! You can learn more on the dedicated website https://etcars.menzelstudios.com and visit the forums for additional help: https://forums.menzelstudios.com Hopefully you as developers will find this useful and will help simplify your developments when it comes to getting data exported from ETS2 and ATS! March 19th, 2018 Update: I have released a massive update to ETCARS. This update includes a linux shared object file(so) which is the equivalent of a windows dll, that can be installed on linux systems and will work with both ETS2 and ATS. Simply follow the instruction in the readme or on the website for details. I've also added a lot of new data to the plugin, featuring wheel data, trailer data, advanced trailer, cabin, and hook positioning data. The current future plans are to add Ferries, Trains and job saving. The current release version is 0.12. April 6th, 2019 Update: Updates continue to roll out and I can't believe it's been more than a year since launching this project. Not many projects have picked this up but there are a few interesting things that I've been contacted about regarding this project. I'm hoping soon someone will take this project and fly with it. The benefits are there and soon, an even more reliable service that can hopefully be utilized by even more people. Our forums have gone through many cycles lately due to themes, support, and stability. I continue to run support and further the development of this amazing project.
  4. Hi There! I have a big problem. I wanna run ETS2 Multiplayer on my Linux but it wont start up. I've installed it via Lutris but nothing. On lutris it says works flawlessy, also on WineHQ. I tried everything. Run manually truckersmp cli. Run steam via ets2multi prefix after truckersmp cli nothing. How can I fix it? Please answer. I tried on Linux Mint 19.1, Arch Linux. Balazs.
  5. Доброго времени суток! Я решил перейти на LINUX! Я что-то не могу разобраться, как подключить мр на нем. Устанавливал и Vine и другие эмуляторы- нет не какой работоспособности. Может есть такие кто уже не первый месяц играют на LINUX?. За ранее благодарю!!
  6. Hey guys, I know this is outside the general scope of support but wondering if anyone has this experience. I'm trying to run Truckers MP through wine - there's a guy online who did it with Ubuntu 18 and it seems to be flawless. Currently I'm running the latest Arch Linux distro but I seem to be running into a couple issues. Before installing ATS and ETS2 I installed .NET 4.0 through winetricks, all went well. Installed Steam through wine, then the games themselves. Started both games and made a save file in each. Installed the latest TruckersMP launcher, pointed it to the ATS and ETS2 directories, no issues. When starting the launcher, this is where I run into problems - I've attached a screenshot of the error. I can't really make sense of it, so hopefully somebody has experienced this before. Cheers
  7. Centos 6.x işletim sistemleri için root şifresini değiştirmek için uygulanacak adımlar faydalı olur ise sizlere kısa bir süre sonra sesli videolu olarak anlatımlar yapabilirim takıldığınız yer var ise yorumlarınızı eksik etmeyiniz. İşletim sistemi yeniden başlarken resimdeki anda herhangi bir tuşa basıyoruz ve menü ekranı açılıyor. Açılan menüde a tuşuna basarak kernel sayfasına geçiş sağlıyoruz. Bu sayfanın son satırında bulunan yazının sonuna 1 ekleyip enter’a basıyoruz. Sunucu single mode üzerinden yeniden başlıyor. Açılan komut satırında şifreyi passwd komutu ile istediğiniz şekilde değiştirebilirsiniz. Son olarak reboot komutu ile sunucuyu yeniden başlatarak tvermiş olduğumuz yeni şifremiz ile erişim sağlayabiliriz.
  8. GUYS I NEED HELP!! when i try to install TruckerMP on Ubuntu using "Wine" (is possible) i have the following error:: what i need to do?? pls i wanna play it today!
  9. do you want to add multiplayer for linux? Linux became more popular last time
  10. Despite the old version of ETS2MP working flawlessly in Wine, Truckers MP does not work in Wine and has no Linux version available. When trying to launch it, despite schannel support being compiled into Wine, it throws an error that TruckersMP "cannot validate the game version."
  11. Slimey

    Linux Version

    Hello everyone, I don't understand why the developers and mods of this forum keep saying that the developers don't have Linux to test MP on, because it's free. http://www.linux.org/threads/is-linux-free.2909/ Q: 'Is Linux free?' A: '100% free' I just don't get it .-.
  12. Please note that I know the game is not supposed to support Linux. I am using the right version of ETS2 (Windows version). When I try to connect to a server (after double-clicking on my profile) the game crashes right after the game says the connection is made. I checked in the log to see what it was, and I suspect it is this error: fixme:winsock:WS_setsockopt IP_DONTFRAGMENT is silently ignored! (This is a WINE error, by the way, not a native Windows one, I don't think.) Anyways, after looking this up online, I get a bunch of stuff about setting up a Linux server, but most importantly, a few bug posts on the WINE page about this error with another game. Sadly, they weren't solved. None of the other posts on the forum here helped, either (probably because no one else is using WINE). I also am not using any DLC. Looking into the tutorial videos on YouTube to set it up with Wine, none of them get that error. SETTINGS OF WINE: Running in virtual desktop mode DLL "dwrite" disabled DLL "gameoverlayrenderer" disabled Thank you for any help. Thanks, CC
  13. Hello, I followed the instructions in this video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqjeP1bA0Ms ), but when I reached the stage of entering login and pass game crashes as soon as I pressed any button on my keyboard. I just can't log in. Maybe there is a file where I can enter a pass, In order to avoid the login in the game. I know that MP does't support Linux, but I really want find a solution of that issue. Thanking you in advance. Russian: ----------- Здравствуйте, я следовал инструкциям в этом видео( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqjeP1bA0Ms ), но когда я достиг этапа ввода логина, игра просто крашит, стоит мне только нажать любую кнопку клавиатуры. Не могу залогиниться - не могу поиграть. Может в моде присутствует файл, в котором я бы ввёл эти данные, и избежал ввода их в самой игре. И да, я знаю, что мод не поддерживает Linux, но я надеюсь найти решение этой проблемы. Заранее благодарен.
  14. My friend lost his copy of windows 7 and was left with no choice but to flash Ubuntu to his computer, Is it possible for him to use ETS2MP with Ubuntu? Otherwise, does anyone know where to get a copy of W7 Home Premium (He has a product key)?
  15. Hello, I had found a way how to install ETS 2 mp on Linux and I've made tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqjeP1bA0Ms
  16. Hello, I just want to know if it's exist a linux version for ets2mp because I'm playing at ETS2 in linux ! Thank.
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