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  1. My bad. I meant the config file. Has the developer made changes when creating profiles? I tried adding the line to the config, but my save file is still encrypted.
  2. In my save games there is no "g_save_format" line. Any help?
  3. PeXArtZ

    Linux Support

    Suggestion Name: Linux Support Suggestion Description: Add Linux Support for Truckers MP. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: Valve is supporting Linux now for a long time and with Steams Proton you can also play Windows titles. Linux is an OS which is constantly improving and growing. Everyday there are many new users joining the linux community just to see that they can't play their favorite game - ATS/ETS with TruckersMP. Gaming on Linux is getting more important everyday, so its just a good view in the future to support linux.
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