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  1. Thank you guys for your support, it really helps First off, I have no mods installed. Secondly, after looking into what WINE version I have, I found that I had 1.6. I installed 1.8, had to leave out a few packages because they weren't downloading, but it still doesn't work, and does the same thing. Something that I found is that when I am trying to connect to the European 1 server, it crashes before the connection is even established, but when I connect to the US server, the connection is established and then crashes. Leads me to believe this is not due to the connection of the server and is due to something that is a timed event when connecting. utrack, what settings do you have on your WINE config? Did you have to set some things up specifically or did you just boot the game out of the box? Thanks, CC EDIT After messing around with WINE config and enabling the two DLLs mentioned earlier, I get the same problem, but now a new error message appears in the log: fixme:winhttp:get_system_proxy_autoconfig_url no support on this platform This is confusing me. Is it a message from ETS2MP? Or is it a system error referring to WINE? Thanks, CC
  2. Please note that I know the game is not supposed to support Linux. I am using the right version of ETS2 (Windows version). When I try to connect to a server (after double-clicking on my profile) the game crashes right after the game says the connection is made. I checked in the log to see what it was, and I suspect it is this error: fixme:winsock:WS_setsockopt IP_DONTFRAGMENT is silently ignored! (This is a WINE error, by the way, not a native Windows one, I don't think.) Anyways, after looking this up online, I get a bunch of stuff about setting up a Linux server, but most importantly, a few bug posts on the WINE page about this error with another game. Sadly, they weren't solved. None of the other posts on the forum here helped, either (probably because no one else is using WINE). I also am not using any DLC. Looking into the tutorial videos on YouTube to set it up with Wine, none of them get that error. SETTINGS OF WINE: Running in virtual desktop mode DLL "dwrite" disabled DLL "gameoverlayrenderer" disabled Thank you for any help. Thanks, CC
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