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  1. Hi.Thanks for the answer. I think it also supported on linux. Watch videos on youtube (truckersmp on linux) or watch the lutris or the winehq. It has Gold rate. I played Ets2 MP on Linux last year. I reinstalled my PC and it doesnt wanna start. So theres some problem which should fix it.
  2. Hi There! I have a big problem. I wanna run ETS2 Multiplayer on my Linux but it wont start up. I've installed it via Lutris but nothing. On lutris it says works flawlessy, also on WineHQ. I tried everything. Run manually truckersmp cli. Run steam via ets2multi prefix after truckersmp cli nothing. How can I fix it? Please answer. I tried on Linux Mint 19.1, Arch Linux. Balazs.
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