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Found 10 results

  1. Bad lag

    Hi, whenever I play MP on ATS or ETS2, usually it'll run fine and then suddenly I'll start lagging like crazy. Not fps wise- I mean when I'm not even near someone, somehow they'll curse at me in chat telling to move because I'm apparently blocking their path on THEIR screen only. The distances will also get really big and their name still appears on the players near you menu even though on my screen I'm far far away from them. In several instances I've had people report me because on their screen I'm stopped in the middle of the street. I noticed I can't use the chat when this is happening- it just doesn't work, so I have no way of telling them that it's just lag and I'm not actually near them on my screen. I have fiber internet so I've been seriously doubting that being part of the problem... but if there is a problem on my end please help me fix it! I've already re-downloaded TruckersMP (not that it would fix anything)
  2. Steam Limiting Download Speed

    So I have been trying to get my steam to download properly but it doesn't. I have 6Mb/s Download and steam limits it to 200 bytes per second. I've tried restarting steam, changing download server and changing the limit speed but nothing works. I have also searched this on google but none of the suggestions worked. I can't download the new Euro Truck update 1.26.1s -Bono Thanks for the help
  3. Cannot connect to Europe Server 2?

    This is abit of a mouthful, so bare with me. I recently bought the Scandinavian DLC and recently updated to the version. Ever since I cannot connect to the Europe Server 2. Whenever I've tried or checked there's been 2227 or 2228 players online. My internet connection is fine, restarted Steam and the game. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help appreciated..
  4. Ping Issues. ( Patch)

    Hello, I know many people have posted about this, but this is in relation to the new patch (as title says) I am in Australia and I always play on Europe 2 with my Girlfriend and my Brother and usually we get a steady 350ms ping, max 380-390ms. But since the update, it ranges from 350-420ms ping (Not a HUGE difference, but still a difference). So my question is, could this possibly be because of the update? Now it isn't unplayable, but it is definitely more noticeable then before the update.
  5. Please note that I know the game is not supposed to support Linux. I am using the right version of ETS2 (Windows version). When I try to connect to a server (after double-clicking on my profile) the game crashes right after the game says the connection is made. I checked in the log to see what it was, and I suspect it is this error: fixme:winsock:WS_setsockopt IP_DONTFRAGMENT is silently ignored!(This is a WINE error, by the way, not a native Windows one, I don't think.) Anyways, after looking this up online, I get a bunch of stuff about setting up a Linux server, but most importantly, a few bug posts on the WINE page about this error with another game. Sadly, they weren't solved. None of the other posts on the forum here helped, either (probably because no one else is using WINE). I also am not using any DLC. Looking into the tutorial videos on YouTube to set it up with Wine, none of them get that error. SETTINGS OF WINE: Running in virtual desktop modeDLL "dwrite" disabledDLL "gameoverlayrenderer" disabledThank you for any help. Thanks, CC
  6. Hi I have 3 laptops and 5 phones connected to the same wifi router, I wanted to know how to set bandwith usage limit and internet speed per phone,laptop which is allowed example: phone 1 should only be allowed 1mpbs download speed and not 20 and phone 2 should be lower than 1mpbs,etc. im asking this cos if i or anyone in the house uses internet downloading/uploading my ping gets affected which i really dont want. Also my new pc will be connected to same router so will give max download and upload to that and then priortise other stuff. My Router is a TL-WR841N
  7. Hello all, from yesterday I have some issues with Internet explorer when I search something on Google. When I search something on my browser this is what comes out: A complete white page (it's the same after some minutes). What's happening? Have you got the same issue? Now I'm using Mozilla Firefox, but I have to search things in or in the research field of Firefox. Please answer me.
  8. How much Internet do I need?

    Hey Guys im going on holidays for a couple of days and was wondering if i would be able to run/play ets2mp with the 4G off my iphone? If so how much data do you reckon I would use up? Thanks Guys
  9. Fix Connection Problems

    Suggestion Name: Add a set time-length for connections -- or force the connection to wait until the game has finished loading before the attempt is made. Suggestion Description: At the moment, trying to connect to EU2 is a joke. I was driving on it for at least half an hour today, then I get disconnected for seemingly no reason, and now I can't re-connect without being autokicked. Any example images: Why should it be added?: So people can connect to the server.