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  1. Yea I close all programs before running the game. But I've tried Simulation 2 instead and it's a lot better. Thanks.
  2. I understand now that my PC is probably at fault as well because it isn't the fastest of computers in the world but as I said, my download speed is 55mbps so how could I be having connection issues, unless 55mbps isn't that good but as far as I'm aware, it's pretty okay. Thanks for all of your help so far, Gavin.
  3. Hi everyone, So my Internet is okayish, its about 55mbps download speed and I'm using an ethernet cable. When I'm playing normally and not in an area with lots of other trucks, my ping is between 20 and 40 ms. When I go to Calais, Duisburg, Frankfurt etc, quite often, I get kicked out of the game for having an unreliable connection. If I'm loading into a populated area, I'm almost guaranteed to get kicked from the game. I've looked up so many guides and done as much as I can to solve this issue but I can't. I feel like it couldn't be a problem with my Internet because 55mbps isn't a bad speed. There's probably something that I'm missing so hopefully someone can help me. Thanks, Gavin.
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