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  1. Hi! I just had a very short question in terms of the report system (Just wanted to know for future reference) I don't report EVERYONE that bumps me or anything like that, but when I KNOW it was on purpose, you can bet for sure there is going to be a report going their way. So just a question in relation to two options in the report system. 1. Griefing 2, Cheating What are each of these and when should I report someone with these options? I mean, Ramming is obvious, but I don't exactly understand how griefing can happen other than deliberately ram
  2. Well thanks guys for all the responses, comfort to know I am not the only one noticing a change. Like I said, the lag is not unbearable but it is definitely worse then it was, but again not too bad. Safe Trucking guys!
  3. Hello, I know many people have posted about this, but this is in relation to the new patch (as title says) I am in Australia and I always play on Europe 2 with my Girlfriend and my Brother and usually we get a steady 350ms ping, max 380-390ms. But since the update, it ranges from 350-420ms ping (Not a HUGE difference, but still a difference). So my question is, could this possibly be because of the update? Now it isn't unplayable, but it is definitely more noticeable then before the update.
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