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  1. Hi! I just had a very short question in terms of the report system (Just wanted to know for future reference) I don't report EVERYONE that bumps me or anything like that, but when I KNOW it was on purpose, you can bet for sure there is going to be a report going their way. So just a question in relation to two options in the report system. 1. Griefing 2, Cheating What are each of these and when should I report someone with these options? I mean, Ramming is obvious, but I don't exactly understand how griefing can happen other than deliberately ramming or deliberately blocking (Which they both have their own options) So basically, and explanation as to what classifies as griefing and cheating and when I should report someone would be a huge help, as it has been driving me up the wall haha. Thanks guys!
  2. Well thanks guys for all the responses, comfort to know I am not the only one noticing a change. Like I said, the lag is not unbearable but it is definitely worse then it was, but again not too bad. Safe Trucking guys!
  3. Hello, I know many people have posted about this, but this is in relation to the new patch (as title says) I am in Australia and I always play on Europe 2 with my Girlfriend and my Brother and usually we get a steady 350ms ping, max 380-390ms. But since the update, it ranges from 350-420ms ping (Not a HUGE difference, but still a difference). So my question is, could this possibly be because of the update? Now it isn't unplayable, but it is definitely more noticeable then before the update.
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