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  1. So I have been trying to get my steam to download properly but it doesn't. I have 6Mb/s Download and steam limits it to 200 bytes per second. I've tried restarting steam, changing download server and changing the limit speed but nothing works. I have also searched this on google but none of the suggestions worked. I can't download the new Euro Truck update 1.26.1s -Bono Thanks for the help
  2. I have a problem with my euro truck simulator 2. Whenever I launch it it gets this error: Euro Truck Simulator 2 is attempting to launch with the optional parameters "-rdevice dx9" Can anyone help? Sincerely Bonelius
  3. Embarrassed to take a pic of mine but here's the specs : I7-4720HQ GeForce GTX 960M Manticor Mousepad Deathadder Chroma Kraken Logitech G430 and a PS4 controller
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