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  1. When I try to join ATS mp “Connection refused. You are not owner of some DLC you use.” Appears. This has never happened before until today. (5/11/18) I’ve downgraded my game to match the TMP supported version. I don’t own any ATS DLC, my Steam profile is public, TMP recognises the game and I’ve tested it with unticking all free DLC they’ve added over the years but still no luck. Any ideas? Or Is this related to the new Volvo Truck update and I’m gunna have to wait? Any help appreciated..
  2. Whenever I start up my game a green bar appears saying "Press Win+G to open Game Bar" when I do this the game is awkward and slow and only loads to the menu where it won't even let me move my cursor. I've unticked it from the options on the "Game Bar" I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything and rebooted. Still keeps appearing. Pretty frustrated but anyone on here know how to fix this? Any help appreciated. Also I don't have an Xbox account or an Xbox.. just tried to turn it off that way and still can't. UPDATE: I've managed to turn it off but still when I start up the game it just freezes and my cursor disappears. :\
  3. This is abit of a mouthful, so bare with me. I recently bought the Scandinavian DLC and recently updated to the version. Ever since I cannot connect to the Europe Server 2. Whenever I've tried or checked there's been 2227 or 2228 players online. My internet connection is fine, restarted Steam and the game. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help appreciated..
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