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Found 72 results

  1. Hello! other then ATS and ETS what games do you all play, I am in need of new games and would love to see what everyone plays. For me I often play Dota 2, G MOD, CS:GO and ballons monkey city
  2. Suggestion Name: Block Private Messages by ID Suggestion Description: As some encountered (also I) that players wont stop PMing you you have to block pms with /blockpm, unfortunately, it also blocks MSGs from friends you are driving with. I'd suggest for this like /blockpm [ID], so you can decide if you want to block all players or just the given one. (As soon as the player leaves, the ID will be deleted, the player not). Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: It should be added so you can block PMs playerwise and can continue chatting with the friend you are running with and don't have the annoying messages from another player (as example because you reported him)
  3. Es posible que algunos de nuestros fanáticos con ojos de águila hayan visto, en una reciente publicación del blog que muestra las estaciones de trabajo en el hogar de nuestro equipo, un pequeño adelanto que se muestra en uno de los escritorios. ¿Lo viste? Cada vez que logramos encontrar capacidad disponible, nos gusta volver a visitar una parte del mundo existente para mejorar nuestro antiguo trabajo. A menudo es parte de la capacitación de un nuevo miembro del equipo de diseño de mapas. A veces, es un esfuerzo concertado por parte de nuestros mayores para elevar la calidad de un lugar en particular sobre el que recibimos mucho calor de la comunidad. En una próxima actualización de 1.38, Las Vegas, la capital mundial del entretenimiento recibirá una renovación de algunas de sus redes de carreteras y paisajes circundantes. Entonces, ¿qué cambios puede esperar ver? ¡Miremos más de cerca! Adelanto de Las Vegas en la 1.38 Una de las primeras cosas que los conductores pueden encontrar al llegar es una nueva conexión interestatal, que conecta la I-15 con la I-11, conocida como la 515. Esta importante ruta permite a los conductores evitar conducir por la ciudad, lo cual estamos seguros de que cualquier camionero con un horario de entrega apretado lo apreciará. Un par de cruces interestatales importantes también han recibido una revisión de su aspecto y redes de carreteras. El cruce US-93 ahora presenta un diseño más fiel a la vida; con la nueva opción para que los conductores salgan y se dirijan a la ciudad. El cruce I-15 también ha recibido un aspecto más actualizado para representar mejor el apodo de los lugareños 'The spaghetti bowl', ¡y es fácil ver por qué! Si decides conducir por Las Vegas Boulevard, verás que a esta carretera se le ha dado un nuevo diseño y que (lo más importante para los turistas), ¡La Señal 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas' ahora está en el lugar correcto! Esto también presenta una nueva isla peatonal, donde los visitantes pueden estacionar y observar de cerca el cartel de fama mundial. Los camioneros también encontrarán una parada de camiones ubicada en Las Vegas, que ha sido rediseñada para representar con mayor precisión cómo los tractores repostan desde ambos lados del vehículo. Este nuevo diseño finalmente se implementará en más paradas de camiones y estaciones de servicio en ATS, ¡así que esté atento a futuras publicaciones de blog que hablen sobre este tema! Rediseño de la gasolinera de Las Vegas: Estos son solo algunos de los cambios que vienen en la siguiente actualización 1.38 para Las Vegas, sin embargo, hay muchos más cambios que se presentan en esta renovación. Desde nueva vegetación hasta texturas de suelo más detalladas y diseños de carreteras más suaves, no podemos esperar a que lo vea por usted mismo. Con más cambios por venir, puede esperar futuras publicaciones en el blog con aún más detalles de lo que vendrá en 1.38 para American Truck Simulator y Euro Truck Simulator 2. No se pierda y manténgase actualizado con el últimas noticias de nosotros en nuestro Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. Noticia extraida del blog de SCS Software
  4. Linardinio


    Wow, I didn't know that I am the first starting this topic, kinda cool. This is for all the CS:GO players! Which team is your favorite? Counter Terrorists or Terrorists? Which is your favorite gun? Mine is AK-47 Leave a reply
  5. Owen.

    Create a story

    Okay, so I was thinking of a fun idea for a forum game. All you have to do is continue the story. Eventually you'll be able to read through and find a story line. When the thread dies I'll simply say The End. You may only post every five sentences and you can take it any wherever you want (as long as you stay in line with the forum rules). Have fun and keep the story going! I'll start it off... There once was a king.
  6. Hi! I created a table where you can see the In-Game time in a certain hour in real life. This will be useful if you like to drive in the dark or with daylight. In the timetable, you can see in Blue colour the night time and daytime in Yellow. This info was taken in UTC time zone, daytime and nighttime can vary upon your location. I'll do my best to keep it updated.
  7. Merhaba, nedense 16 nisanda attığım 7 reporta kimse bakmadı sebebi nedir ?
  8. So this year have you been naughty or nice? Whether you have or haven't, what is your most ultimate Christmas gift you could receive this year? Just a little bit of Christmas fun... Be bold, be clever, be greedy.. No matter what, write your ultimate Christmas gift. Will Santa bring you your wishes this year????
  9. Hello Everyone, im looking for a solution for my problem, Both Ats & Ets2 games keep closing out when I go to click on one of my profiles, I have reinstalled the launcher, I tried it again still happened, reinstalled the game and it happpend again, I reset my wifi happened again, any solutions? id really hate to come to the worst...
  10. 7 YEARS OF EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 Hi guys, you know, on October 19 on this year [2019] a great event is held for most of the SCS Software and TruckersMP community, as well as any fan of this wonderful game, Euro Truck Simulator 2. According to my account and registration of Steam has been playing this game for more than 1,200 hours, in my opinion, they are the best hours I've lived, many experiences in TruckersMP (for example: bans) and offline mode (using mods). The first time I played ETS2, I had a poor quality computer. I still remember when I was very anxious to play and see what would be of this game, I started the game in version 1.1.1, the first version released on Steam by the developer. I still remember my first profile, the first truck I drive was the Scania R730, the first city of the game I met was Paris, that time I made a small delivery, then, I went to drive a DAF, an Iveco and so I was adopting a game mode. With the passage of time I have seen that the game has been changing a lot, some changes did not please me!, others I did not realize of affected me, but the most important were when they put new trucks, or when SCS brought to light a new DLC. From the first time I play, I..... i no have words to describe my emotion. Noe the game is more interactive and more extensive in a matter of the map. All of this is for the community and the workers of SCS, for all, thanks to make one of my dreams. Well, after all my boring speech I get to the point. I created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, so that generations that could not have the ability to know what the game was like before, how we felt in, how the graphic was then. Video Link: The other grain, is that, I want everyone who is reading this topic, to get a little nostalgic and tell me, how was the first time they played Euro Truck Simulator 2, as you felt at the time. For your attention, thank you very very much everyone. Sorry for bad english, I translated with Google Traductor
  11. Здравейте на всички, тъй като всички може да знаете, че когато играете ETSMP, някои играчи изпитват продължителни замръзвания/крашове, докато други просто се сриват. Аз самият никога не съм играл ETSMP по тази причина. След като наскоро се присъединих към екипа за поддръжка и помогнах на безброй други играчи по този въпрос и ги реших, реших да споделя стъпките как евентуално да поправя това. Моля, обърнете внимание, че това не е гарантирано поправяне, но има висок успех. Ако вашата игра замръзва за дълъг период, това е, защото модът се опитва да играе времето си с основното време за игра. (Времето за SP и MP е съвсем различно)! Отидете в мениджъра на компанията (това може да е болка за вас...) и първо уволнете всичките си водачи. Запазете напредъка си, след което напълно затворете играта Влезте в папките си с документи за Euro Truck Simulator 2 и изберете / маркирайте последния си профил (погледнете последната модификация), след което с маркиране натиснете бутона за изтриване. (Отново знам, че може да е болка) Стартирайте ets2mp и веднъж в секцията с профили създайте нов профил. Моля, обърнете внимание: Причината за този процес е, че ако играта ви никога не се изравни или просто се срине, по-вероятно е профилът ви по някакъв начин да се е повредил, освен ако не бъде напълно премахнат. Моля, уведомете ме дали това помага, благодаря ! Моля, запазете всички коментари, свързани с тази тема, ако е възможно.
  12. За потребители, които отчитат, когато се опитват да играят онлайн, натиснете "шофиране" и играта се връща към работния плот на Windows. Имах същия проблем и потърсих във форума решения. Но не можах да намеря окончателен отговор дали съветите са работили или не. Затова следвах един от съветите и в моя случай играта вече работи добре онлайн. Така че, следвайки стъпките по-долу, вие също можете да решите проблема си: 1. Деинсталирайте TMP през Windows 2. Отворете regedit. Търсете Truckersmp и изтрийте всеки резултат 2.1 Отворете regedit и сега потърсете ETS2MP и изтрийте всеки резултат 3. Изтрийте ръчно всяка папка на TruckersMP, създадена при инсталиране на лаучер 4. Изтеглете отново TMP лаучер 5. Инсталирайте TMP laucher като АДМИНИСТРАТОР Надявам се да работи и за вас. Поздрави, TruckersMP Team
  13. I changed my name to name with emojis but emojis after confirmation disappeared. And afther that i have 3 letters username. Can I play with that username?
  14. Hello, I have not played the game in 2 days and pretty much when I tried to play it today it keeps showing an error, the error is shown below the text, I don't know what to do! I re-downloaded the game that did not work, I even tried restarting my computer! If you guys can some how help me, please do! I really want to get back to trucking!
  15. Arkadaşlar , öncelikle selamun aleyküm. Ets2 oyunum sürekli olarak masaüstüne geçip tekrardan oyuna geçiyor. oyuna geçtiği zaman save kısmında geçiyor. 2. olarak bazende hata vermeden kapanıyor. LÜTFEN YARDIM EDİN DELİRİCEM :(
  16. Hello Truckers. A few days ago there was a 100ish mb Update of Àmerican truck simulator, Since then I have had trouble firing the game via Truckmp i gets this error message. Unsupported game version! Expected : ver. [rev. 26b14bb7315] You have : ver. i Have tryed to rollback the game and reinstall the game.. also reinstall truckermp.. but with no luck i dont think i'm the onlyone with this problem i see the server population have been down the few last days. Are there a Fix on the way? 1 file attachment Best Regards Crashdive
  17. Hello there, i was working on a website wich displayed the game time. So i read that i should not make to many calls to the API. To prevent the abuse of the API i made my own system written in PHP wich works very well. I want to share my code for other web devs. (I couldnt found one on the forum) <?php header('content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8'); //Original 2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000 The date on the Docs seems to be wrong :/ reverse coding of current api stamp in minutes give me this date $format = 'Y-d-m H:i:s e'; $date = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, "2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000"); $unixStart = $date->format('U'); //Convert time to Minutes $gameTime = ((time() - $unixStart) / 60) * 6; //Convert time to Seconds $gameTimeSeconds = (((time() - $unixStart) * 6) - 3660); //Optionally use of Day Strings like the Navi ingame $day = date("w", $gameTimeSeconds); $days = array("Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed"); $timeString = $days[$day].". ".date("H:i", $gameTimeSeconds); $arr = array("timeString" => $timeString); echo json_encode($arr, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE); ?> If someone found some errors or problems. Feel free to answer
  18. Add some cool new skins in the game
  19. Bien le bonjour ! Je suppose que si vous êtes venu sur ce topic, c'est que vous êtes en détresse ! Vous avez depuis récemment ce message d’erreur qui apparaît quand vous lancez le multijoueur: Pas de panique! Tout va bien, c'est que SCS Software (l'éditeur du jeu) à mis à jour Euro Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator mais que le multijoueur lui, est encore sur l'ancienne version du jeu. Donc pour cela, nous allons devoir faire descendre notre jeu d'une version pour qu'il soit compatible avec la version du Multijoueur, et c'est assez simple :). Pour ça, il faut vous rendre dans votre bibliothèque Steam et sélectionner le jeu ETS2 ou ATS: Ensuite, faites un clique droit sur le jeu et dans la fenêtre qui apparaît, sélectionnez "Propriétés" : Ensuite, dans la nouvelle fenêtre qui apparaît, sélectionnez l'onglet "Bêtas" et ouvrez la fenêtre de sélection des version du jeu. Sélectionnez la bonne version du jeu qui est compatible avec le multijoueur : Si vous ne savez pas quel version utiliser, La fenêtre d'erreur du multijoueur vous donne la bonne version (revenez en haut du topique ) Par exemple: Si le multijoueur require la version 1.35 du jeu, vous devez sélectionner la version "temporary_1_35". Sauvegardez en cliquant sur "Fermer" et votre jeu devrait se remettre à jour dans la bonne version, plus qu'a attendre et enfin, vous pourrez retourner sur le fameux multijoueur!
  20. Hi everyone! I've decided to delete my old profile and create the new one. Now, when I choose the new profile, my game crashes and returns me on the desktop. I tried to create few new profiles, to reinstall ETS and TruckersMP - still nothing. Also, when I create a new profile I can complete tutorial and first short delivery but after I hit "continue" the game crashes. Thank you for your help.
  21. I do not know if I'm the only one but I can not download games from the website I want urgent resolution Bir tek bende mi Bilemiyorum ama website üzerinden oyunu indiremiyorum Acil Çözülmesini istiyorum
  22. Ребят добрый день. подскажите как пофиксить 2 проблемы. Одна проблема это белый экран лаунчера , напрягает просто https://imgur.com/a/sUUiU9j Второе , сегодня началась бесконечная авторизация , вчера благополучно играл. https://imgur.com/a/oEhoInX Заранее благодарю за ответы
  23. Hello. Community Manager Anriandor give me link on this forum. Here my problem with ATS on main profile: Yesterday there was an error. Due to my extension to the browser, I could not normally bind ATS to the main account from Kesha_F1. I had to register one more account on KeshaF1. This is the mail of my team. I ask you to untie and delete the account KeshaF1, and linked the ATS to my main account Kesha_F1. When i disable my extention (uBlock origin), i can see green button Steam https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/change_account.php I hope you can help me. Best regards, Kesha_F1
  24. Hi there! Probably way too early to ask this as it is still in beta and under development as shown in the video, but i can't help it but ask some info on this really awesome new game mode you've been promoting where you can drive together ALONG ai traffic and such Mostly my questions are: How many slots are available to play together with What sort of server can we expect (as a public EU server, or entirely different) What or how will troll behavior be dealt with when in such a type of game mode Will (drivable)vehicles become a part of this game mode I completely understand if you don't feel like releasing too much info on this topic yet as it is in testing, but im just way too curious to not ask about it Kind regards, Alex
  25. Guest

    Game Hang ( Non - Collisions )

    Hello, From the start time (When i was started to playing MP) I have face a problem & i was opened support ticket but after the solution it's not solved. Problem: ------------------- When i was drive Europe Server 2 the after some time it goes to NON-Collision Like the below video. But When I use any VPN network then its working fine. https://streamable.com/bezzm [N:B] This is not not only my problem. Some player also have this problem & get banned permanently. My Question is -->>>> Is that a Truckersmp Service Problem or Its a connection problem? My Config: ------------------- MotherBoard : Gigabyte H110-S2PV DDR3 Processor : Intel|(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz RAM : Team Elite 8GB DDR3 1600 BUS Hard Disk Drive : Toshiba 1.0TB Power Supply : Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 5 GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1050TI 4G OC Gaming X [N:B] Sorry For My Bad English
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