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  1. The main error I get when I try to link the account is shown in the attached photo.
  2. May I ask another question @ThiagoBR_my privacy settings were already in the exact spots needed... So how come it wont let me link it. I already checked my truckersMP linked games settings and it shows green yet it's not linked in the game... I have even played the game for the three days I've had the game for more than 5 hours each day.
  3. I was trying to connect my account to the game since I recently got it and wanted to play multiplayer. When I tried to do it, it kept saying "The Authentication information is not valid. Please try to sign-in again." and I tried two more times and waited two hours to try again, but still no luck. Could someone tell me why this is happening and how to fix this?
  4. One question, why did this happen when the game is not even open! I even used task manager to see if the game was running...
  5. Hello, I have not played the game in 2 days and pretty much when I tried to play it today it keeps showing an error, the error is shown below the text, I don't know what to do! I re-downloaded the game that did not work, I even tried restarting my computer! If you guys can some how help me, please do! I really want to get back to trucking!
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