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  1. Merhaba arkadaşlar 4 yıl öncesinde perma ban yemiştim TruckersMP'den. Sadece 3 tane ban yedim ve 3.de perma yedim. İtiraz haklarım da doldu. Bir feedback açtım. Hesabımda punishment history kısmından bakabilirsiniz. Hepsi kötü sürmemden kaynaklı. Hile, ban evading falan kural dışı hiç bir şey yok. Şu an böyle hataları yapmayacak kadar olgunluğa eriştiğimi düşünüyorum, bir videoda birkaç yıl önce perma banların açıldığını gördüm. TruckersMP sitesine girdiğimde hala perma banlı gözüküyorum. Başka hesap açma veya hack kullanıp ban yeme durumuna girişmedim öyle bir hatam yok. Yediğim banlar attığım makaslardan ve kötü sürmemden ötürüydü. Zaten yeni sistemde max. Ban 3 ay (hile ve ban evading harici). Ne yapmam gerekiyor bilgilendirebilirseniz sevinirim, teşekkürler.
  2. I saw one person continuously ramming into other players and I have 5 video proof (yes, you heard right) of that. Should I add all evidences or one is enough?
  3. Suggestion Name: Arcade Server Exception for Banned Players Suggestion Description: Allow players who are banned from simulation servers for reckless driving to continue playing on the Arcade server. This would provide a space where they can enjoy the game without impacting others' experiences on the more regulated simulation servers. It also offers an opportunity for banned players to reflect on their actions and improve their behavior in a less restrictive environment. So, the punishment shall remain for §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing and §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language because they harm the whole server environment. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: This suggestion would enhance the overall experience for both banned players and the community. Here are some benefits: Continued Enjoyment: Banned players (restricted selection of players within) can still enjoy the game they love while reflecting on their actions. Positive Reinforcement: Playing on the Arcade server can help players improve their driving behavior before returning to simulation servers. Community Support: It promotes a supportive community by giving players a second chance in a less restrictive environment. Stress Relief: Video games should be a source of relaxation and stress relief. Allowing access to the Arcade server aligns with this goal, even for those who have made mistakes. Implementing this change fosters a community of understanding and growth, encouraging better behavior while maintaining the integrity of the simulation servers. Let's give players the opportunity to learn and improve while still enjoying the game!
  4. If the perma ban is amnestied in the future, can I log in again with the deleted account? I didn't use ban evading and hack. My 5 year old account was banned due to a small mistake:(
  5. Suggestion name: Event server rights | Ban/Kick/Tpr rights for players Suggestion Description: Hello dear trucking community! I thought of sharing my suggestion and idea with you. Every VTC leader has the possibility to get an event server as soon as the requirements fit. How about giving certain people of choice kick/TPR/ban rights to the server? That is, as soon as a player does not follow the rules, he will be kicked or banned. Note that the player is only banned for the event server. Any example pictures: / Why should it be added? Convoys are always in the evening, there is also a lot of activity on simulation 1 or other servers. This would allow the game moderator team to concentrate on the most important things in the evening. Kind Regards, CorniTv0100 | Dream Logistics
  6. selamun aleykum dün gece ban yedim ve bu banla birlikte 3 kez banlamış oldum ve kafama takıldı eski konulardan baktım 5 kez bandan sonra perma ban yiyebilirsin yazıyordu ama konular çok eski olduğundan altına soru soramadım bu konuyuda tam nereye açıcağımı bilmediğim için sizlere bir sorayım dedim iyi günler dilerim.
  7. Permanent bans due to history have been discontinued as of May 4th, 2022 (before this date, the 6th ban automatically became permanent). Yet my account is still permanently banned due to history, even though this rule does not exist anymore. To my knowledge, after this date, the permabans were removed from all accounts that were permanently banned due to history. However, this never happened for my account for some reason. It has been several years since I played on TruckersMP, and I have grown up from my, let's just say, more "reckless" times. If possible, I would like to receive a second chance to play on TruckersMP again. I have contacted the Game Moderation Management catagory in the feedback section, but I am not getting any response from them after 4 days. What should I do? Am I contacting the wrong people? Any help is appriciated. - Tompie01
  8. When I try to login on TMP to play says an account its banned belong me or something like this and tell me to contact the TMP support but no one will answer so I need help fast cuz I wanna play and I'm not banned or I dont have IP banned, I just need help.
  9. what if i got banned and appealed 2 times??
  10. Hi! I have a very serious doubt that it would be in the case of bans, but in a certain unfair way, in the case, it would be that I was in Brussels, in the game, when I left the workshop for the transinet, but there was no one, I saw in the tab that everyone were 0.0m away, I asked myself, Wow. When suddenly a truck appears in front of me, causing me and the other truck to fly, I don't know if that causes a ban, but if it is a ban, it would be kind of unfair, because my game didn't load properly, missing the players, and when it did, boom , accident, I can't illustrate it, because I was recording at the time, but in short: I entered the game, I was going to the company, I hadn't loaded the players, then when it loaded, there was one in front of me, causing an accident, where I and the other player to fly. Would this cause a ban? Kind of like the truck stayed inside mine when all the players loaded and and he and I fly Would this cause a ban?
  11. He was blocking the entire lane, we waited for 1 minute for him to leave, when the truck in front of me decided to leave, I tried to leave, on the right side (Coasting) But another truck was coming, I decided to pass on the left, which is normal, except that When I passed him, another truck was coming. In the blind spot, He almost caused an accident to happen, will I be banned? Link: https://youtu.be/-hezvFIw2MQ
  12. According to Rule 2.8 Bans for 5 days will be for 90 days, I was watching a video, where a player had 5 bans on his account, Now he has 0, I tried to read the article but I didn't understand. Can someone help me
  13. Guest

    No Evidence at Ban Reason

    https://youtu.be/huvZrMY6Zbg The ban reason is §2.5 Reckless driving,but I don't see any evidence!I always follow the rules!Why ban me? I didn't see any reckless driving behavior!
  14. Hello, I got permanently banned with my friend just because i got banned for fourteen days and he was playing on the same PC! Also I would say that the rule &1.2 is illegal and nonsensical, because it’s completely arbitrary… You simply can’t really judge if someone is ban evading or someone else is just playing on the same PC… I thing this could be sued by a lawyer in the case… So of course I ask to be my account unbanned and in this case, I would also be happy if my friend gets unbanned from the permanent as well. This PC can be used by anyone that just wants to play ETS2 and here we go back to what I already stated before. So of course i already appealed the ban and wrote to the support, but the replies was always the same useless. So of course my question is: if the two accounts doesn't get unbanned, how the other users can safely continue to play without also getting permanently banned?
  15. So I was banned by one of my mistakes that I unfortunately did not record evidence of my mistake, and got unbanned like 2 weeks ago. I have recently looked at my TMP account and says I have 1 active ban. Why? If it is an active ban shouldn’t I be banned currently? Or is it glitched? Will it eventually go away?
  16. Mam takiego goscia ktory musi dostac bana i gdzie trzeba wstawic filmik prosze o odpowiedz
  17. Postaram się jak najlepiej nakreślić sytuację, ale może być nieco chaotycznie. W każdym razie potrzebuję pomocy. Niedawno otrzymałam bana na miesiąc. Przyczyną było "Wrong Way Driving, Reckless Driving, Intentional Ramming" + 5 filmików jednego gracza z jednej sytuacji (tak, jeden filmik podzielony na 5 części i 5 różnych linków). Dlaczego? Jadąc sobie przez autostradę, nagle zobaczyłam kogoś, kto utknął na środkowych barierkach z podwójną naczepą. Jak to ja miła i zawsze chętna do pomocy przyhamowałam i zapytałam czy wszystko okej (No wiadomo, jak koleś się wykrzaczył na barierkach to jak może być inaczej?). Gracz odpowiedział, że się zbugował i nie był w stanie ani się ruszyć, ani teleportować na warsztat, bo coś tam miał nie teges (przypuszczam po jego kiepskim angielskim, że chodziło o problem sprzętowy również co odbiło się na grze i nie był w stanie nic zrobić). No chłopak był trochę zestresowany, ale spokojnie, przecież można pomóc i za jego zgodą się na to zdecydowałam. Odczepiłam naczepę grzecznie na bocznym pasie (tak, aby nikomu nie przeszkadzała) i lekko się cofnęłam, aby uderzyć tira tego gracza. Lekko podskoczył, ale nadal nie mógł zejść na drogę. Tym razem spróbowałam z większym rozpędem, aż w końcu mocniej się na nim to odbiło, że poleciał jego pojazd w las. Może nie zszedł na drogę, ale wtedy już szczęśliwie miał możliwość teleportacji na warsztat. Co było tym spowodowane? Nie mam pojęcia, mówię to co on miał na ekranie. W sumie to cała sytuacja, on zniknął, a ja dumna z pomocy biednemu tirowcowi wróciłam po naczepę i kontynuowałam wesołą trasę. Okazuje się, że X gracz zatrzymał się w trakcie tej sytuacji i postanowił to wszystko trochę po chamsku nagrywać na niekorzyść. W porządku, byłam w stanie przystać na to, w końcu złamałam zasady, prawda? Mogliby zrozumieć, że gdyby oni znaleźli się w podobnej sytuacji też by oczekiwali pomocy, ale dobra. Dużym zaskoczeniem było to, że już dwa dni później okres bana z miesiąca zmienił się na permanent z dopiskiem w powodzie: [Perm Due To §2.9]. O ile rozumiem swoim angielskim to Administracja uważa, że dołączyłam do gry, aby celowo "trollować" i łamać zasady (...). Ale co w przypadku, kiedy to jest nieprawda? Poniżej kilka faktów, które mają znaczenie: To mój pierwszy jakikolwiek ban. Nie jak w przypadku, że przy piątym jest perm bez szans na ub. Kompletnie pierwszy ban. Nigdy nie łamałam zasad, nawet nie przejechałam na żadnym czerwonym świetle (Tak, pamiętam to). Nie działałam na szkodę dowodów (filmików), czyli ich nie zgłaszałam, ani nic. Odwołałam się od bana tłumacząc im zrozumiale całą sytuację, ale apelacja odrzucona. Tego miesięcznego bana mogłam jeszcze zrozumieć, bo faktycznie może i moje chęci pomocy się nie liczyły i jednak reguły zwyciężyły. Jednak co z tym permem po dwóch dniach? Spędzałam dużo czasu na graniu MP, nigdy nie wchodziłam z nikim w konflikty, jak ktoś mnie stuknął to śmiałam się i dawałam w zapomnienie, a nagle gdy się wykazałam pomocą to dostałam perma. Nie mam już pomysłów w jaki sposób mogę się od tego odwołać, aby zadziałało, zwłaszcza że nie jest to powód, aby naprawdę być aż tak przesadnym co do tego. Rozumiem, gdyby ktoś z całej pety był rozpędzony i wjechał w korek wywalając każdego po kolei w powietrze. Ja jechałam bokiem i to tak, że nikt nawet nie musiał zmieniać pasa, bo ja jechałam. Proszę o pomoc, bo poznałam wiele fajnych osób, z którymi dobrze się wspólnie gra, a ban nie wydaje się do końca sprawiedliwy ?
  18. Merhaba arkadaşlar bugün calaısteki göbeğe sol şeritten girip dümdüz 2.çıkışa doğru ilerliyordum fakat sağımdaki tır ben dümdüz ilerlerken sola dönmek için bana çarpıyor ve rapor edeceğini söylüyüyor sizce hata kimde?
  19. I have a question about if there is a person in TruckersMP, his profile picture is "scandalous and nude," Can I report him ?
  20. Guest

    Permanently Ban

    I had 4 active bans before 5 September.Now i have 3 active bans.If they reported me before 5 september am i gonna permanently ban?
  21. Guest

    [ANSWERED] Ban

    §2.8 - How Bans Are Issued The first 3 bans issued are at Game Moderator discretion. The 4th ban is 1 month. The 5th ban is 3 months. The 6th ban is permanent with no chance of unban. Why did you change this?
  22. Guest


    Can you get banned if you follow someone in arcade?
  23. Guest


    Can i hey banned on Arcade servers?O searched about it as i know answer is no.I just wanna ne sure about that.
  24. Guest

    5 bans

    I have 4 active bans.When i banned you need 6 ban to permanently banned.If i get 5th ban am i gonna permanently ban?
  25. So i was in a traffic accident where i hit some dude by accident on the roundabout and i got banned for 13 days. Some dude i reported he was reversing on the highway, blocking the highway, intentionally ramming me, abusing TC and he got a 7 days ban so im asking how the lengths for bans are determent
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