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  1. Hey guys! When I drive for example on the Duisburg-Calais road read (and also write) "rec" in the chat. Do you make a difference between "rec" and "rec ban", for example rec as a warning and rec ban when you will report someone on the website? Kind regards, Fast-rider
  2. No entiendo por qué se demoran tanto en recibir por reportes, llevo 15 dias esperando a que me acepten unos reportes y nada. Deberian agilizar ese proceso.
  3. Postaram się jak najlepiej nakreślić sytuację, ale może być nieco chaotycznie. W każdym razie potrzebuję pomocy. Niedawno otrzymałam bana na miesiąc. Przyczyną było "Wrong Way Driving, Reckless Driving, Intentional Ramming" + 5 filmików jednego gracza z jednej sytuacji (tak, jeden filmik podzielony na 5 części i 5 różnych linków). Dlaczego? Jadąc sobie przez autostradę, nagle zobaczyłam kogoś, kto utknął na środkowych barierkach z podwójną naczepą. Jak to ja miła i zawsze chętna do pomocy przyhamowałam i zapytałam czy wszystko okej (No wiadomo, jak koleś się wykrzaczył na barierkach to
  4. Merhaba arkadaşlar bugün calaısteki göbeğe sol şeritten girip dümdüz 2.çıkışa doğru ilerliyordum fakat sağımdaki tır ben dümdüz ilerlerken sola dönmek için bana çarpıyor ve rapor edeceğini söylüyüyor sizce hata kimde?
  5. I have a question about if there is a person in TruckersMP, his profile picture is "scandalous and nude," Can I report him ?
  6. Guest

    Permanently Ban

    I had 4 active bans before 5 September.Now i have 3 active bans.If they reported me before 5 september am i gonna permanently ban?
  7. Guest

    [ANSWERED] Ban

    §2.8 - How Bans Are Issued The first 3 bans issued are at Game Moderator discretion. The 4th ban is 1 month. The 5th ban is 3 months. The 6th ban is permanent with no chance of unban. Why did you change this?
  8. Guest


    Can you get banned if you follow someone in arcade?
  9. Guest


    Can i hey banned on Arcade servers?O searched about it as i know answer is no.I just wanna ne sure about that.
  10. Guest

    5 bans

    I have 4 active bans.When i banned you need 6 ban to permanently banned.If i get 5th ban am i gonna permanently ban?
  11. So i was in a traffic accident where i hit some dude by accident on the roundabout and i got banned for 13 days. Some dude i reported he was reversing on the highway, blocking the highway, intentionally ramming me, abusing TC and he got a 7 days ban so im asking how the lengths for bans are determent
  12. Witam, mój kolega z VSki dostał bana na Kirkenes. Powodem tego bana jak stwierdził Admin Bingo9600 było nieprawidłowe wyprzedzanie. Nie widać tego do końca na filmie ale zbanowana osoba dojeżdża do pojazdu który stoi w miejscu! Zaczyna więc go omijać nie stwarzając żadnego zagrożenia (z naprzeciwka nic nie jedzie)! Przypominam Panu Bingo9600 że "wyprzedzanie" to wyjeżdżanie przed pojazd który jest w ruchu a wyjeżdżanie za pojazd stojący w miejscu jest "omijaniem". Jak wiadomo na Kirkenes bana można dostać właśnie za stanie i blokowanie ruchu! A więc mój kolega chcąc uniknąć właśnie tego bana p
  13. Cap Emmerick


    Quanto tempo demora pra um adm , ver um report, postei um grotesco no sabado, daí uns dias faz uma semana é impossivel que não tenha um ADM pra ver.
  14. Bonjour la communauté, je vais expliqué mon problème, j'étais en voiture avec le nom [SECURITY], pour rejoindre mes potes, et j'ai été ban en croisant la route d'un Admin, or sa fait maintenant 3 semaines voir un peut plus que je suis ban pour cela, c'est mon premier ban et sa commence à faire long. Combien de temps dur un ban ? Merci d'avance.
  15. from the beginning of playing tmp I wonder why you can not play on the Arcade server even with a ban?
  16. First of all sorry if this is in the wrong place. How long is a moderator given to attach evidence after banning a player in game? Thanks
  17. Hehs

    Chat Mute

    Suggestion Name: Mute chat for bad words/insulting Suggestion Description: If someone use bad word or insult someone on chat, he will be muted, not banned. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because everybody lets their nerves go out of their nerves and someone swears offends someone, so why should they lose access to the game with friends if they can be muted in chat for a given period of time.
  18. Merhaba, 2 hafta yasaklandığımı sanıyordum. Koronadan dolayı evde olduğum için itiraz etmek istedim süreyle alakalı. Olumsuz dönüş yapıldı. Kabullenip bekleyim dedim ve offline oynadım ara ara. Kaç gün kaldığını görmek için tekrardan profilime baktığımda ağustosta kalkacağını hatırladığım banın temmuzda kalkacağını gördüm. Tekrardan itiraz etmek yerine buraya sormak istedim. Kaza şu şekilde gerçekleşti. Viraja hızlı girip kontrolümü kaybetip karşıdan gelen tırla çarpmıştım. Oyun kuralları gereği ban yemem gayet normal ama 45 gün ban fazla değil mi? 4. yasaklanmadan sonr
  19. Hallo liebe Community, Ich habe da ein Problem. Ich habe heute gegen 21:00 ein bisschen Online gespielt. Gerade mal 15 Minuten. Danach habe ich ausgemacht und ja wollte eben gerade wieder spielen. Auf einmal ich gucke ich habe einen Permanent Ban bekommen um 21.50. Doch ich habe nichtmal irgendwie komisch gefahren. Das einzige war das jemand vor mir in Duisbrug so hart gehangen hat das ich ihn überholt habe. Dazu kommt noch dass ich schonmal gebannt war weil einer meiner Söhne in dem Spiel scheisse gebaut hat. Seit dem habe ich ihnen Verboten dieses Spiel zu spielen und i
  20. An Easier Way To Get Reckless Drivers Off The Road Have you ever been driving then a reckless driver comes past and damages you and they should be banned? You then go on and report them via the TMP Tab, soon after it comes up with a message telling you that your report has been timed out. Therefore, the reckless driver will get away with it... This has happened to all of us right? My new suggestion - Introducing a new system called 'TMP Overwatch': If you have played games in the past you may have seen it includes a feature on the game for the loyal and de
  21. How much time I must wait until admin will anser to may ban appeal?
  22. So when I started playing this I had been acting immature and got banned multiple times. But I play responsibly now, however my next ban could be permanent. I dont want to be permanently banned if I make a mistake again. Do old bans get erased after some time?
  23. I want to report users who violated the rules of the game and a very big mess occurred. But I want help. There is more than one person, and when I want to report them, the site can only report to one person. What should I do?
  24. I attempted to log into my account this morning, only to find that I am banned until the 24 April 2020. I was confused because I Had not played the game for a day and I had not done anything which the ban stated I had. I spoke to my younger brother about it and he confessed that he went onto my account and tried to do some jobs. He said that he had forgotten what side of the road to drive (he is 10) and ended up in the way of many drivers. This has now made me not be able to play my favourite game because of an honest mistake a child has made. I sent an appeal, but I know that a
  25. Arkadaşlar merhaba, Dün arabam yolda kaldığı için yolu kapatma sebebinden 5 gün ban yedim asıl sebebi ekranın gitmiş olmasaydı. itirazımı gönderdim ama şunu sormak isterim daha önce hiç ban yememiş biri olarak direkt 5 gün ban atma gibi adminlerin yetkisi var mıdır ?
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