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Found 223 results

  1. {HGT-R} Hehs

    Chat Mute

    Suggestion Name: Mute chat for bad words/insulting Suggestion Description: If someone use bad word or insult someone on chat, he will be muted, not banned. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because everybody lets their nerves go out of their nerves and someone swears offends someone, so why should they lose access to the game with friends if they can be muted in chat for a given period of time.
  2. Merhaba, 2 hafta yasaklandığımı sanıyordum. Koronadan dolayı evde olduğum için itiraz etmek istedim süreyle alakalı. Olumsuz dönüş yapıldı. Kabullenip bekleyim dedim ve offline oynadım ara ara. Kaç gün kaldığını görmek için tekrardan profilime baktığımda ağustosta kalkacağını hatırladığım banın temmuzda kalkacağını gördüm. Tekrardan itiraz etmek yerine buraya sormak istedim. Kaza şu şekilde gerçekleşti. Viraja hızlı girip kontrolümü kaybetip karşıdan gelen tırla çarpmıştım. Oyun kuralları gereği ban yemem gayet normal ama 45 gün ban fazla değil mi? 4. yasaklanmadan sonra bile 1 ay ban yiyeceğim yazıyor. Sizce bu 45 günlük süreç çok fazla değil mi?
  3. Hallo liebe Community, Ich habe da ein Problem. Ich habe heute gegen 21:00 ein bisschen Online gespielt. Gerade mal 15 Minuten. Danach habe ich ausgemacht und ja wollte eben gerade wieder spielen. Auf einmal ich gucke ich habe einen Permanent Ban bekommen um 21.50. Doch ich habe nichtmal irgendwie komisch gefahren. Das einzige war das jemand vor mir in Duisbrug so hart gehangen hat das ich ihn überholt habe. Dazu kommt noch dass ich schonmal gebannt war weil einer meiner Söhne in dem Spiel scheisse gebaut hat. Seit dem habe ich ihnen Verboten dieses Spiel zu spielen und ich bin der einzige der darauf Zugriff hat. Zudem habe ich mich informiert dass man mehrere Bann bekommen muss um so ein Bann zu bekommen. Ich würde mich um hilfe freuen weil das meine einzige Beschäftigung ist neben meiner Arbeit. Ich finde es echt rücksichtslos wie die TruckerMp Admins mit einem Umgehen, obwohl man nichts gemacht hat. Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend und freue mich um hilfe
  4. An Easier Way To Get Reckless Drivers Off The Road Have you ever been driving then a reckless driver comes past and damages you and they should be banned? You then go on and report them via the TMP Tab, soon after it comes up with a message telling you that your report has been timed out. Therefore, the reckless driver will get away with it... This has happened to all of us right? My new suggestion - Introducing a new system called 'TMP Overwatch': If you have played games in the past you may have seen it includes a feature on the game for the loyal and dedicated users, a feature which allows the player to look at reports in detail and to decide if the player should have action taken against them. Furthermore, CSGO has this option and only a select amount of players are giving this feature, the players have to have no previous ban records and no reports against their name. The over watch feature doesn't let ONE person vote against someone then they get banned, it would be an average vote from 10 people, then the decision will be made. I strongly feel so many people are getting away with being either a troll on the roads or just being generally reckless. This new feature will also give the players experience, so then when Game Moderator applications open this will be an amazing point to write down saying they've worked in this unit before so they know what they're looking out for. How the overwatch feature will work: This will be an invite only process. Requirements for this will be similar for the Game Moderator applications. The player needs to be active on forums and have over 1000 hours in game with a maximum of 3 bans. There will be a tab displayed on the players TMP profile giving them access to reports which happen live, they will be given the footage from the game and the same report will be given to 5 overwatchers, they will then vote and write down their opinion to why the person should be banned. I strongly feel there isn't enough Game Moderators out on the road at certain times - However, this new feature will bring passionate players who may have inspirations to become Game Moderators in the future have the access to view footage and vote to decide if the person should have action taken against their name. I'm not sure as I'm not a developer - However, I can imagine it looking a bit like this, having an option on the tab where its only visible for the people who have access to it. As I have put this in the general discussion category I would love to hear your comments about this and if you feel this would be a good new idea in the TMP Community and if you would love to have access to this TMP overwatch platform. For sure, if you have any further ideas to add then please write them below. Thank you very much
  5. How much time I must wait until admin will anser to may ban appeal?
  6. So when I started playing this I had been acting immature and got banned multiple times. But I play responsibly now, however my next ban could be permanent. I dont want to be permanently banned if I make a mistake again. Do old bans get erased after some time?
  7. I want to report users who violated the rules of the game and a very big mess occurred. But I want help. There is more than one person, and when I want to report them, the site can only report to one person. What should I do?
  8. I attempted to log into my account this morning, only to find that I am banned until the 24 April 2020. I was confused because I Had not played the game for a day and I had not done anything which the ban stated I had. I spoke to my younger brother about it and he confessed that he went onto my account and tried to do some jobs. He said that he had forgotten what side of the road to drive (he is 10) and ended up in the way of many drivers. This has now made me not be able to play my favourite game because of an honest mistake a child has made. I sent an appeal, but I know that admins sometimes take a long time to respond and I have nothing else to do in this quarantine. I take simulations very seriously and I was so sad when I found out I was banned for over 20 days!
  9. Arkadaşlar merhaba, Dün arabam yolda kaldığı için yolu kapatma sebebinden 5 gün ban yedim asıl sebebi ekranın gitmiş olmasaydı. itirazımı gönderdim ama şunu sormak isterim daha önce hiç ban yememiş biri olarak direkt 5 gün ban atma gibi adminlerin yetkisi var mıdır ?
  10. Hello. Im having problems logging in. Says wrong password so i reset it. Then try again still says its wrong. I got banned back in 2016. Then was unbanned and now i cant log in any help?
  11. Matiz1

    Ban na miesiąc

    Witam w dniu 18.03.2020 dostałem bana na miesiąc powód to ramming. Niestety nie wiem co takiego złego zrobiłem ani za co dostałem bana na aż tak długi okres, nie wiem również kto mnie zbanował ani kiedy (dostałem tego bana po wyjściu z truckers mp). Czy mógłbym dowiedzieć się chociaż za co dostałem tego bana, bo sam nie mam pojęcia za co go mam. I czy mogę prosić o skrócenie bana lub o jego anulowanie. Z góry dziękuje za rozważanie sprawy. Pozdrawiam PS. mój nick to Matiz1 (Przepraszam że to pisze tutaj ale nie ogarniam tej strony).
  12. Aynı günde 2 farklı kişi tarafından report edilip bir banım sürüyorken ikinci banı yedim.Banlarımın dolma süresinin üzerinden bir kaç gün geçti.Profilime baktığımda sadece 1 tane yeşil nokta görünüyor.Şimdi ben burada iki ban mı yedim yoksa zaten banım sürerken bidaha ban yediğim için bu tek ban olarak mı kabul edildi ?
  13. Suggestion Name: dangerous people warning Suggestion Description: A Banner, colored name or symbol in front of the name to show other players that someone was banned at the last week or two, or to show that a player has more then for example 5 bans (5 and more could get Yellow so you got a difference between players who got banned shortly and often banned players Any example Images: Why it should be added: it should be added so players who are not paying attention to the rules are shown to every player so they can be more carefull drivin around those, and also when everyone knows that you can get banners or colored names like this showing that you are ramming and doing bad things to players maybe they will stop chrashing and trolling. I took 2 examples of how it could look, if anyone has ideas tell me under the post
  14. Suggestion Name: IDEA about punishment system Suggestion Description: I think we need to: - Punishment History deletion after at least 3 years by Moderator Leaders or admins per player request. This fact will be saved as trial flag. History will get back after bannig player with this flag. Trial flag will be deleted automatically after 180 days. This also will delete history pernamently with no return - Merge appeals and report page like example below: When somebody reports, you can see that on new page, where you can give your appeal or explain something, even before moderator reply. On this page, you will can report somebody else or browse old reports from and to you with more comfort. Any example images: there is no example Why should it be added?: think it would benefit for players that was troll kids, but now are mature and fair-playing users what wants to join some VTCs or recruit to moderators team and it will make reports system clearer and more comfortable.
  15. [TR] Herkese merhaba.TruckersMP kurallarını okuyordum ama kafama bir soru takıldı.Kuralları okurken tam olarak anlamadım ve buraya sormak istedim.Sormak istediğim soru BAN konusu hakkında.Anladığım kadarıyla ilk 3 ban yöneticinin jestine göre belirleniyor.4.ban ne olursa olsun 1 ay banlanıyorsunuz,5.ban'da ise sınırsız banlanıyorsunuz.Sormak istediğim soru şu.Bu her zaman mı geçerli.Yani demek istediğim şu.Mesela 2019 yılında 4 ban'ım var.2020 yılında bir ban yersem önceki ban'larımın üzerine eklenir ve ben sınırsız ban mı yerim,yoksa yeni yıla girdiğimiz için sadece yeni yılın banlarına mı bakılır?Umarım anlatabilmişimdir derdimi.Şimdiden teşekkürler.
  16. Guest

    Tırım ban sebebi mi

    https://hizliresim.com/WXN3aq tırım ban sebebi midir acil yanıtlarsanız sevinirim :) ban sebebiyse neler kaldırmalıyım kesinlikle hiçbir ışıkta parlatma yoktur
  17. GIMI

    Ban Appeal System

    So I've got my first ban (which I don’t think I should have) and found out, how useless appeal system actually is. I don’t think the same game moderator, who issued the punishment, should resolve the appeal. Why would someone admit they were wrong when they can just decline and say they were right no matter what? In the case the moderator has the rule-breaking actions on a video, don’t you think it would be more appropriate to be seen by another administrator? Tell me your opinion! Thanks.
  18. Herkese merhaba,benim hesabımda 5 ban var diye gözüküyor.4’ü sarı ban 1 yılı geçmiş 1 tanesi yeşil ban.Şimdi ben bir ban daha yersem 6. ban olduğu için perma olur mu yoksa 4 tane aktiflerde olmadığı için perma ban yerine geçmez mi? Teşekkür ederim.
  19. Witam.W TruckersMP gram od 2016 i pierwszy raz spotkałem się z sytuacją ,która wydarzyła się w minioną Środę (26.12.19) ok. godziny 2 w nocy.Z 2 znajomymi jechaliśmy trase ,w połowie postanowiliśmy ,że nie zależy nam na niej ,ponieważ doszczętnie zniszczyliśmy nasze ładunki skutkiem posiadania moda na zimową fizykę.Ja ucierpiałem najbardziej i w momencie ,gdy znajomi byli już prawie na miejscu ,a ja byłem daleko w tyle postanowiłem przeteleportować się do jednego z wielu garaży które posiadam.Akurat do tego w miejscu do którego zmierzaliśmy podczas wyjeżdżania z niego pod wpływem zmęczenia postanowiłem wykonać lekkomyślny manewr i wjechać koledze na czołówkę ,gdy to zrobiłem ku mojemu ździwieniu przenikłem przez niego ,a on sam wyleciał w powietrze.Niezwłocznie zatrzymałem się ,aby nie przeszkadzać w dalszej grze.Dodam ,że 5 minut temu jak i po sytuacji normalnie miałem kolizję co pokazuje nagranie :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS9wdxPnafE&fbclid=IwAR2bnS6QEAp8_VE-LIEzY44JGDuqTynWaow_AQJtY6mvwyg2jC0v7iaTl_4 . Po całej sytuacji trwającej zaledwie minutę ,jak wcześniej planowałem udałem się na serwer PROMODS ,aby pojechać konwój z streamerem twitch.tv/H2P_Gucio .Specjalnie 6 godzin wcześniej dokupiłem 2 brakujące DLC ,aby móc pograć.Warto wspomnieć ,że gdy chciałem dołączyć do serwera PROMODS to za pierwszą próbą dołączyło mnie do serwera arcade przez co musiałem restartować grę.Po 20 minutach jazdy po Szczecinie mając normalnie kolizje https://www.twitch.tv/videos/526139705 (10:36:30) poszedłem spać. Rano postanowiłem namówić znajomego na zakup map boostera ,aby razem ze mną pojeździł na serwerze PROMODS.Jak się okazało o godzinie 14:15 dostałem PERM bana za ''posiadanie NO COLLISION HACKA'' .Odwoływałem się i niestety pierwsza apelacja została odrzucona brakiem dowodów na moją niewinność głównie dlatego ,że nie nagrywałem całego 1 minutowego zdarzenia.Tłumaczyłem ,że był to poprostu bardzo rzadki bug ,który nadarzył się akurat w najgorszym momencie . Nie ryzykowałbym utraty konta pobierając hacki do gry do której nie wiedziałem ,że wogóle istnieją , kupując 6 godzin wcześniej 2 ostatnie DLC do zagrania na PROMODSACH.Tłumaczyłem również ,że po co pobierał bym hacki grając w tą gre prawie 4 lata ,aby użyć je raz i to na moim znajomym ,nie widziałbym w tym żadnego celu.Wydaje mi się ,że na miejscu faktycznego cheatera używał bym tego dla zabawy w jakimś zatłoczonym miejscu.Bardzo zależy mi na odbanowaniu mojego konta ,ponieważ ,gdybym chciał znowu pojeździć online musiałbym wydać znowu trochę pieniędzy na wszystkie DLC.Niestety miałem pecha i napotkałem pecha , który podobno już nie występuje (tak odpisał mi moderator),dodatkowo nie nagrywałem całej sytuacji z mojej perspektywy i nie mogę dać żadnych dowodów na brak używania no collision hacka.Mogę odwołać się jeszcze 2 razy ,najwcześniej 1 stycznia ,więc prosiłbym o pomoc ,porady co mogę jeszcze napisać ,abym udowodnił swoją niewinność i został odbanowany ,bo jeżeli faktycznie używałbym jakiegos hacka to zrozumiałbym swój błąd i pogodził się z banem ,a tak to nie potrawie pogodzić się z moim pechem.Tutaj cała sytuacja ,demo które otrzymałem od moderatora ,który mnie zbanował https://youtu.be/n9xnR5uLh4A.Dodam ,że PERMA dostałem za'' posiadanie NO COLLISION HACK'' ,a nie za jazdę pod prąd i spowodowanie kolizji ,za to rozumiem ,że powinienem dostać czasowego bana. Z góry dziękuję.Pozdrawiam!
  20. Hello guys I want to ask why I keep getting this message ? ''You have been banned from TruckersMP network'' and I go offline ? I was banned for 4 days before that problem start coming up ! I am new to TruckersMP so I need sime help ! Thanks !
  21. If anyone wants to appeal, and the ban evidence contains the time of the occurance, the person appealing can skip to the time of a recording. I would like to have a recording going all the time, so if I get banned for something I didn't do on my screen I have evidence which I can skip to if I see the time.
  22. Merhabalar , Yeni gelen güncelleme ile tır'ınızda renkli ışıklar veya ışık üstüne ışık eklemek yasaklandı biliyorsunuz.Bu sebepten dolayı permament ban yedim ve nasıl cezayı düşürebilirim diyenler için bir rehber niteliğinde. Öncelikle steam'dan Euro Truck Simulator 2 oyunumuzu başlatıyoruz. Eğer birden fazla saveniz [Profil] iniz var ise ban yediğiniz tırın olduğu profili seçiniz. Oyuna giriş yaptıktan sonra f7+enter yaparak en yakın servise gidiyoruz. Bir önceki fotoğraftı gösterdiğim ışık veya aydınlatmalardan 1 ' ini kaldırıyoruz.[Üst üste olan hepsinden 1 tane kaldırmalısınız] Kaldırdıktan sonra parçacıdan çıkış yapıp tırımızı park yerine çekiyoruz. Park yerinde iken tırımızın kapsamlı fotoğraf / fotoğraflarını çekiyoruz ve bir yere kaydediyoruz. Kaydettiğimiz fotoğrafları lightshot araclığı ile internete yüklüyoruz. Yüklediğimiz fotoğraf linkini kaydediyor ve www.truckersmp.com adresine giriyoruz. Girdikten sonra ban itirazı/temyizi kısmına geliyoruz. Tırımızı değiştirdiğimizi ve aşağıdaki linkte kanıtımız olduğunu belirtiyoruz. Unutmayın ; §2.11 - Yasaklar neye göre veriliyor ? İlk 3 yasağınız oyun moderatörüne bağlıdır. 4. banınızda 1 ay. 5. banınızda ise 3 ay. 6.ban kalıcıdır ve geri dönüşü yoktur. Önceki banınız 12 ay ' dan önce geçerli olmuş ise sarı/soğuma cezası olarak kabul edilir.
  23. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  24. Suggestion Name: 5+ Year old bans pardoned Suggestion Description: basically players that have ban/s that exceed 5 years old should have a chance to redeem themselves and get them removed or " pardoned " depending on the severity of the ban and their behavior since that 5+ year ban. it would work like this: If player (A) has ban/s that are 5 years old and no recent ban within 1 year then they should get the chance to either have previous ban/s pardoned or removed permanently from their record. if player (B) has ban/s that are over 5 years old but has had a ban within the last year they shouldn't get a chance to have bans removed, and must wait until they have had at least 1 clean year of no bans on their record. by using a system similar to that ^ it should help find players that have genuinely learnt from mistakes and give them a chance to give back to the community. ( in theory ) Why should it be added: A lot of people have 5+ bans that where 3+ years ago when they were younger. as they have got older they have matured and grown up so should be given the chance to apply for TMP roles to help support TMP and the community. A lot of these bans where back in 2014-15 when TMP was new and the ban system was as acknowledged as it is today. Don't forget to voice your opinion! and have your own input on the idea.
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