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  1. Hello, I got permanently banned with my friend just because i got banned for fourteen days and he was playing on the same PC! Also I would say that the rule &1.2 is illegal and nonsensical, because it’s completely arbitrary… You simply can’t really judge if someone is ban evading or someone else is just playing on the same PC… I thing this could be sued by a lawyer in the case… So of course I ask to be my account unbanned and in this case, I would also be happy if my friend gets unbanned from the permanent as well. This PC can be used by anyone that just wants to play ETS2 and here we go back to what I already stated before. So of course i already appealed the ban and wrote to the support, but the replies was always the same useless. So of course my question is: if the two accounts doesn't get unbanned, how the other users can safely continue to play without also getting permanently banned?
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