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  1. So I installed the Winter mod a while ago, and I thought I deleted it. I don't know if I missed something when I was removing it, or if this snow-like dots are part of the server right now until winter is over. Anyways, if not, I need help finding the files from the Winter mod to remove it.
  2. Whenever I press on my TMP on my desktop to play, it gives me an error. I've tried uninstalling the mod many times now and restarting my PC. Can someone please help? Actually, its working now. But as someone who doesn't know how to solve problems sometimes, if this does happen again in the future, I have no idea how to fix it, therefore I would still like to know how to fix it!
  3. So I was banned by one of my mistakes that I unfortunately did not record evidence of my mistake, and got unbanned like 2 weeks ago. I have recently looked at my TMP account and says I have 1 active ban. Why? If it is an active ban shouldn’t I be banned currently? Or is it glitched? Will it eventually go away?
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