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Found 13 results

  1. Name: Make cars be more affected by crash Description: When a car meets with a truck, the force/damage should be distributed into the car way more than into truck (usually based on weight). Pictures: None Why it should be added: The crash system is not obviously perfect (things like trucks jumping into the air after crash is pretty crazy), but this system would be closer to real life. Plus, it would make car drivers be more careful around trucks. And since there is, I guess, number of cases where cars troll trucks higher than trucks trolling cars, this would reduce the trolling overall.
  2. Suggestion Name: Trucker Blackbox Suggestion Description: I am tired of people ramming me just for no good reason. If you overtake me that is fine with me as long as you don't hit me like in real life trucking. However, they ram anyways. The first time I was in Las Vagas and following the rules stopping at every freaking light and from the other side the jerk cross 2 lanes of traffic just to ram me. I try to report them but I did not know how to at the time. After doing a quick reload and trying to find him, the guy was gone. I thought about it last night and came up with an idea that may work out. I call it the Trucker black box. Just like an Airplane black box. In the subroutine where the damage is calculated, add the black box function. Damage.class or where ever the paragraph holds the damage information and how it calculates damage with impact. If (object colide == vehicle) { prompt message = " Do you want to report the player for ramming?" // This will display for both players. If yes to either player, record the last 30 seconds just before the ramming and save it to a file. I am guessing you should be able to pull the server logs and locations just for the 2 vehicles. In addition, traffic signals and other vehicles in the area. Send the file to the GM or moderator that is on duty and allow them to watch the short video 30 seconds before the ramming to determine who ram who... } From there it will be up to the GM to decide. No longer you will need videotape evidence. In addition, I am pretty sure the server has a log of the position of every vehicle in the area as well as the condition of the lights. aka, Birth of the Truckers Black Box. No more getting away with it now because we all know that all Collision is done by the same function in ATS and ETS. I hope this will help Any example image: Any number of youtube videos. Just watch. Why should this be added? To catch who is really doing the ramming and prevent anyone trying to get away with it. It will also help the moderators narrow down who is doing the ramming and/or any other violation. I swear, why can't everyone drive like they are supposed to.
  3. Name: Flashing Icon on Map for Collision Participants Description: An introduction of blinking player dot on the minimap if two or more players collide with each other. When two or more players crash (or, one rams another) into each other (not objects, vehicles only), their dot on the minimap starts flashing for 1-60 seconds. Any example images: Reason: This allows the victim of a ramming/crash to easily figure out the player who unlawfully rammed/crashed into the victim, therefore, using /pinfo and reporting quickly. Moreover, it allows the surrounding players to take notice of the crash and prevent further hazards.
  4. Hey, recently I've been playing a lot on Europe 2. I spotted some rammers and reckless drivers yesterday, I have them on video and I don't know how to report them. I don't know if this is appropriate but, here are the video and the time stamps. Also for future reports, how can I report with a video? Time Stamps: 0:00 to 0:35 -- alexloban (ID:2008000) 0:40 to 0:55 -- Ivan Kukutsapo)) (ID:2279590) Szyymeqq (ID:1661143)
  5. [EDITED to format] Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: VERSION Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: The newly introduced roadblocks are not synchronized? I rammed a guy, because the roadblock front of me was unsynchronized. My friend walked through it, He didn't see that on the road, but It stopped me and I crashed into a guy.. ppl can be banned for these situations.. Because the guy maybe think it, it was a simple ramming.. Screenshots / Videos: In my settings: Video: from 00:29 Sorry for my English
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNk7est5h3U&sns=fb AT 46:24 in the video what appears to be a server hacker come straight thru the crash barrier . Driver : MaD 15971 to days in game code was ( 2542 ) at the time I tried to let you know thru the report page however the MaD 15971 name could not be found ,, & if you continue to watch the video he/she goes back thru the barrier,, I'M Sorry that this is not the usual way to make a report & if it's against your form rule's, SORRY Thanks for taking the time to view .
  7. Hello ! Me and my friends were banned for ramming 5 days ago we had to be unbanned today, but we are not unbanned, here is the problem, I have a screenshot here => https://prnt.sc/g9pi3p ( CTRL + Scroll wheel for zoom ) So we think it's a bug , maybe not I wait a answer to this topic ! Ingame Nickname => titi05 Friend Ingame Nickname => WPstreak
  8. Guest

    Ban? Or just a "prank"?

    Hello. Today is for me Saturday, 11. March 2017, 13:00. If you agree this, best regards, you live in central europe. But today i have not such as a good topic for my question: I was livestreaming with about 5-9 viewers and driving in EU2 in the north of england (scotland). It was a pretty good day, once i found a italian or spain livestreamer. I decided to follow the streamer and an orange car (player name and tmp-id is down). We drove from Edinburg to England. After we drove from scotland to england, the orange driver wrote my number. In that time my number was 55. He said some italian or spain text, i dont understand that. But i just ignored him. Later at an junction, he said "report". I thought just: what? For what an report? For nothing? For fast driving? (Yes i drove about 100kmh with the scout) I asked for an reason. He said: "ramming and other" What the f**k man? I didn't rammed or did something wrong, i just drove with these 2 guys. So we started to talk. (And the livestreamer's truck was stuck in dirt so i gave an suggestion for him and it helped out) I said, where the proof is. He said some text in spain or italian (I DONT KNOW!!!) or wrote everytime "55 don't cry". After the junction he said "55" "cry". I just thought that he wanted to prank me. I wanted to ruin the livestream, but i went to Calais by garage manager. We drove thogether, the orange person was everytime infront of me. Before that junction i drove fast, and he wanted to cut me. So i had to use the brakes and used my steering wheel to steer away to avoid an accident or any damage. So what now? He wrote "55 ban" or "55 report" or something smillar. The other guy, who was behind me, said nothing. When i would ramm someone, all persons would say "report"? So we drove and drove and then at that cut-moment my engine doesn't wanted to drive forward. So i had to start the engine back, and then he said again "report". I was only about 10 seconds there trying to drive, ( i was in the outside mode) and no one was behind me, and i was at the crash bar, in the middle, and no one would be blocked. Or is it forbidden to go to a lost place and have engine problems? TruckersMP-ID: 1234035 #ZéDaPamonha yes, i mean you! Answer to that question if you want to say me why, and give me the proofs! I didn't have anything done, at my about half year being in ETS2MP (240h) and i had only one ban for insulting, and that was because someone blocked the road for about 30 minutes. And i had to drive reeallly fast, because i had a 70.000€ delivery and i had only 1 gamehour time. I hope that this thing only trolling is, because i LOVE the MP mode! €DIT: I forgot to say, that i'm playing ets2mp since december with an steering wheel, called G27 for best driving results. Thanks for those peoples, who are on my side, so that i won't get a ban. #ZéDaPamonha please send me an sceenshot btw proof of that, what you said, i did (ramming and other), because, i didn't noticed to ram anyone or did something other wrong and i had everytime 0% damage, before 0,0% and when i was at services i had no damage. I didn't had to pay anything, because everything was at 0,0%.
  9. Hi! I just had a very short question in terms of the report system (Just wanted to know for future reference) I don't report EVERYONE that bumps me or anything like that, but when I KNOW it was on purpose, you can bet for sure there is going to be a report going their way. So just a question in relation to two options in the report system. 1. Griefing 2, Cheating What are each of these and when should I report someone with these options? I mean, Ramming is obvious, but I don't exactly understand how griefing can happen other than deliberately ramming or deliberately blocking (Which they both have their own options) So basically, and explanation as to what classifies as griefing and cheating and when I should report someone would be a huge help, as it has been driving me up the wall haha. Thanks guys!
  10. I have a video of a person ramming my friend, which I would like to send to the mods using the report system, but I cannot find their TruckersMP name when I look for them. Can someone help me please? Oh yeah, and can the mods move this to the "Help" section? Sorry.
  11. Guest

    ETS2MP - Ban

    Hi, I recently got banned for two days on ETS2 for an incident that was 75% my fault. But However, because I had previous bans from over 8 months ago this two day ban has been extended to 32 days. Is there anything I can do about this? Also, do your previous bans get wiped after a year for example or do they stay on your record permanently? Because If I were to be banned again wouldn't It probably be permanent? Thanks, WoodenCrumpet
  12. Hola, Ami Me Bannearon, Por Una Razon Llamada "Ramming" Que no se que es lo que significa, pero me bannearon por 1 dia, y esta en este video " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDy0iUqDPfs " yo me fuy por el otro carril, por que mi volante, no tiene el mismo giro que el camion (es volante de ps2), entonces se demora mas en dar la vuelta y el tipo me reporto, yo no lo ise intencional mente, fue casual. Gracias Por Leer, Ojala Me Ayuden
  13. Hi all, If there is someone driving the wrong way down a highway is it ok to purposely have a head-on collision with them to stop them?
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