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  1. Name: "Disable lights at southern ramp of Calais intersection" Description: The traffic lights at Calais intersection (North:Calais, South:Paris, East:Lille,West:Channel Tunnel) were recently added, and their purpose is to allow drivers from highway to turn on the carriageway, while there are lots of drivers coming out of Calais (whom they normally have to give right of way). The same treatment was applied for the southern part of intersection - however, the traffic coming from this direction is rather small, making the traffic lights rather useless, while also blocking drivers going north -> east (see images), which also turn negatively impacts the traffic from Calais to the first lights. In short, while the northern traffic lights help with the east -> north, direction, the southern ones complicate north -> east direction. The suggestion is therefore to fully disable the traffic lights (blinking amber, or turned off) on the southern intersection and letting only the signs lead the traffic flow. Images: See files Why should this be added: This is rather a revert of change, which has had a negative impact of the traffic - so the reasoning is "in order to improve traffic flow" (while also removing the likelihood of drivers breaking the law, namely blocking intersections).
  2. For people having problems with the congestion at Duisburg - just go via the tunnels and southern road. Way faster (also on the traffic lights, if you go from Duisburg north).
  3. I would like to mention that in general, if the game allows it without any mods or save editing, you are safe.
  4. Name: Make cars be more affected by crash Description: When a car meets with a truck, the force/damage should be distributed into the car way more than into truck (usually based on weight). Pictures: None Why it should be added: The crash system is not obviously perfect (things like trucks jumping into the air after crash is pretty crazy), but this system would be closer to real life. Plus, it would make car drivers be more careful around trucks. And since there is, I guess, number of cases where cars troll trucks higher than trucks trolling cars, this would reduce the trolling overall.
  5. I did not mention anything about game being casual or not punishing bad behavior. Unlike in real life, there is always a reload options - if you crash. I am more pointing out about the non-functionality of moderators on resolving situations in real-time, which is mostly caused by lack of them. For example, the Duisburg situation cannot be solved by reloading game, but mods kicking out players more often would help. However, for crashes that are quickly resolved (that's why I don't report people), bans are not necessary. A proposed solution to make bans not count as a restriction for joining Team could solve this - more of real-time activity rather than retroactive activity.
  6. As I said, this is not personal case, since I now only aim to be a casual player (I do not care about truckersMP as I did like a year ago). However, the quality of game also depends on the quality and quantity of mods: If the 3 bans are the case of "lifetime punishment" (as not being able to join team in any way), then it should be stated on Rules, next to the bans (the same section where ban duration is discussed). Furthermore, I have these objections: 1) If mods are based on what they did before, regardless of time duration, this gives the option to join game only people who drive passively and not very often - their activity is more seen on forums. 2) This is not police, fire, armory, etc. depertment, where "hiring a past criminal" could cause trouble - if a game moderator is causing too much trouble, it is easy to reject all bans issued by the mod and kick them out. 3) Inability to join team might deter all players trying - and as I mentioned, even the ones who did not know about stuff like this. 4) Using automated things over the long course of time "strictly < 3 bans" hints the inability of team being able to check on the new recruits thoroughly.
  7. I wonder if these requiremenets aren't too harsh (and if it wasn't better to put more "tests" into the team approval). Because as it currently looks, it forces players who joined the game as "stupid kids", made mistakes, then learned from them and want to return to the game after 2 years - to spend money for the game again to make a new account, at least - because borrowing a game from friend doesn't work in TruckersMP.
  8. This is only technical question, as I haven't found a response to it yet. The rules state that in order to join team (as a mod, etc) you cannot have more than 3 bans on your profile. I would like to ask, do the expired bans (past 1 year) count to that, if they do not count into your ban duration?
  9. I understand why the timer needs to move forward, but I don't understand why there doesn't exist a solution. As I mentioned, if the game thinks that you spent 12 days on a delivery, why not move the delivery time 12 hours forward as well? And about "having another account with more money" - I do not hire workers to gain loads of money, I just want to experience the "full" game in multiplayer. If many players play like this, then I understand why one meets many stupid players on the map - however, when there is autofix option and quick save, I can play normally even if my truck gets hit often. The only issue are really the workers.
  10. TL:DR Drivers deliver their cargo late due to wrong synchronization. I can avoid it as a player, but cannot manage all the hired ones. There is a known "bug" that if you are in job and log out, the delivery time will not pause or be postponed, which makes you always finish a job during your game session (you can log out and restart a game, but basically need to finish the job within your "gaming-time" - cannot leave it for tommorow, for example). For some reason, the mod developers still didn't come with solution (my suggestion is to check how much time did the player skip and adjust the delivery requirement time accordingly). I could live with it - if I choose a long track, I need to reserve my time for trucking and not do any other IRL things - and if I need t leave for emergency reasons, I can finish the job in singleplayer. --------------------------------- Now what is the problem with hired drivers: They do not work while you are not in game (so millions won't land on your bank account), but when I checked some of them, their last deliveries were in negative numbers. What is the issue? I guess, the same as above! It appears as though "fixing one bug created another" and this is probably the case. Since I cannot have control over all hired drivers and make them start working at the same time (while also avoiding long-time deliveries), it is hard to find a good time when I can quit the game and make all drivers not get time-outed on their job. Did somebody come up with a solution? What can I do about this?
  11. I'm gonna quote from a Czech law (I didn't find the exact version in english): § 22.3 : "A driver cannot enter intersection, if the traffic situation does not allow him to pass through the intersection, making him stop the vehicle in the intersection. (This does not apply when yielding to pedestrians or when turning left.)" I think this is a very important rule - you should miss the green light if it means the drivers from the sides (after the signal switches) will have a free way, with you not blocking it because of the vehicles that passed before you and for some reason they stopped. Just that it's very hard to actually punish someone from doing it - as it's completely unpredictable why the truck in front of you will stop, and if you had to wait until the truck passes the intersection, that would be a big time wasted and wouldn't help the traffic flow. However, this also might reduce the number of crashes when exiting a company/storage/parking lot, as the exits can be considered intersections as well.
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