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  1. Name: Make cars be more affected by crash Description: When a car meets with a truck, the force/damage should be distributed into the car way more than into truck (usually based on weight). Pictures: None Why it should be added: The crash system is not obviously perfect (things like trucks jumping into the air after crash is pretty crazy), but this system would be closer to real life. Plus, it would make car drivers be more careful around trucks. And since there is, I guess, number of cases where cars troll trucks higher than trucks trolling cars, this would
  2. Not need to if you just save-scum every 3 minutes or like that. Which also kinda solves the problem with F7 at Dusiburg.
  3. 1. This brings even more poeple to Duisburg since there is less hold-up with the traffic, instead of sending them to another parts of the world. 2. It is simply catering to players who cannot follow traffic rules. NCA makes sense for companies and service stations due to spawn issues, but even fuel stations (despite having sometimes crowding problem) have normally collision enabled. 3. People also fail to mention the problem are people being on priority road / having green light, but going in despite the intersection is blocked. (The simplest rule is to wait, until all trucks that ar
  4. IRL the speed is limited not only because of trucks, but also because of general traffic. Since there are mostly trucks around and huge part of map is empty, I don't see reason to limit these speeds even further. Also it would make highways even less attractive, since there are almost no players and there is little point in using them to become faster. I don't wanna switch to arcade to unlock speed limit. If I drive on empty highway, I will be doing the max speed (although Trucksbook allows 100 kph only, so I drive 97) and quickly accustom when I start meeting other trucks. W
  5. I mean, it should depend on what part of road do you drive. For some highways, even 140 km/h is okay while at some roads, you cannot drive more than 70 km/h without flipping your truck (regardless of other drivers). ----- Personally, I am usually trying to do "normal" deliveries for TrucksBook, which require you to drive <100 km/h. My speed limit "beeper" is set to 91 km/h. And at some highways, I still set my CC to 97 and endure the beeper. With the 90 speed limit, this would not be available. Finally, "legal" regulations should not be "technical" regula
  6. While the game is a simulation, it can't fully reflect real life. 1) No AI traffic, only players. Almost no cars, only trucks. Way easier to see on road, less traffic jams, no need for that many restrictions. 2) Game allows trucks to get such speed. Real life probably allows as well, just it's forbidden. 3) People who use highway would suffer from this. I already see highways pretty empty in normal server - at least AFAIK there is no actual congested highway crossing. 4) Overtaking is safer if done faster, therefore at higher speeds. Failure to keep a car in lane, re
  7. One can do that on highway pretty easily; however, if there were actual cars, you are breaking traffic rules by obstructing the cars behind you.
  8. Because I can estimate my driving ability on straight patches on road well, and am ready to take all the consequences.
  9. Real cars and trucks can always make more than the speed limit on the road is. That's one argument for realism. And what do current rules of TMP say? "Speeding, while not restricted, is not recommended. It can lead to accidents." So nobody will report you for going fast in general, but the truth is, trucks are not safe over 80 kph in turns. That gives you right to report any speeding player in dangerous situations for "reckless driving". Just because there is not enough admins and people are lazy to report, that doesn't give you right for globally banning everything. See
  10. Solution? Punish for unsafe driving in general,m even if no accident is made (but is near other players).
  11. If there is a speed limit of 90 kmh, you need at least 150 metres to overtake a truck going 80 kmh. The truck doesn't have to purposefully drive slow, it might be maximum safe due to heavy load and stability. Also the game is safer than in real life (which allows for higher speed limit) - even if we ignore the quicksave/quickload, you have lower traffic density, vehicles being displayed on minimap, customized stability... which allows for increasing the speed limit. And finally - as usual - the speed limit is only one of the limitations. There would be almost no need for it if
  12. Safe distance is a thing. But yeah, sometimes the lag is so high that you need 2+ more seconds to brake than you would in real life. Even if you hold footbrake, 3x tap gear brake, e-brake and finally turn on warning lights XD
  13. I wonder if there is rather challenging highway, especially in the terms of intersections and driver count. Something crowded like C-D.
  14. I think the opposite - highways should be exempt from speed limit, or have a speed limit accordingly to the signs (so if they allow you 120, the TMP mod will cap your speed at 120, etc.) If people didn't drive like idiots, then speed limit would be necessary only on gas station exits or other junctions (so the trucks from lower priority can safely get out), otherwise a driver should accustom the speed to their vision range, safe distance, and road condition (which are conditions that have to be maintained regardless of speed limit). Some of the issues could be solved by
  15. By the way, do you also use mouse for something different? I use right for braking and left for viewing (and key for view centering).
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