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  1. For people having problems with the congestion at Duisburg - just go via the tunnels and southern road. Way faster (also on the traffic lights, if you go from Duisburg north).
  2. I don't think we need full highway intersections at every single point. Fun comes from the risks.
  3. I used to, but I have problem with the storage. Also When I wanted to report something, I would need to check the time difference. So now I use only the default Win+Alt+G function to record the last 30 secs if something occurs.
  4. Never get out of the way. If you think you can get into trouble for "not avoiding" the accident, then slow down at the best. The people who troll usually return to their own lane right before the crash.
  5. I would like to mention that in general, if the game allows it without any mods or save editing, you are safe.
  6. Players would use more highways if the (physically) allowed speed in non-congested areas was 120-140. Risky, but fun. Same as C-D is kinda good balance between risk and fun if driving 90 there. (Only sucks when there is a traffic jam)
  7. Not gonna lie, I frequently drive that road to show that "I am a better driver than these trolls", but I obviously do the jobs as usual, not just drive along the road both ways, and I report only cases where I definitely couldn't be at guilt.
  8. Name: Make cars be more affected by crash Description: When a car meets with a truck, the force/damage should be distributed into the car way more than into truck (usually based on weight). Pictures: None Why it should be added: The crash system is not obviously perfect (things like trucks jumping into the air after crash is pretty crazy), but this system would be closer to real life. Plus, it would make car drivers be more careful around trucks. And since there is, I guess, number of cases where cars troll trucks higher than trucks trolling cars, this would reduce the trolling overall.
  9. Not need to if you just save-scum every 3 minutes or like that. Which also kinda solves the problem with F7 at Dusiburg.
  10. 1. This brings even more poeple to Duisburg since there is less hold-up with the traffic, instead of sending them to another parts of the world. 2. It is simply catering to players who cannot follow traffic rules. NCA makes sense for companies and service stations due to spawn issues, but even fuel stations (despite having sometimes crowding problem) have normally collision enabled. 3. People also fail to mention the problem are people being on priority road / having green light, but going in despite the intersection is blocked. (The simplest rule is to wait, until all trucks that are in your way leave). 4. The staff shoudl consider the pro/contra of lowering the requirements on mods. A suggestion might be easier training, but also harder punishments for false verdicts (power abuse) ? Just don't drive into most crowded area on map if you are "new" player...
  11. IRL the speed is limited not only because of trucks, but also because of general traffic. Since there are mostly trucks around and huge part of map is empty, I don't see reason to limit these speeds even further. Also it would make highways even less attractive, since there are almost no players and there is little point in using them to become faster. I don't wanna switch to arcade to unlock speed limit. If I drive on empty highway, I will be doing the max speed (although Trucksbook allows 100 kph only, so I drive 97) and quickly accustom when I start meeting other trucks. With 10-15 tons, I can make 90 kph and slow down only for bends, it's not as bad as people think. At least with my mentality - if anybody drives into my way, I will not try to dodge them at all cost. It's not real life (and they know it as well) - I am not gonna risk swerving and ditching myself. No, I only slow down or drive as I do and make the idiots get into their lane or suffer the consequences.
  12. I mean, it should depend on what part of road do you drive. For some highways, even 140 km/h is okay while at some roads, you cannot drive more than 70 km/h without flipping your truck (regardless of other drivers). ----- Personally, I am usually trying to do "normal" deliveries for TrucksBook, which require you to drive <100 km/h. My speed limit "beeper" is set to 91 km/h. And at some highways, I still set my CC to 97 and endure the beeper. With the 90 speed limit, this would not be available. Finally, "legal" regulations should not be "technical" regulations. If you wanna ban people for speeding, then okay. But limiting the speed globally? Nah.
  13. While the game is a simulation, it can't fully reflect real life. 1) No AI traffic, only players. Almost no cars, only trucks. Way easier to see on road, less traffic jams, no need for that many restrictions. 2) Game allows trucks to get such speed. Real life probably allows as well, just it's forbidden. 3) People who use highway would suffer from this. I already see highways pretty empty in normal server - at least AFAIK there is no actual congested highway crossing. 4) Overtaking is safer if done faster, therefore at higher speeds. Failure to keep a car in lane, returning to the correct lane in time, etc. - that is dependent individually. Mind you, I am not driving 110 regularly. Most of my deliveries are "realistic" on TrucksBook - meaning under 100 kph. So I usually drive below 90, but some of the areas let me drive 97 normally - and I will not need to relly on downhill road, etc. to reach this speed. But as I said, highways are actually safe even at 140 kph. The issues are coming from drivers behind the trucks, where truck #1 doing 80 is overtaken by truck #2 going 85, and the truck #1 accelerates to 84 during that time.
  14. One can do that on highway pretty easily; however, if there were actual cars, you are breaking traffic rules by obstructing the cars behind you.
  15. Because I can estimate my driving ability on straight patches on road well, and am ready to take all the consequences.
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