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  1. Name: Flashing Icon on Map for Collision Participants Description: An introduction of blinking player dot on the minimap if two or more players collide with each other. When two or more players crash (or, one rams another) into each other (not objects, vehicles only), their dot on the minimap starts flashing for 1-60 seconds. Any example images: Reason: This allows the victim of a ramming/crash to easily figure out the player who unlawfully rammed/crashed into the victim, therefore, using /pinfo and reporting quickly. Moreover, it allows the surrounding players to take notice of the crash and prevent further hazards.
  2. Lord12

    Sounds of crashes for everyone

    This is a very good suggestion to improve bot in-game realism and user experience. I would like to point out a benefit that goes along the enhancement: The player will be alerted of the crash and will help prevent series collisions if, for instance, the player is turning a blind corner and cannot see the crash up front.
  3. Lord12

    How Do U Work CB on Ets2MP

    Hi @Rails_of_Belfast, When you first log in to TruckersMP profile in-game, navigate to the upper left corner and click on the wheel icon in which you will see "CB" turned to default station 19 which everyone uses most of the time. Now, start your game profile and as your connection is established in a server, depress TAB key and Right-Click your mouse button at any position. Following that the yellow cursor would appear which you can use to look upwards and change your CB station by clicking on the knob on either side. After that, press TAB again and press+hold the "X" key which will show a speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the screen meaning you can be heard by everyone on the same CB channel. Hopefully, this answered your concern.
  4. Lord12

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I think the most important item of the update is trailer ownership which would be great. As far as the Hot Topic section goes, it will help reinforce a single highlighted topic for a while and grab everyone's attention! ~ Lord12 ~
  5. I do love those roads, especially with a heavy haulage since that makes me feel like a real driver having to make professional decisions. I think it is the main way of getting the real fun in ETS2 but unfortunately, there are not as many difficult and challenging roads as I expect. Also, we need more detailed roadways in terms of having potholes, broken surface, speed bumpers, etc.
  6. Depends on what my purpose of gameplay is. If it is a convoy, the designated server is chosen. If it is a free-roam drive, I use EU2 and stick around Calais to have realistic experience. With cargo deliveries, I usually go for EU3 since it is much safer in terms of having fewer players and fewer accidents with others.
  7. Lord12

    What radio do you tune into your truck?

    I mostly listen to Simulator Radio since it gives you more variety of songs than to have the same language and genre on other stations.
  8. Lord12

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    My laptop is also an "okay" device to play ETS2 and so I use OBS software to record the gameplay with zero FPS drop. However, you do need to make sure you go less into very crowded area or else all the high pings would cause your output video to lag extremely.
  9. Lord12

    Upcoming Map DLCs

    I am mainly concerned on the release date since it is a slow process of developing a DLC and releasing it as a final version. Any idea when the date is due?