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Found 11 results

  1. Hello guys! My name is ChrissTrucker, ETS2 YouTube live streamer from Hungary! You can find here some live streams in hungarian language: #01 ATS MP / TruckersMP Convoy [26/11/2017] #02 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Real Operations Event [09/12/2017] #03 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Convoy [28/01/2018] #04 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Real Operations Event [11/02/2018] #05 ATS MP / TruckersMP Convoy [25/02/2018] #06 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Heavy Haul Convoy 2018 #07 ATS MP / TruckersMP Real Operations Event [06/05/2018] #08 ATS MP / TruckersMP Convoy [17/06/2018] #09 ETS2 MP / Heartbeat Convoy 2018 #1 #10 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Summer Weekend Convoy #11 ATS MP / TruckersMP Summer Weekend Convoy #12 ETS2 MP / Haulage64 Convoy 2018 [Catanzaro-Salzburg] #13 ATS MP / TruckersMP Heavy Haul Convoy 2018 #14 ETS2 MP / Children in Need Convoy 2018 [Oslo-Bergen] #15 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Christmas Convoy 2018 #1 #16 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Christmas Convoy 2018 #2 #17 ETS2 MP / 24S The Grand Tour 2019 [Helsinki-Tartu] #18 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Real Operations 24/02/2019 #1 #19 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Real Operations 24/02/2019 #2 #20 ETS2 MP / TruckersMP Heavy Haul Convoy 2019 If you like the videos please subscribe my channel, thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi everyone,I thought TruckersMP players can get use of this. What is RadioTrucker? RADIOTRUCKER is a multi-language Radio Station Listing site that is specially made for ETS2 and ATS. It is not a radio station. You can basically create your own playlists from various added stations (which default in-game ones already there) to your own customized playlists, while you can listen radios online from site, you can also set your favorites and export it as "live_streams.sii" file with correct character encoding. Design is made to as draft resemblance to World of Trucks so that you can easily get used to. You can register manually or Facebook / Google account integration. After you pick your nickname, you can start browsing through various country and genre based radios, explore them and add them to your list directly as you browse. Once you make your playlist to your liking, you can get to your playlist , review it, add/remove stations again, even add to favorites for in-game priority THEN export as zip file that contains "live_streams.sii" file which you can place into "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2" or Documents\American Truck Simulator folder directly. You can also share your own playlists with your friends, so that they can also have your radio station list. But why? To be honest, I'm a radio fan and constant radio stream changes and meeting with radios that does not match the game, it got me idea, so especially it is a tool that I wanted for myself first, Also from non-English communities, I've met the demand from virtual truckers that adding streams are not that easy for them when not familiar with DEF files, Also SCS have more important work to do than constantly updating their radio stations. This site gives power to users. Users can add their own radio stations if they know stream URL's that are audio/mpeg (also site makes sure it works in game) , you can also check radio stations if they are working or not from website. Also if there is a faulty stream, easily can be reported so that I can change them directly. Even stream changes it would not be noticable to your already made stations. So, I still think radiotrucker.com is in beta state and will grow and improve as users browse and joins Web site: https://radiotrucker.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/radiotrucker/
  3. Witam. Mam problem. Po uruchomieniu OBS i wejściu do MP fps spada gdzieś tak do 5 już od startu.| W Singlu jest wszystko ok. Orientuje się ktoś o co chodzi??
  4. Hi Drivers, From now on I will post here my work. I´m a dutch streamer on twitch. I will play ets2 MP. with all the map DLC´s and high power and heavy cargo dlc. I drive online with friends, sometimes in a convoy and more! I will be live on twitch almost every day from 8PM (dutch time). My twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/davegerrits Here in this topic I will post livestream videos and screenshots. Maybe I will see you on my stream soon! Have a nice day. Dave Livestream video from 14-10-2017 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182215848
  5. (CZ) Ahoj řidiči, Chtěli by jste jezdit konvoje v živém vysílání (Live Stream)? Zde budou pozvánky na naše konvoje 1 pozvánka je na 26.1.2016 ve 14:45 hod Datum a Čas konání: 26.1.2016 ve 14:45 EU # 1 Startovní město: Dresden, ve firmě [eACRES] Cíl město: Mannheim, ve firmě[sTEIN BRUCH] Je požadován přívěs?Ano Dostavte se prosím s připojeným přívěsem. Budeme se těšit na vaší účast Více zde: http://ets2c.com/view/41015/ets2-r-kazukitm-ceo-jpn-dresden-eacres
  6. STREAM KOD http://ip166.radyotelekom.com:9992/ ETS2 VE ATS KOD stream_data[1]: "http://ip166.radyotelekom.com:9992/|AYYILDIZFM||TR|128|1" STEAM GRUP http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ayyildizfm AYYILDIZFM DAHİL TÜM RADYO KANALLARINI OYUNA EKLEMEK İÇİN ASAGIDAKI DOSYAYI ZİPDEN CIKAR ETS2 VE ATS DOSYASINDAKI LİVE_STREAMS DOSYASIYLA DEĞİŞİRTİRİNİZ BİZİ DİNLEDİĞİNİZ İÇİN TEŞEKKÜRLER http://s8.dosya.tc/server2/2yfrle/Ayyildiz_Fm.rar.html Yayın Akışı 20:00 - 22:00 : Dj_Sefa 22:00 - 00:00 : Dj_Onur 00:00 - 02:00 : Dj_Oytun Muharremle Akşam Sefası Canlı konuklar ile Geri döndü. AyyıldızBilişim Sponsorluğunda... Android uygulaması indir http://apps.monk.ee/details.php?appid=102181335 Sitemiz Yenilenmiştir Oyun Haberleri İle Sitemizi Takip Edebilirsiniz Ets2 ' nin En Cok Dinlenen Radyosu
  7. Guest

    Ban? Or just a "prank"?

    Hello. Today is for me Saturday, 11. March 2017, 13:00. If you agree this, best regards, you live in central europe. But today i have not such as a good topic for my question: I was livestreaming with about 5-9 viewers and driving in EU2 in the north of england (scotland). It was a pretty good day, once i found a italian or spain livestreamer. I decided to follow the streamer and an orange car (player name and tmp-id is down). We drove from Edinburg to England. After we drove from scotland to england, the orange driver wrote my number. In that time my number was 55. He said some italian or spain text, i dont understand that. But i just ignored him. Later at an junction, he said "report". I thought just: what? For what an report? For nothing? For fast driving? (Yes i drove about 100kmh with the scout) I asked for an reason. He said: "ramming and other" What the f**k man? I didn't rammed or did something wrong, i just drove with these 2 guys. So we started to talk. (And the livestreamer's truck was stuck in dirt so i gave an suggestion for him and it helped out) I said, where the proof is. He said some text in spain or italian (I DONT KNOW!!!) or wrote everytime "55 don't cry". After the junction he said "55" "cry". I just thought that he wanted to prank me. I wanted to ruin the livestream, but i went to Calais by garage manager. We drove thogether, the orange person was everytime infront of me. Before that junction i drove fast, and he wanted to cut me. So i had to use the brakes and used my steering wheel to steer away to avoid an accident or any damage. So what now? He wrote "55 ban" or "55 report" or something smillar. The other guy, who was behind me, said nothing. When i would ramm someone, all persons would say "report"? So we drove and drove and then at that cut-moment my engine doesn't wanted to drive forward. So i had to start the engine back, and then he said again "report". I was only about 10 seconds there trying to drive, ( i was in the outside mode) and no one was behind me, and i was at the crash bar, in the middle, and no one would be blocked. Or is it forbidden to go to a lost place and have engine problems? TruckersMP-ID: 1234035 #ZéDaPamonha yes, i mean you! Answer to that question if you want to say me why, and give me the proofs! I didn't have anything done, at my about half year being in ETS2MP (240h) and i had only one ban for insulting, and that was because someone blocked the road for about 30 minutes. And i had to drive reeallly fast, because i had a 70.000€ delivery and i had only 1 gamehour time. I hope that this thing only trolling is, because i LOVE the MP mode! €DIT: I forgot to say, that i'm playing ets2mp since december with an steering wheel, called G27 for best driving results. Thanks for those peoples, who are on my side, so that i won't get a ban. #ZéDaPamonha please send me an sceenshot btw proof of that, what you said, i did (ramming and other), because, i didn't noticed to ram anyone or did something other wrong and i had everytime 0% damage, before 0,0% and when i was at services i had no damage. I didn't had to pay anything, because everything was at 0,0%.
  8. -WWA-

    ATS Live Map

    To whom it may concern, Does anybody else have the issue of there being no map but only trucks on the ATS Live Map? This is only on the ATS United States/Europe. The maps for ETS work just fine. I am wondering how I can fix this if possible. Screenshot link provided below. Topic Title: ATS Live Map TruckersMP ID: N/A (I don't know) URL: http://ets2map.com/ Server Time/ Date: 2016-11-01 19:14 How to reproduce: N/A Browser: Google Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m AND Internet Explorer Version 11.321.14393.0 Screenshots / Videos: http://imgur.com/O7z60KZ
  9. Guest

    Program do transmisji na żywo

    Cześć ! Chciałbym rozpocząć nadawanie transmisji na żywo z gry w ETS2. Jestem zupełnie zielony w tym temacie i szukam dobrego programu do transmitowania video. I tu pytanie do was jaki program mogli byście mi polecić ? Z góry dziękuje wam za pomoc
  10. Zapraszamy na wszystkich chetnych na Live! Gramy w Euro Truck Simulator 2 oraz Cs: GO! http://www.hitbox.tv/Devox360
  11. Hi Guys, Just want to let ye all know I,m about to start a live stream over on twitch in which ill be showcasing the new DLC so if you want why not pop over and join me. Hope to see you there!! http://www.twitch.tv/adam9321 http://www.twitch.tv/adam9321 http://www.twitch.tv/adam9321
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