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  1. IT WORKED! Thank you! This can be closed now (but I suggest it goes in 'fixed' not 'won't be fixed' so other people can use it if they need.
  2. ^Sorry I miss-read and missed out a step. Ignore above post.
  3. Drivers etc. are up-to-date. I'll give that other method a try.
  4. Uh, my internet is messing around at the moment, so...
  5. No, it started with .5 r5, but has broken the SP and MP. I've tried new saves, old loads etc. and even tried reinstalling both ETS2 and the MP but it's completely dead. If I uninstall the MP only new saves on a new install of ETS2 work, but installing the MP breaks them. I have NO other activated mods. EDIT: All other programs are still fine.
  6. Mod Version: 0.1.5 r5 Controlers Used: Generic 5 million year old Compaq keyboard and cheap wireless Logitech mouse. Description of Issue: Whenever I launch the game (SP or MP) my graphics drivers (newest NVidia drivers for MSI GTX 970) crash between me pressing 'Drive' and the game loading in. The game screen (one monitor) goes a muddy colour (the colour varies, but I suspect it to be an adverage of what all the pixels should be) and all three of my monitors (including the game one) freezes, requiring a reboot of my computer to fix it. ETS2 SP / MP is the only game that does this, and all the rest of the time the drivers are VERY stable. How to reproduce: Load the game with that GPU and driver combination I guess. Screenshots / Videos: None. I can't screenshot when it has frozen and any screen recording is lost in the reboot. NOTE: When the screen has frozen game sounds continue, eventually switching from the menu music to the in-game sounds. PC SPECS: (Most of this is probably irrelevant, but...) CPU: AMD 8-core processor @ 4.315 GHz GPU: MSI GTX 970 RAM: 8Gb (quite fast, I can't remember the clock rate, but it's DDR3). Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth 990 fx r 2.0 OS: Windows 8.1 Pro Hard Drive: 60Gb SSD boot drive (Corsair Force) Hard Drive: 2Tb HDD (with ETS2 on it) (Seagate Baracuda) PSU: Corsair Bronze rated 750W (Yes, this is a high enough wattage). The cheap keyboard and mouse: I blew all my money on the PC itself.
  7. Hi all, If there is someone driving the wrong way down a highway is it ok to purposely have a head-on collision with them to stop them?
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