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  1. Basically : Can I use the for no damage because i'm frustrated of driving behind people and them lagging and causing me 50 % damage.
  2. Hi everyone i'm new here and i'm clueless how to install mods in multiplayer can you give me link where i can find paints, tuning or etc that supports ETS2 MP?
  3. Now I know that unofficial mods are not allowed in game, but I've seen people driving small cars around in the city. Is it possible for me to do that too? If so how do I do it?
  4. I have a mod player side that increases my angle of view , is I somehow install this mod ? I am new to the forum and do not know if this is the right place, but wanted to know whether I can. printscreen here = http://prntscr.com/caewxb
  5. Hi! I'm having the same problem as this guy in this thread that is marked solved But I still can't get it to work. Load the correct trailer in SP but when I open MP it says that the files/mods are missing and when I start the MP-game its another trailer attached. I'm using mods that are allowed. I'm sorry but I dont know what to do. I see people using mods all the time when im driving (for example speeding trucks and "pimped" trucks). Please Help!
  6. lagrossedose


    Bonjour dites moi pouvons nous jouer en ligne avec des mods telechargés a partir du workshop
  7. Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  8. Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  9. 8i11y

    Mods allowed

    Hi, is it allowed to use own mods in ets2mp if it is like one in the list of the allowed mods ? For example I saw in the list of allowed mods an MAN truck with an engine with more power. Is it allowed to make und mod like this and use it in mp? Is it allowed to use custom paintings ?
  10. Hello guys, I want to ask you that can i put some mods into my game and play ETS2 MP?.. nothing special i want to have better roads or graphics.
  11. Aloy_Nora


    Hey, is it possible to Install Mods like Graphic Mods in Multiplayer or are they just avaible in Singleplayer? Regards, Norway
  12. natedog244874


    How do I install mods on to the multiplayer, I know how to the base game i just can not get them to go over to the multiplayer.
  13. Am I allowed to use these hybrid mods in ATSMP without being banned? or aren't they allowed http://forerunner569mods.weebly.com/other.html
  14. Hello, could someone help me, i installed a trailer mod, that is validated to be used on Multiplayer, which was on a website from the allowed mods list, but when i installed it, it always says mod missing, even though it's activated when i go to single player to Multiplayer, and when i click ignore, the trailer don't appear. please help? Thanks: Mod Link: http://mods.wotmp.com/mod/hayvan-tasiyici-dorse.html Thanks!!
  15. PVXN

    RusMap v.1.6.3

    Witam, czy posiada ktoś spakowaną mapę RusMap v.1.6.3 ? Potrzebuje linka z którego mógłbym poprawnie zainstalować mapę, ponieważ wszystkie poprzednie które pobrałem, był problem z rozpakowaniem :/
  16. millermi10


    Hey! So Ive had a search through these forums but couldnt find a answer.. Ive heard you can use some mods in MP. 1. Whats mod can you use and where to find them? 2. How do I install them on MP? Thanks P.S: Could someone give me a link or suggestion to where some MP mods could be?
  17. I understand the only mods that work in the settings section are only mods that are made in partner with truckersmp. Are there any mods that have been made that work with truckersmp?
  18. I cant track down the problem. In single player accessing the mods section is fine but any attempt to access same in ets2mp is met with "fatal error" and option to send crash log and close game. I've tried removing all the mods in case it was a mod, tried launching mp in all 3 options, reinstalling ets2mp, running mp launcher as administrator ... mp runs fine as long as I dont try to access the mods section. Any Ideas coz I've exhausted mine ?
  19. Is the mod manager broken with the multiplayer? every time I click on "mod manager" my game crashes and I'm back to my desktop. The mod manager works in single player..as well as the truck mods and truck skins I downloaded. If anyone knwos how to get them to work or where there is a list of approved mods etc please let me know. Thanks attached are two screen shots of crashes..and i did click to send report to devs
  20. I recently started to play this, and I've read the rules and I know that there is a restriction on mods, which is understandable. I have a question, since there's only 1 mod I use which changes the sounds, but I do not know if this mod is allowed first of all and if it is, how I would download and enable it, since it's a Steam Workshop mod. (I can only get it working with the Open Beta on singleplayer too). I wouldn't mind having some help to see if it is first, doable and secondly just getting it to work. Much thanks for taking time to read. Safe driving, Playtimeuk1 (Chris) EDIT: Like a wally, I forgot to add in the the link for said mod. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648591060 - This is the mod I refere too. (There is a ProMod version too, but I don't know what this is)
  21. I have the allowed mods in the mod folder in ATS, even activated them in single player. they work in SP. But they do not work in MP. the only thing that is working is the W900 wing, only because i put it on in SP. i can't even take it off in MP. please help!!!!
  22. Hi guys, I can't seem to find the list of supported mods for multiplayer (maybe the can be stickied in an obvious place?), I know the lists exists because I've seen links, but the links were broken. So as the title says, can we use the SweetFX mod on multiplayer? I don't think it adds additional files, though I can't be sure since I haven't downloaded it yet just in case I can't use it.
  23. Hi, I have a question. Am I able to use mods in multiplayer? If yes, what sort of mods? Because I think I am not able to use mods like buses . Trailers and stuff might work right? And what other stuff? Greetz, Your main man
  24. Maverick


    Hey everyone ! Can I use interior mods or something like this in mp ?
  25. I have recently installed some modifications onto my ETS2 game, I have a DAF XF 750HP mod, DAF XF Eu6 750HP mod and a Man/Mercedes hybrid mod. I have downloaded all of these from accepted links which I found on the forum but they do not work and the game does not allow them. Is there a way I can get them to work as I've seen people driving around in Hybrids and I'm kinda getting desperate. Hope to hear a reply soon, Petaflop
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