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Found 15 results

  1. Suggestion Name: VTC custom skins Suggestion Description: As many of you Truckers know there are many VTCS in the Trucking community with there own Custom Skins, my suggestion is that we can add them custom skins to multiplayer. im aware that if they were placed into the game , everyone would just put them on and use them. however maybe having a system that only the users that are verified with said VTC are able to use said skin. something like Steam ID has to be placed onto the system that allows that user to use said VTC skin. and then there the users that with say but i want to use them but because im not apart of a vtc then its unfair , now everyone has the choice to sign up to be apart of a VTC. Any example images: i will post the VTC Skin from VIVA Trucking Why should it be added?: i can only say even more realism to the Multiplayer game Thank you for taking the time to read this post Happy trucking
  2. FazerFox

    Custom Skins

    For example: A great idea would be to allow custom skins in game that everyone can see Suggestion Name: Custom Skins Suggestion Description: Custom skins would allow people to make their own skins for trucks, trailers ect. maybe have to get the skins manually approved or there is just a ban for nsfw trucks Any example images: no. Why should it be added?: It should be added as it would make the trucking world more vibrant and allow users to show off their skill and could maybe host truck shows and stuff
  3. Suggestion Name: Client-sided trailer skins Suggestion Description: Trailer skins that only the user can see Any example images: Below Why should it be added?: So that it makes the user's experience more realistic and so that they could "admire" their trailer while driving down the C-D road.
  4. Good morning all, I was just having a look at ETS skins/paintjobs. What do you think about this one?
  5. Hey guys! This might be a nooby question but how can I use my own custom made skins in online. I've created my own trailer skin but it wont show in online. Is there a way for them to show online. Thanks
  6. Hola. Mi duda es... ¿Si tengo mods y skins de steam puedo tener problemas con el online?. El juego online se carga bien sin los mods pero viendo el incendio que esto puede crear en el juego he decidido crearme otro perfil solo para el online. No sé si es necesario todo eso y si puedo jugar con mods en steam y luego pasarme al multi sin problemas con la mismo perfil. Mi idea es jugar con los mods ( buscando más realismo, no trampas) en el juego offline aunque no me gusta estar quitándolos y poniéndolos . Creo que este tema puede ser interesante para todos los nuevos. Parece que el online no es compatible con mods y skins de Workshop o quizá existen otras opciones. ¿y los mapas de internet? Gracias. Saludos. PD: También pretendo instalar algún mod de camiones rusos y mapas que no son de Steam. Se agradecen consejos en cuanto a este tema.
  7. Hello, I can't find a Tutorial for 1.31 for ats and ets2 to skin, I have try them all but none of them seem to be working, Can I get some help please on why they ant working? (this is for Single player, not MP!!!)
  8. newt.

    Krone Trailer

    Hi guys (again), a few minutes ago i played on ETS #2. I saw someguy with an pretty dope looking trailer. I asked him: "How did u got that? It looks amazing :D" And he answered: " /def/vehicle/trailer/krone/profiliner_2017/chassis_2017.sii ". /def/vehicle/trailer/krone/profiliner_2017/chassis_2017.sii The problem is.. i don't know what that means and how i could use that. I can't remember his name and he was driving away from me. I dont got enough time to ask him what that means. Maybe someone of you out there can help me :j love yaaa newt.
  9. Hello, it might me a stupid question but I don't know how to use skins for trailers and trucks in multiplayer, can somebody walk me through the proces? I'm making a company with few friends and now we want all to have same trailers and trucks to look "more professional"
  10. Is it allowed to have a Dashboard skin? (example: a dashboard High quality skin) Is it allowed to have Road skins? (example: yellow lines instead of white) AM i even allowed to have any texture mods?
  11. Just a question before i buy this DLC, but is the flip paint compatible with MP? release date: may 29th 2014 KG and happy truckin,
  12. Hi guys im new to all this as you can probably see but does anyone have any links to skins that work on ats for trucks mp all help would be appreciated. -Dan
  13. tattytate

    Can skins

    Hi lads and lasses iv started to try some mods out (sp) absolutely love that tandem mod !! I also have a Scania and Volvo old school cab/skin mod but I don't know how to find them in game ? Is it a hard to find dot in the dealer garage or should the cab be a exstra option when you bye the truck? Thanks for any help . ps so wish scs would make the tandem for the official game !!
  14. Hello community of TruckersMP! Just a little thread, because i want to know how people make the custom car skins and wheels, i saw things going around on the forums like these cars. How do they do that?
  15. in my singleplayer world i use a skin what i would like to use in multiplayer but it has a red icon on it when i load it into multiplayer any help?
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