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  1. Is there a way to make it bigger? Like 2x or 3x bigger?
  2. +1 no real reason to not have it.
  3. This one. I remember seeing something about it here on the forum but I don't remember what it said or how to find it again
  4. The /fix command is an awesome thing. That being said I think it shouldn't be a thing on EU#1 which is supposed to be the "simulation" server. And if people are abusing the command to troll just put a timer on it instead of removing it completely.
  5. For me a bindable setting/button to already open the chat with /pinfo and etc pre-typed already would be the perfect addition but the OP suggestion works fine too +1 to me
  6. do I actually need to "speak" or being able to type, read and understand spoken English good enough? Sometimes being autodidact and shy at the same time sucks alot lol
  7. Thanks, changing it to no betas triggered the patch. All good now
  8. on the "beta" tab on steam the only 1.30 I see is public_beta 1.30. Is this the version I am supposed to have?
  9. Title basically. I don't want to download some random game save from the internet but I also don't want to drive from city to city to buy the garages. I found a guide here on the forum (link) on how to do it via save editing but it is from 2015 and doesn't work anymore.
  10. is there a way to do this on 1.28?
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