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  1. Is there a way to make it bigger? Like 2x or 3x bigger?
  2. +1 no real reason to not have it.
  3. Not knowing the rules is not a acceptable excuse for breaking them. If you get banned one time, doesn't know the rules and doesn't go "maybe I should read the rules to not commit the same error again" you have a problem sir.
  4. Do you work on the TMP mod or for the sales team of SCS? You are the Project Leader of the TMP mod and as such you shouldn't be worried about attracting "new players" (with 0 hours in the game) to TMP. If someone buys ETS2 it should be because they Like Trucking sims not because they like TMP. Maybe the TMP community is so full of trolls because instead of wanting to attract the Truck Sim community people like you want to attract "new players". If someone can't spend some time in the singleplayer part of a Truck Sim game maybe but just maybe, Truck Sim is not for them. Everyone should be treated the same, if the unaware-of-the-rules player gets banned its their problem for not reading the rules.
  5. Doesn't matter if the competition is real or not, people will grasp even the tiniest bits of hope if it means they get what they desire. The biggest problem with TMP right now is trolls, the competition is clear from the start that there will be 0 tolerance for troll. Can you see why there's people waiting for it? Also, its a good thing TMP has competition, real or not, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. About the trolls: Want to stop trolls? Stronger rules. Why would a troll NOT troll if he KNOWS that the in-game report systems doesn't work 80% of the time and even if a web report is made they might get anything between 1 hours and 3 days for something really bad like ramming everyone in C-D because the ban length is up to the mod? Here is how to combat trolls: Higher minimum steam hours from 2 to something like 100. FIXED minimum ban length but no limits for maximum ban length . MORE ADMINS. He is how to NOT combat trolls: Let something important like the /fix be decided by the community, which is infested with trolls. Decline every reasonable suggestion on how to stop trolls OR open it to discussion which, again, is infested with trolls. Here is a word for the ingame admins: I don't care if you have a 9 to 5 job or family, if you don't have time for the game you shouldn't be a game moderator.
  6. This one. I remember seeing something about it here on the forum but I don't remember what it said or how to find it again
  7. If the players just give me a tittle touch while overtaking or something minor like that I won't report in any way but if the crash seems intentional damn right I'm reporting even if the player apologizes. As for you second case example, you better bet your @ss I'm gonna report you if you block the road.
  8. The /fix command is an awesome thing. That being said I think it shouldn't be a thing on EU#1 which is supposed to be the "simulation" server. And if people are abusing the command to troll just put a timer on it instead of removing it completely.
  9. For me a bindable setting/button to already open the chat with /pinfo and etc pre-typed already would be the perfect addition but the OP suggestion works fine too +1 to me
  10. do I actually need to "speak" or being able to type, read and understand spoken English good enough? Sometimes being autodidact and shy at the same time sucks alot lol
  11. I only go to the C_D road when I'm feeling extra salty meaning I only go there to record and report players. I'm out of active reports allowed on the website but with 1 hour of trucking I got 35 new dummies to report.
  12. When visiting my parents in the US I played TMP from KY with about 330ms in EU servers without problems. I normally play from SA with a max of 270ms and I can drive in very close convoys without problems too.
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