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  1. Villasenor

    Gaming Wheel Suggestions

    Thanks! I definitely put in research on the Logetich G29. Thank you!
  2. Villasenor

    Gaming Wheel Suggestions

    What are the best gaming wheels on the market? I was looking for a balance of quality and lower pricing. But am open to any gaming wheels you guys have experience with!
  3. Villasenor

    Headlights-ON warning beep

    Great idea! Sometimes I am too focused on driving to notice any warnings. And then there is also streamers and are constantly checking their chat and communicating with their fans that may not notice the warning as well. +1
  4. Villasenor

    [OTHER]Group Radios

    Group Radios What will be added? A system where a group of friends can set a private radio group. This group can communicate from anywhere on the map and communicate through the entire map. This would be a system added for both ATS and ETS2. Why should this be added? This can encourage people to take their trucking experience to another level. It can be as simple as communicating in-game without TeamSpeak or Discord with friends. Or it can be a VTC setting up a dispatch system where they use it for efficient organizational operations. I am sure there is much more methods of use, but those are the main two that I see. Now, I do see this may use a lot resources or not be possible. I'd like to hear input from all community members! What do you think?
  5. Villasenor

    Why is ATSMP so quiet.

    I personally pretty much only play on ATS because I like the United States theme to the game. It does loose my interests at times due to the lack of content, like mentioned by other people. This sometimes leads to me playing on single-player due to being able to get more content through modifications. Hopefully they do add more to the game in the future and get more people's interest to play ATS.
  6. Villasenor

    New command "/mute"

    I agree with the suggestion and fully support it! It can provide a easy and fast to use system to mute, especially when actively driving to prevent a vehicle collision. +1
  7. Villasenor

    Forum Authentication Update

    Great update! It works very well!
  8. Villasenor

    Recommended Wheel?

    I am currently trying to find wheel to purchase. Any recommendations? Is it worth spending $300+ on a wheel?