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  1. Nazwa Sugestii : Czy to jest dozwolone na mp? Opis Sugestii : Jak wiadomo istnieje sporo modów na multiplayer lecz czasami mogą zostać uznane jako Save Edit. Mówiąc wprost w tym wątku gracze korzystające z modów, będą mogli wiedzieć czy mogą pełnoprawnie korzystać z danej modyfikacji na multiplayer Przykładowe obrazki : Nie są konieczne Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna? : Może być to dobra opcja dla graczy korzystających z modyfikacji dostępnych na workshop z dopiskiem [Work MP] wiele osób nie wie o tym czy na tutejszym forum istnieje taki wątek i stworzenie tego w Polskiej sekcji zwiększy zasięg dla takich osób bo wielu nie może pewnie tego wątku znaleźć.
  2. xKijimoshi


    Whether graphic mods works on multiplayer?
  3. So I’ve heard that DLC’s off the steam store are supported, but are online mods by third party developers allowed on truckersMP?
  4. Hi! Which mods can I use for TruckerMP? Is there a money hack that I can use? (no CheatEngine pls) Greetings Myca_
  5. Ufo31

    Mods permitidos

    Hola tengo una duda, desde hace rato que no juego y me gustaria saber, si los mods de sonidos, lluvias, mejoras graficas, mejores luces, (todo lo referido a lo visual y a la ambientacion del juego) ¿estan permitidos?. En caso de no estarlos me gustaria saber por que! Saludos y gracias
  6. Felicyan

    Map Mods

    Suggestion Name: Map Mod/Mods Suggestion Description: There can be added a map mod, for example: ProMods, but there must be an extra server for this map. Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: The default SCS map is a little bit borring even with new DLC's, and I suggest to create a server with for example as I mentioned the ProMods map. For players, that have DLC's to run the mod it would be a big suprise and a nice gift and the game would be a lot more exciting.
  7. Suggestion Name: Add renault range t for MP Suggestion Description: I'm suggesting to add renault range t for the mp . much love it . Any example images: https://www.google.com/search?q=renault+range+t&client=opera&hs=Sw5&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiaguWhiPbdAhVRFHIKHQVfBkMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1326&bih=637
  8. Hello. I'm not sure if I'm in the correct place or not. Would I be banned or kicked from TruckersMP if I use a graphics mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2? to enhance the graphics. The Mod It's self is not harmful to other players or classed as "cheating" So I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. If you know if it's allowed or not please let me know.
  9. Is all mods can't use in MP? photo mirror is allowed in MP is long time. but now I login game and get kicked server and detected mod files. feel so bad
  10. Whenever I get mods from https://atsmods.lt/?s=multiplayer I Download them Save them in single player open TruckersMP load Ats try to play and it says Mods Missing. What are some ways I and others truckers can fix this problem? Long_Frames_for_Daycabs.scs doblemufflebyjose.scs SCS_389_Multiplayer_Long_Chassis_625HP.scs
  11. I've been looking for about an hour now and no luck/clear advice so ill try for some direct replies. Problem No.1 I've installed the new winter mod {all 3 recommended files} and created a "Mod" folder to place them in "C:\Users\User1\Documents\ETS2MP\Mod" and they dont work. Was even told to delete and reinstall the MP mod. Still no luck. :( Problem No.2 As i said, i created a new "Mod" folder in ETS2MP documents for the winter mod, however the Mod section doesn't show up in the TAB menu to activate any kind of mod at all. :( Problem No.3 (if you have the time and patience :D) My TAB menu pops up, but i can not right-click into it. I even assigned the right-click to cabin zoom-in just so i know its functional when i try to click into the TAB menu. Nothing has worked so far. :( If i could get help solving either 1 or 2, i would be truly grateful, 3 i can kind of work around in the MP launch screen. but any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hello i'm Max or LivePlayer I have see some Videos where some Player play with mods in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer (TruckersMP) but I don't find any Guide how to installed Mod in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer(TruckersMP). I have only found there can't play without mods in Euro Trucks Simulator 2 (TruckersMP). I tried several possibilities but nothing sparkled. I think all mods there are use are from the Steam Workshop but i but I don't quite know. Ich habe einige Videos gesehen wo die Spieler mit mods in Euro Trucker Simulator 2 (TruckersMP) spielen aber ich habe keine anleitung gefunden. Ich habe nur gefunden, das man ohne Mods in Euro Trucks Simulator spielen kann. Ich habe mehrere möglichkeiten versucht aber es hat immer nicht funktioniert. Ich glaube alle mods sind von den Steam Workshop aber ich bin mir nicht sicher. I hope you can help me Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir Helfen.
  13. I dont get whether Apperance only mods (interior for example) are allowed I saw only in the rules, how save editing is allowed and that the additional customisation mod from Forerunner is supported. I want for example the nextgen ghost screen mod. Are these allowed or not?
  14. Hello everyone Used to play a lot of ATS singleplayer now getting back ito the game on the multiplayer side since i have the bandwidth to support it. My least favorite part of the vanilla game is, and has always been the dull sounds implemented for every truck brand as well as engines in ATS (haven't experienced ETS). Likewise, my favorite part of singleplayer years ago was the amount of realistic and custom engines, trucks, and sound mods available. I realize visual mods aren't able to be applied to the multiplayer, it would translate to sketchy (at best) results for people viewing the assets without the same mod downloaded. No issues with that on my end. I do however want a clear and concise answer to whether or not there are truck sound mods available and allowed in multiplayer, such as engine, engine braking, and air brakes. Horns not so much i dont really care, but the constant roaring of a pleasant engine note would make the experience a lot more immersive for me tbh. Just wondering, and i guess adding my 2cents to discussions im sure have been had many times before, i just couldn't find. Thanks!
  15. Suggestion Name: Mod allowed dedicated server Suggestion Description: I made a new suggestion (nov 27th) about V8 sound mod allowance. But I thought through it with some of the stuff that I've read that other players would be able to hear it. But what about a server dedicated for players who want modded vehicles (not extreme) but would allow mods that aren't allowed on all the other servers. I have a small list of suggestions for the server. 1. Allow mods (nothing extreme like higher HP/torque engines) 2. Able to have 500-1000 players (maybe less for more mod availability) 3. Keep city speed limits at 80 km/t but outside cities completely remove speed limiter so people can choose their "playstyle" fast or slow. ( 4. If possible allow tandem truck and trailers mod by Flemming V https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098 ) 5. Absolutely NO cars allowed Any example images: No.. Why should it be added?: Well it's mostly regarded if you want to play with mods with other players or friends. And it just seems that it's about 500-1000 (maybe I haven't counted ) who might enjoy ETS2mp with mods
  16. Hello fellow truckers and colleagues of Truckers MP, this morning I stumbled upon some troubling whilst launching TMP. In Steam, it keeps relaunching and asking if the launch options / parameters are good, which they are, but it isn't working. Picture of the error here: Click here for the error message picture. Please help me out if you can, I never had this happen before.
  17. I don't use nearly any mod, so I'm fine with that you can't use them, but the default Route Advisor (HUD) is very bulky and big. Is there a mod that you can use in Multi for this purpouse? I use Hemil's Route Advisor mod(SiSL Edit) but I'm up for everything that's not the default one.
  18. Hola. Mi duda es... ¿Si tengo mods y skins de steam puedo tener problemas con el online?. El juego online se carga bien sin los mods pero viendo el incendio que esto puede crear en el juego he decidido crearme otro perfil solo para el online. No sé si es necesario todo eso y si puedo jugar con mods en steam y luego pasarme al multi sin problemas con la mismo perfil. Mi idea es jugar con los mods ( buscando más realismo, no trampas) en el juego offline aunque no me gusta estar quitándolos y poniéndolos . Creo que este tema puede ser interesante para todos los nuevos. Parece que el online no es compatible con mods y skins de Workshop o quizá existen otras opciones. ¿y los mapas de internet? Gracias. Saludos. PD: También pretendo instalar algún mod de camiones rusos y mapas que no son de Steam. Se agradecen consejos en cuanto a este tema.
  19. Hi, i need help, since i install the client, truckersmp, the sound and mods of my truck has gone, both of them single and multiplayer, how can i fixe that?
  20. https://clips.twitch.tv/AttractiveInventiveLasagnaWholeWheat (And yes, that is me tipped over) He has a steering wheel mod, obviously not in the game. How?
  21. Ich frage alle moderatoren wann kann man moderator werden
  22. Hi, ich habe in letzter Zeit öfter mal nach einem Mod (siehe Bild) geschaut aber nichts gefunden Deswegen dachte ich das ich einfach mal hier frage Ich suche einen Tandem Wechselbrücken Mod (Repaint egal) Wie auf dem Bild zusehen mit 3 Achsen am Motorwagen und 2 Achsen an der Lafette. Am liebsten auf DAF XF 106 Basis. Ich habe wie gesagt auch schon geschaut aber leider nichts gefunden was mir zusagt. Falls jemand was weiß, würde ich mich sehr über Links freuen MfG Daniel Bild: Der Luginger (http://www.fahrzeugbilder.de/bild/Unternehmen+und+Betriebe~Deutschland~Dachser/131832/volvo-fh-500-tandem--haengerzug-von.html)
  23. How to do sticker mod show in mp ? - I want to do it but another player don't see it .
  24. i was wondering what mod are compatible with atsmp?
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