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  1. Would it also work with something like the Garmin front camera and vabis steering wheel? And if so do I need to follow the steps above also?
  2. Well rip nice steering wheel and front cam.. T_T But thanks for the help though. Regards ThePredatorFromDenmark
  3. Well @JJay I don't see how the steering wheel and front cam is an issue and I don't see anything close to be conflicting with any rules as it is inside the cabin of the truck. Regards ThePredatorFromDenmark
  4. Hello, I have problems with join MP since returning after a while I've played some other games as I got a new pc. That was reverted back to my old pc (because I F'd up when building my pc with the motherboard) but I copied the folder with my profiles and stuff just in case. Now I've reinstalled the game and joined MP again and I get this message right after "connection established" is shown: "You have been kicked from the server. Reason: Detected modified trailer accessories, disable modifications." Only mods I'm running in this truck is 750hp Volvo engine, Vabis Steering wheel and the garmin front cam. The rest is legit from the game itself. And all my trailers aren't modified aswell. Is these mods not allowed anymore or? Because I can't seem to find anything about this. It wasn't a problem back in november/december of 2018
  5. Suggestion Name: Mod allowed dedicated server Suggestion Description: I made a new suggestion (nov 27th) about V8 sound mod allowance. But I thought through it with some of the stuff that I've read that other players would be able to hear it. But what about a server dedicated for players who want modded vehicles (not extreme) but would allow mods that aren't allowed on all the other servers. I have a small list of suggestions for the server. 1. Allow mods (nothing extreme like higher HP/torque engines) 2. Able to have 500-1000 players (maybe less for more mod availability) 3. Keep city speed limits at 80 km/t but outside cities completely remove speed limiter so people can choose their "playstyle" fast or slow. ( 4. If possible allow tandem truck and trailers mod by Flemming V https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098 ) 5. Absolutely NO cars allowed Any example images: No.. Why should it be added?: Well it's mostly regarded if you want to play with mods with other players or friends. And it just seems that it's about 500-1000 (maybe I haven't counted ) who might enjoy ETS2mp with mods
  6. Suggestion Name: Scania V8 sound (local mod) Suggestion Description: Allow V8 sound mod for local for those few who would choose that over the default engine sounds of ets2 sounds. Though I use a plugin sound thing for supposed "V8 sound" I'm starting a bit to get tired of it but I still choose it over default sounds. I would much rather have more a feel/sound of an actual V8 engine sound on my scania. Any example images: No images or video. But the files from this mod could be able to work if something was done to allow them. OBS: Focus only on the files in the "mod1" folder. http://www.ets2world.com/hilalimsin-save-file-v2-v8-engine-multiplayer-1-32-x-mod/ Why should it be added?: It should be added/allowed for those who has grown tired of the default sounds and really want something NEW to listen to when playing online. I love singleplayer don't get me wrong but it would just be more perfect that it would be allowed on multiplayer so we can enjoy it while playing together with friends or just make the time being on the servers a lot more enjoyable for each individual person who choose to get the sounds for their V8 trucks.
  7. ^ Dude I didn't ask for where they're not allowed I asked for how to get jobs with double trailers in EU because I've read the latest release that double trailers are allowed in all of EU beside the marked area on the picture on page 1 of this topic. And since they're allowed in all of EU beside the restricted area there should be jobs available for those kind of trailers?
  8. I went to Rostock with the B double trailer but it didn't seem as I could get any jobs there at any of the companies.. Can someone explain to me how I do get jobs outside scadinavia DLC area with double trailers? They show up when I look at the overall Cargo Market but when I drive to individual companies outside scadinavia they don't show any.
  9. I use the sound plugin which works good enough for me.. Though I would like there is a sound plugin like the Scania V8 Open Pipe sound mods like Or Or drholz's edit of Kriechbaum's sound mod
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