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  1. When will the snow physics and winter mod be updated? if it already has, could i get a link and quck install points please? thanks.
  2. I've been looking for about an hour now and no luck/clear advice so ill try for some direct replies. Problem No.1 I've installed the new winter mod {all 3 recommended files} and created a "Mod" folder to place them in "C:\Users\User1\Documents\ETS2MP\Mod" and they dont work. Was even told to delete and reinstall the MP mod. Still no luck. :( Problem No.2 As i said, i created a new "Mod" folder in ETS2MP documents for the winter mod, however the Mod section doesn't show up in the TAB menu to activate any kind of mod at all. :( Problem No.3 (if you have the time and patience :D) My TAB menu pops up, but i can not right-click into it. I even assigned the right-click to cabin zoom-in just so i know its functional when i try to click into the TAB menu. Nothing has worked so far. :( If i could get help solving either 1 or 2, i would be truly grateful, 3 i can kind of work around in the MP launch screen. but any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. @Ali. oh ok, i was worried as i thought it was just my system. didnt know it was a known issue. Thank you very much for your support!
  4. my pedals broke so i didnt play for a while, then recently i restored my PC and had to reinstall everything again. redownloaded TruckersMP, followed the steps and set it up to launch both ETS2 & ATS. when i tried to launch, it pops up saying "can not inject core. (client initialisation failed) " ive tried everything as far as i know. a few said run as administrator, done. restart computer, done. make sure both ETS2 & ATS paths are correct, done. pressed F1 on the launcher and reinstalled the files, done. like i said, it worked perfectly before the PC restore. would/could it be my firewall? any help to solve the issue is greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!
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