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Found 9 results

  1. Alis*

    Coolest truck paintjob

    So guys, gimme some inspiration, let's share your best truck paintjobs I will add pics of my trucks later.
  2. Hi, I made video how to share your paintjob colors with others. This will be the most useful to the company owners who needs that all his drivers has same colors as you. The original post on this topic (no longer works) -
  3. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Thrustmaster T150 Description of Issue: When I try to use the paintjob you get for completing the Christmas-Event I get kicked from the server because of "Invalid accessory set detected". I just want to use the cool paintjob and I don't understand why I get kicked. How to reproduce: Try to use the "Crystal Dimension" - paintjob after completing Tier 2 of the event. Screenshots / Videos: As you can see, I got kicked for using the paintjob.
  4. Raylovescars

    Invaild paintjob...?

    I logged into ETS2MP with a new truck I built in SP, and immediately got kicked for an invalid paint job. I was using the Crystal Dimension paint job, as shown in the linked photo Photo Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjg2oxhlk9vy6ji/6C291CAF-D347-4C71-8B93-DEC24526A1A3.jpeg?dl=0 Is this paint job not allowed for some reason or is something else happening here?
  5. FraP-zsz

    Truck paintjob mod

    Hello. I was wondering if there's a way to have a modded paintjob on the servers. Me and my friends are building a VTC and we made a paintjob for our trucks as a mod. I see that some mods can be used in multiplayer so is there a way to have our custom paintjob in multiplayer ?
  6. Hi guys. I want to ask what should i do if i painted my Octavia with police paintjob and i got ban. If there is some admin, can you pleas unban me? Or can someone tell me what to do?
  7. Hello, i want to create a custom private (for me and few friends) trailer "paintjob" on a existing (Sunshine, sunshine.dds (ATS)) trailer, is this allowed ? And if yes, how can i add the "mod" in the ATS game launched via TruckerMP ATS launcher? Because the mods in my Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder doesn't show up
  8. Dan Bates

    Skoda Car

    Just a quick question would it be possible to add multiple colors to the Skoda to show what company you belong to, like livery. Dan,
  9. Picture: Quote from SCS: Yeah we will do Swedish Paintjobs Pack for sure @SoCloseToBacon - actually releasing it May 7 along Scandinavia DLC! Planned Release Date: 7/5/15 Source: https://twitter.com/SCSsoftware/status/590881904473288704