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  1. A big part of the immersion factor in video games for me, especially simulator games like ATS, is the sounds. In my opinion, the vanilla ATS truck/engine/airbrake/engine braking sounds just simply aren't good or varied enough. I love the available mod packs for singleplayer and for a long time i only played singleplayer for the sole reason of interesting trucks and acoustically pleasing sounds. But the urge is strong for me to play online and interact with other people on the road in order to enjoy the experience fully. So im asking the community if there are any Multiplayer applicable sound mods to help me improve my experience. I understand new truck models are much more difficult to add in since everyone would have to have the same ones, but i have to imagine sounds would be easier to mesh and layer over each other so players using sound mods would still be heard using the stock sound by non-modded players, but to them it would be their modified file. Kind of like the early Forza games with DLC cars, the players who didnt buy and download said cars would just see a blacked out base model VW Jetta when in reality it would be a race spec touring car or something like that. Just a thought, i know nothing about coding or programming, so feel free to clarify, but im in no way saying anybody is being lazy.
  2. @Soul Knight Feel free to close it if you feel its necessary
  3. @Soul Knight Im satisfied with the answer but im always open to new information on the subject as it arises?
  4. @SalePro Thanks man i thought as much but i was hopeful. Ill add my topic to the suggestion page of the forum, its not essential by any means but would be nice to have a different sound for every different engine, or at least every different engine manufacturer. Mods would be about the only way to do it though, a super dedicated community contributor. So finding one trusted source that could make all the sound files and reliably keep them up to date would be the issue im guessing. Regardless, thanks for the quick reply.
  5. Hello everyone Used to play a lot of ATS singleplayer now getting back ito the game on the multiplayer side since i have the bandwidth to support it. My least favorite part of the vanilla game is, and has always been the dull sounds implemented for every truck brand as well as engines in ATS (haven't experienced ETS). Likewise, my favorite part of singleplayer years ago was the amount of realistic and custom engines, trucks, and sound mods available. I realize visual mods aren't able to be applied to the multiplayer, it would translate to sketchy (at best) results for people viewing the assets without the same mod downloaded. No issues with that on my end. I do however want a clear and concise answer to whether or not there are truck sound mods available and allowed in multiplayer, such as engine, engine braking, and air brakes. Horns not so much i dont really care, but the constant roaring of a pleasant engine note would make the experience a lot more immersive for me tbh. Just wondering, and i guess adding my 2cents to discussions im sure have been had many times before, i just couldn't find. Thanks!
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