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  1. Hello everyone, Are your reactions on the forum enough for you in a day? Should the reactions limit be decreased or increased? I'm waiting for your thoughts.
  2. SELAMAT DATANG DI INDONESIAN DISCUSSION !! Monggo dipersilahkan memperkenalkan profilnya masing2 di topik ini, sebelum berpartisipasi di diskusi forum di sini. Biar saling kenal dan dapat menambah teman. Kalau tak kenal maka tak sayang Nama = Ferdian Wisnukendra Mesepy ID Steam = INET 4 - MLeNoSH Komunitas = Indonesian Evolutionary Team (INET - ETS2MP) Domisili = Yogyakarta, Indonesia #HappyTrucking
  3. Hello, I have a question. I know how to upload pictures at the status or at replies, but unfortunately, I am having issues with the total sizes. What shold I do and how? Can I upload them somewhere and paste the link somewhere? I also tried it out to make a screenshot of the screenshot, but it failed as well... 1 file would exceed the total allowed size of 412.453kB, and was skipped I'd appreciate it very much if anyone can help me out with that. Have a nice day, Niv
  4. So Recently I had a banner made for me by my friend. The size is 1920x250 (slightly bigger than suggested forum banner). And For Me it comes up with a grey bar at the top of it, and the same on a few other users profiles, Yet some users profiles their banner has no grey bar. I use 1920x1080 resolution and 100% scaling in windows. I've Asked around some other friends to see what they see, and some of them see a grey line, some dont. One of my friends had the exact same resolution as me 1920x1080 and it was fine for them. Is this a Bug or something to do with scaling
  5. There's no 'reply to this topic' button on my own topic in Unofficial Tools, while in General Discussion the button displays normally. The topic:
  6. The VTC to which I belong is not appearing on my Truckersmp forum profile, I would like to know the reason and try to resolve it. Thanks for listening!!!
  7. Hello, I just seen a discussion and asked myself "Why I don't open too ? " and opened this. Well I think the TruckersMp should make a system like this about speed limiter in game ; firstly remove the speed limiter from all of the servers. if player banned for reason ramming other players, the speed limiter active for this player. What's your thinks? is this usefull?
  8. ***I tired to look around before making this suggestion but didn't find anything for this specific topic but if there is please feel free to post it.*** Suggestion Name: Online icon for forum members in-game Suggestion Description: To further build upon Krashnz's new update to his tool (if he doesn't have a problem with it) so that instead of showing "Online" in a signature it can now be incorporated on the forum display pictures to show who's in-game with a green circle. Any example images: <<-- Online in-game || Online on forums only ---> || Offline --&g
  9. Well, I´ve been out of MP for a while after some annoying stuff from some moderators and after my vacations, so I just want to suggest something which I´m not sure I already suggest or read in anywhere else. Suggestion Name Development Progress Sharing Suggestion Description Create a Main Topic (fixed) or any other kind of informative window in the Web-site / Forum so all the users can read what the devs are working in. Any development Project has it´s own Task Manager to organize the priorities of planned stuff, let´s make it public, somehow. Any example images Some weeks ago could look
  10. Porque o Fórum é tão morto?(Parado) eu entendo que as pessoas ficam mais jogando do que vindo aqui mas sei lá, é tipo muito morto.
  11. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Pour voir le post original en anglais posté par DeviLee, cliquez-ici. Tout d'abord, bienvenue sur le forum de TruckersMP ! Je comprends que vous vous demandiez ce que vous faites ici, sur ce sujet, et surtout que vous pensiez "Mais que suis-je supposé trouver ici ?" Ne paniquez pas ! Ici vous trouverez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer. Avant de faire quoi que ce soit sur le forum de TruckersMP, vous devez accepter les règles du forum et les règles en jeu et les mods autorisés / Conseils à suivre pour
  12. Suggestion Name: Additionally registration plate from ATS (WoTr site) on forum profile. Suggestion Description: Add additionally registration plate from WoTr site (if is possible of course) for our forum profiles (like in example image). Any example images: Why should it be added?: It's looking good in TMP profiles
  13. Hello TMP Community! I just have a quick question: what is the recommended resolution for the forum profile cover? Unfourtunaly, I can't find it anywhere. Best regards, CodeyxHD
  14. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @Mirrland. Bonjour à tous ! Voici un tutoriel montrant comment se connecter sur le forum via votre compte TruckersMP. (Puisque vous consultez ce sujet, il est assez évident que vous soyez sur le forum). Pour vous connecter, cliquez sur Existing User ? Sign In dans le coin en haut à droite du forum. Ensuite, vous devriez voir Sign In via TruckersMP. Note: Afin de vous inscrire sur le forum, vous devez être un utilisateur de TruckersMP. E
  15. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @heyhococo. Bonjour à tous ! Vous souhaitez envoyer une suggestion aux développeurs de TruckersMP ? Voici donc un guide assez rapide pour vous expliquer comment envoyer une bonne suggestion aux développeurs de TruckersMP, pour avoir le plus de chance que votre idée soit acceptée et qu'elle arrive dans le jeu par la suite ! Avant toute chose, vérifiez que votre idée n'a pas déjà été proposée. Si vous allez dans le sous-forum des suggestions (pas n'importe
  16. Уважаеми потребители на форума, Като част от установен набор от правила е важно да споделим знанията за това как функционира нашата система за наказания и какво е в сила, когато членовете нарушават правилата. По-долу ще намерите списък с нарушенията и какво се случва, когато стигнете до всеки етап: Първо нарушение: Лично съобщение на форума - На този етап модераторът на общността ще ви съобщи, че сте нарушили едно или повече от нашите правила, които са изброени в нашия набор от правила, какви правила сте нарушили, както и предоставя доказателства за че. Може
  17. Guest

    Forum Yeniden İşleme

    TruckersMP forumu, topluluğun bir araya geldiği bir yerdir.Birbirleriyle iletişim kurma, düşüncelerimizi paylaşma, yardım isteme veya çok-oyunculu mod'una önerilerinizi paylaştığınız,herkes için önemli bir yerdir.Ayrıca,Ekipte boş bir pozisyon için başvuran kişilerin kalitelerini yargılama araçlarından biridir.Bu, iyi organize edilmiş bir yapıya sahip olmanın gerekliliğini göstermektedir. Uzun yıllar boyunca bu forum aynı görünüyordu.Şimdi, daha kullanıcı dostu hale getirmek ve başlangıç sayfasını görüntülerken daha az bölüm oluşturmak için görünümünü değiştirdik. Her şeyin üstün
  18. Suggestion Name: How was the problem solved? Suggestion Description: Ask people who asked for help how they solved their problem; if they found a solution and didn't post details about it. Any example images: Why should it be added?: To provide better service. I've seen some topics where to OP said their problem was solved, without explaining how they solved it. I think it will be useful to ask them how they did it, before closing the topic. If possible, allow further replies only for the OP and forum staff after the OP said their problem was solved. Send them a rem
  19. Guest

    ETS2 Forum Rank

    First of all, thank you very much for helps How do we skip a rank on the ETS2 forum? I'm helping things I know. but can you help how the rank increases? GOOD GAME! KN0WN
  20. Hello TMP Team! , Hope you all are doing well and thank you for taking my suggest whoever takes it or see's it. Suggestion Name: Reactions should be open on the forums not limited Suggestion Description: Reactions should be open and not limited to a certain number, for the fact if I need to react to a topic or post I may be unable to like so > https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/46-leaving-proper-feedback/ until my reactions are open again for me to use. I could see maybe why its limited due to spammers spamming it but still*
  21. Username 04 Sep 20:20 Changed Username From: Rayyy To: Virus59X I Changed my name on Sep The 4th now normally I could go back to my forum account and login out and log right back in and my name would change to the new name, however, it's not changing with my new name I'm trying to figure out can it be a problem with the new updated changes in the forum or is this a bug that hasn't been noticed yet?
  22. Hey ho, die deutsche Community in TruckersMP besitzt ja nun einige Mitglieder, welche auch im Forum ab und zu vorbeischauen. Da würde es mich interessieren, ob es das Forum auch irgendwann mit deutschen Schaltflächen gibt und alle Texte vom System auch irgendwann übersetzt werden könnten? Ich kenne den Aufwand dahinter, ich habe diese Software bereits zwei Mal bedient und auch ordentlich übersetzt. Dennoch wäre es sicherlich eine Investition in die Zukunft der Community Schade, dass das Übersetzerteam aufgelöst wurde, die hätten das bestimmt auch gut schaffe
  23. Guest

    Forum Modereötrü

  24. Merhaba Ben @[G.Anatolia] HaneDan ; > Bu forum oyununda, sizden önce yorum yapmış herhangi bir oyuncunun yaşadığı şehri yorumlayın. Format : (Oyuncu İsmi) + (Yorum!) + (Kendi yaşadığın şehir) Hadi başlayalım ; Yaşadığım Şehir : Rize
  25. Guest

    Forumda uyarı var

    arakdaşlar bazı arkadaşlarıma yardım etmek istiyorum ama fakat Your content will need to be approved by a moderator şöyle bir hata veriyor yani türkçesi şu şekilde İçeriğinizin moderatör tarafından onaylanması gerekiyor bazı sorunlarda bu çıkmıyor ama bazılarında çıkıyor nasıl düzelte bilierim ?
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