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  1. Suggestion Name: Highlight the server with the best connection in the server list upon starting the game. Suggestion Description: Like the name suggests, Ping each server 3/5 times and see which server has the best ping, and then highlight that server in the menu to show which will have the least lag, I'm sure this would be very trivial to code, and could easily benefit those who have unstable connections. I think it would even come as a benefit to those with not so good connections. Any Example Images: No, but if my description is unclear - I will make one real quick. Why should it be added? To show those with poorer connections which will give the best connection, and most lag-free game play. Note: I am going to make a small application to test your ping to servers, firstly for practice, secondly because it may be of benefit to some.
  2. Hello guys, i re-download truckermp, After a few months of not playing but I have a problem, I can't connect to the server Simulation 1 keeps giving me the error
  3. Hi all, I can see that many of your are spamming the help section because they can't authenticate/connect to the servers even if they show as "Online". Also see people who mention once they are connected it's laggy. I do not know the root cause of the problem but I can tell you that this happens for everyone not just you and you can only wait for the problem to be fixed from the TMP side. No need to post yet another thread for help. In the meantime you can monitor if the server are still unstable by checking the status page graphs as follow: Go to this page: https://stats.truckersmp.com/ Scroll down to the graphs section and select a zoom of 1d or 2d All the red arrows on the screenshot below show when the servers became unresponsive: As you can see compared to the 2nd of July (first part of the graph), on the 3rd and today we have lots of downtimes. Until these drops continue to appear every couple of hours, I would expect authentication/connection/lags issues. Hope this helps!
  4. Hello, in the last two days, sometimes I have high ping when playing in Euro Truck Simulator 2 principal server. My internet connection is ok, when I do a speedtest when I'm in game or not, I have only 7 of ping and no data package lost. In TruckersMP my ping increase upto 1000 of ping! I have nothing in background that uses my internet connection and it's great... What could it be?
  5. When i load into the map, the game loads too early before the progress bar finishes. The game freezes and when it unfreezes it says that i got kicked for having an unreliable connection and that i will get reconnected. But, it does not reconnect.
  6. Witam, mam taki problem, ze nie moge sie polaczyc z serwerem (Simulation 1, na innych nie probowalem). Po polaczeniu (connection established) mam od razu komunikat "Connection broken" i laczy ponownie i tak w kolko. Czytalem ze to moze byc wina slabego kompa ktory nie radzi sobie ze wczytaniem modeli innych graczy (gdy jest ich duzo). Wydaje mi sie, ze moj komputer nie powinien miec problemow (Internet tez nie) Moj komputer: -Intel Core i7-6700k -GTX 1660Ti -SSD m.2 -16GB RAM 3600Hz Internet: -200mb/s Download -30mb/s Upload 15ms Ping + ustawilem wszystkie ustawienia na najnizsze. Dodatkowo wylaczylem antywirusa i nadal nic...
  7. Hi everyone, So my Internet is okayish, its about 55mbps download speed and I'm using an ethernet cable. When I'm playing normally and not in an area with lots of other trucks, my ping is between 20 and 40 ms. When I go to Calais, Duisburg, Frankfurt etc, quite often, I get kicked out of the game for having an unreliable connection. If I'm loading into a populated area, I'm almost guaranteed to get kicked from the game. I've looked up so many guides and done as much as I can to solve this issue but I can't. I feel like it couldn't be a problem with my Internet because 55mbps isn't a bad speed. There's probably something that I'm missing so hopefully someone can help me. Thanks, Gavin.
  8. Hallo, ich habe ständig den Fehler "unreliable connection". Es ist egal auf welchem Server ich spiele, meistens wenn viele Leute auf einem Fleck sind fliege ich raus, aber auch manchmal ohne erkennbaren Grund. Ich habe die Konsole mit dem Kommando "g_developer 16" mitlaufen lassen und davon ein Video gemacht. Ich spiele hauptsächlich auf dem ProMods-Server. Das Video hab ich absichtlich in Kirkenes gemacht da dort am Meisten los ist. Bei allen anderen mit denen ich spiele funktioniert dort ja auch alles ohne Probleme. Nur bei mir geht es nicht. Ich brauche dringend Hilfe, da es echt nur noch purer Frust ist wenn man online spielen möchte. Hier der Link zum Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iITV3nQb7k&feature=youtu.be Meine Specs: RTX 2070 Super, 16 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 1700, Auflösung 4K und auf höchsten Einstellungen. Das Spiel läuft auf einer SSD. Internetleitung: 200.000 (Ethernetkabel, Ping 12-30ms) Ich habe mich durch sämtliche "Lösungen" im Forum gelesen und habe alles Mögliche ausprobiert und nichts hilft. Das habe ich probiert: -PC und Router neustarten -ETS 2 und TruckersMP neu installiert und alle dazugehörigen Ordner (überall) gelöscht vor der Neuinstallation. -Kaspersky Programmregeln verändert, Einstellungen auf allen möglichen Art und Weisen geändert. Selbiges gilt für Windows Defender wenn Kaspersky aus war. -Komplett ohne Virus- und Firewallschutz gespielt und dennoch vom Server geflogen. -Router komplett resetet auf Werkseinstellungen. -Router auf 2,4Ghz umgestellt und 5Ghz deaktiviert -Google DNS versucht 8 8 8 8 oder 8 8 4 4 -DNS Cache cleared, ARP Cache cleared, Winsock Catalog resetet -Verschiedene Anschlüsse mit dem Ethernetkabel am Router ausprobiert -Etliche Apps und Programme deinstalliert, die etwas mit dem Netzwerk zu tun haben -Windows Updates und Store Datennutzung deaktiviert, nur noch manuelle Updates -TMP Launcher als Admin starten Ich weiß nicht ob ich jetzt alles erwähnt habe aber ich bin seit 2 Wochen nur am verzweifeln. Es ist purer Frust. Bitte helft mir, gibt es nicht noch irgendetwas was ich tun kann? Bei allen anderen Spielen die ich spiele habe ich nie Probleme. Vielen Dank schonmal!
  9. Hi. Recently (about 13 days ago) me and my friends can not connect to multiplayer mode. the game load fine, can go to city, get jobs and etc BUT the error shows on the bottom of screen and says: " can not connect to server " and will try 10 seconds later but nothing happened after 10 sec and get same error again ! also, it doesn't matter which server we choose, we got this error in every server! So, is your server have issue with Iranians IP ? because when we use VPN, everything become normal ( except ping that become upper than 200ms ! ) and we can play together. Thanks.
  10. file: /// C: / Users / ADMİN / Masaüstü / TR 2.png is the solution I'm getting the error like in the photo?
  11. Hi! I know there is such a theme, but it didn't help me. (There it is - https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/79429-unreliable-connection-kick/ ) So.. I try soo much things and nothing helped me. I tried everything from the theme that exist, tried to reset my router, run new LAN cable from my rack to my PC.. And nothing helped. Can you help me solve the problem? :(
  12. Reinstalling also failed to resolve
  13. This is either a topic for here or a topic for bugs. but it'll probably end up being filed under a 'rants' topic as that's all that ever seems to happen with anything I say, but anyway... I keep getting random server kicks with the reason "unreliable connection to server". This I don't believe as I constantly monitor my internet connection and traffic, which evidences that actually, it is not an 'unreliable connection' that is the problem as my network gateway remains fully open and doesn't drop out or show an error for a second. Does this, in fact, mean that the TMP servers have a connection error at their end and the user is being impacted by randomly being kicked (fyi this happens about once a session in my case) or is this just a way of making spaces in the server for people in the queue but using a cover reason and it is just pure fluke that I am the one that always gets hit? I hope someone somewhere will be able to shed some light on this and it not get ignored like a lot of other things I seem to say do. Thank you.
  14. Hello Sirs, I have a connection problem in my game. Soon after I log in and enter the game this error occurs "[SYSTEM] - Unreliable Connection" Can anyone help me? I can not play Truckers MP any longer!
  15. Hallo Leute, Habe seit heute das Problem, dass ich mich nicht anmelden kann. Die Fehlermeldung ist folgende: "Einholen von Informationen über verwendetes Benutzerkonto nicht möglich. Dieser Dienst ist momentan nicht erreichbar. Bitte versuche es später nochmal" Ist das ein bekanntes Problem oder stehe ich alleine da? Die letzten Tage hat eigentlich alles einwandtfrei funktionier.
  16. I was driving along when all of a sudden bam! Steam Offline! And Offline. I had ets2 on my ssd and had no problem with the game connection, but now I have put my ets2 on HDD I am getting connection Loss too many times, when my internet is not broke
  17. So I downloaded the game and the launcher. This is an error I get when trying to launch it. An error occurred while contacting our update servers 0x80072ee4 The last time I played the mod it worked. It was around 6 months ago. Now I installed it and it doesn't. I deleted temp files, launched as an admin, checked the cache file (that was advised in the only topic I found relevant), launched in compatibility mode. Nothing helped. 2 of my friends installed it as well and they succeeded in launching. No idea what's wrong. Please, help UPD: I also have the latest .NET
  18. Hello, I "upgraded" to windows 8.1 from a win 8 machine and since the update of OS, I haven't been able to launch ETS2MP. As soon as I start the launcher, it comes up with an error message titled "Connection Error - Retry?" From there, there is a bunch of text that you can read on the image below. I have reinstalled the launcher multiple times, and ran it as administrator couple times aswell. I have also downloaded and installed both 32 and 64bit version of .NET Framework.4.6.2. I have also restarted my computer inbetween the installations of both the .NET and launcher. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Clicking "OK" on the error message allows me to enter the launcher, but I can't see any images on the launcher and I can not install available updates, another error message pops up titled the same, saying "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry" Retrying never works and the error messages keeps coming up. I'm out of options, can't find this exact error message anywhere else.
  19. soup, i'd like to know if there's a way to connect in-game from being AFK. For example if people are AFK and then instead of waiting for the game to reboot, is there a way to connect back as if you lost connection to the server? You'd join the same server you we're in before still.
  20. Hello guys, I've been playing TruckersMP for a little while I'd say and here's my issue. When I log in to Europe 2 (that's the most common I've logged in for the past weeks, I think this is happening on all servers for me) and wait through the queue blabla, connected, etc., the game goes fine then at some point where I pass any random driver my on-line connection, I guess, stops. I can still play normally and do all the sh** I want to get done, but I can't see any players. The truck(s) I've passed by stopped and when I press Tab it looks like I'm the only one going further away from them. My ms is ~50 and I've seen worse on Tab so I wonder what could be the cause..
  21. it tells me its an internet connection problem but i have good internet idk what to do any suggestions
  22. have been playing with the mp mod for the past couple of days with no issue, however i restarted my game today and after closing i went to launch when i received the following error https://gyazo.com/5c6560cc73b6a597b952d3e619eae87b I have attempted reinstalling, rebooting, restarting steam, launching game with out mod (which worked fine but mod still not launch), running as admin. i also looked though the forums and could not see similar issue. running windows 10 so it is not the win 7 issue. Please any help will be greatly appreciated ! Naua
  23. Help, when i open the truckersmp appears a page with conection error - retry? Help me please to solve this problem P.S i unistaled and instalet the app for 5 times, and tried to rule the app like administrator but it didn't worked.
  24. I recommended my roommate to play ETS2, he likes it , so we go to play multiplayer mod, but there's a problem comes to me, we use the same internet, he can play mp successfully, I can login and connect to the server but when I start the truck and move several steps, it shows offline , please help me, I think I don't have any mods or unsupported DLC..
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