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  1. Hi. Thanks for answering,non of your solutions working and My problem still exist ! Only if i use VPN services, i can connect to server! I also change my ISP and still have same issue !
  2. Hi. Recently (about 13 days ago) me and my friends can not connect to multiplayer mode. the game load fine, can go to city, get jobs and etc BUT the error shows on the bottom of screen and says: " can not connect to server " and will try 10 seconds later but nothing happened after 10 sec and get same error again ! also, it doesn't matter which server we choose, we got this error in every server! So, is your server have issue with Iranians IP ? because when we use VPN, everything become normal ( except ping that become upper than 200ms ! ) and we can play together. Thanks.
  3. سلام. بازم همین مشکل که نمیتونه به سرور وصل بشه پیش اومده، فقط اینبار مثه اینکه واسه همه سرورا هست!
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