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  1. Tried all of the above, same same same. I guess it's just because of the overcrowdedness of the server because I tried Europe 3 (which was as busy as Europe 2 in Berlin) and it worked fine. I'm just gonna live with the fact that Europe 2 is a singleplayer server for me XD. TC I guess?
  2. None of these worked. Same behavior for each one of the solutions @Frosty. not so far.. I'll update with every new solution anyway.
  3. Tried it, same result. Sometimes it works like 5 seconds from the first time, sometimes not even. I login, no warnings or anything like that, connected - ghost mode - all good.. then I do any basic thing (like using quick travel to my garage this time - which was 5m away from me and I knew it would fail) and bam. Everyone's just stuck with their wheels rolling and in the middle of the road.
  4. Hello, I've tried this too but the box seems already unchecked Update from today: I had a delivery from yesterday and I logged in to finish it. I saw players! A lot of them! XD. It worked wonders for 200km until I finished the delivery, I thought it figured itself out and I'm good now. Pressed enter to deliver the order - got out of the menu - ded. No more players. The only player visible to me was 'stuck' in the middle of the street, standing still but their truck looking like moving. I'm really starting to give up on this :\
  5. I tried restarting my router, doesn't do anything. Got the google dns, didn't help. I tried opening the specific ports and all were closed, idk how to fix this - might help? Tried a step further into the thread, the firewall one, nothing happened. Also, in that thread, OP has shown a notification on ETS2MP that he has a weak connection and the game is attempting to reconnect - I get none of that. It looks alright, no errors or anything, but when I meet a driver it's over.
  6. Hello guys, I've been playing TruckersMP for a little while I'd say and here's my issue. When I log in to Europe 2 (that's the most common I've logged in for the past weeks, I think this is happening on all servers for me) and wait through the queue blabla, connected, etc., the game goes fine then at some point where I pass any random driver my on-line connection, I guess, stops. I can still play normally and do all the sh** I want to get done, but I can't see any players. The truck(s) I've passed by stopped and when I press Tab it looks like I'm the only one going further away from them. My ms is ~50 and I've seen worse on Tab so I wonder what could be the cause..
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