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  1. OK. It looks like the lesson from this for me is to just bear with and get used to it. Thank you all for your help @BL4CK$K1LL @[WTLVTC] Dan @Sentinel_ @RecterX I think this is case closed.
  2. Hi @BL4CK$K1LL, This I unfortunately already do and attempt to spawn in known, quiet areas on the map and then drive to wherever my load pickup is. However occasionally when driving through a more populated area I sometimes get this error. This is very unfortunate and if what you suggest is the case, then I'm sure I won't be the only one experiencing this issue as I am sure there are many other budget gamers using the mod. I have actually commented before on how the mod and some of it's services (but I won't get into that now, that's bad blood) seem to not really be fully accessible for people like me who are on a budget and can't necessarily afford/justify spending the amounts required to purchase the hardware it seems is required to run the mod and software to be able to actually play and cover your own backside by recording all the time. I don't know if you have a thread or suggestion of what more budget PC owners like me should do to be able to use the mod like people who have a bit more cash in their wallets do you?
  3. Hi Dan, Unfortunately last time I used the mod (Sunday 3rd March) it still had the same issue and I was able to make the same observations that I had made before. Just for clarity: all prior issues have been with connecting to the EU2 server and after the advice given, the same issue did not occour on EU3. This makes me think it is an EU2 server issue. The kicks sometimes happen when spawning in a slightly more populated area, but I not ally try and spawn where there is usually few players. I have also had the issue occour when driving past/through a more populated area.
  4. Hi both mexiumut and RecterX, Thank you both for replying and trying to help. Without trying to sound disrespectful, I know my way around networking, which is the reason why I monitor everything to see where there is packet loss, etc so I can 'plug the holes'. This just seems very random and spontaneous and the thing that is puzzling me is I can't find any router, switch or computer errors, packet loss increases, etc at the time of the dropouts or anything in the dev. logs of the game suggesting that I am having any of the above issues. I already run a protocol on my computer so that when I launch an application it is tied to, all upload and download traffic outside that application and the bare-bones Windows operations are barred. I already also use an alternative DNS to the default as it generally gives me better connectivity in my local area and my bandwidth is a locked channel, meaning there is no other devices that can be 'bandwidth hogs'. This is why I am confused. Reading the articles you attached it all points to the user being at fault but I can't seem to find anything that is wrong at my end. I also aren't one to part with my cash that easily, so I am a bit sceptical as to if a hardware fault is the issue here, as this is only a fairly recently occouring problem (last 2-3 months) and my hardware is only about a year old.
  5. This is either a topic for here or a topic for bugs. but it'll probably end up being filed under a 'rants' topic as that's all that ever seems to happen with anything I say, but anyway... I keep getting random server kicks with the reason "unreliable connection to server". This I don't believe as I constantly monitor my internet connection and traffic, which evidences that actually, it is not an 'unreliable connection' that is the problem as my network gateway remains fully open and doesn't drop out or show an error for a second. Does this, in fact, mean that the TMP servers have a connection error at their end and the user is being impacted by randomly being kicked (fyi this happens about once a session in my case) or is this just a way of making spaces in the server for people in the queue but using a cover reason and it is just pure fluke that I am the one that always gets hit? I hope someone somewhere will be able to shed some light on this and it not get ignored like a lot of other things I seem to say do. Thank you.
  6. Suggestion Name: Adding A 'Upload File' Option To Report Page Suggestion Description: A option to upload a file from pc tab be added to the reports page (when submitting a report). Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: I recently submitted a report but had no easy way of uploading say an image as evidence to the report as the link I tried to include failed leading to the report being declined as a certain moderator didn't actually read my update on that report saying that the link hadn't worked so could they suggest an alternate means of providing evidence.
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