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  1. Yes, I submit a support ticket, they said it's not a problem.. No, for the suggestions above, I and my roommate have different steam accounts. I close the firewall a long time before and I don't use any anti-virus software. I reinstalled ETS2 and also TrucksMP, I'm sure I also delete all the documents in "my documents" at c disk.. It's very strange. I try to find the difference between me and my friend that he is a new player and I play multiple mode before, there is nothings difference besides this. And I explain the issue again. I enter the account name and password, I enter the profile screen and it says login successfully. when I enter the game, it says connecting server and established. At the right top side of the screen, it shows no collision area, after I start my engine and begin to move, it shows offline immediately
  2. I think I know the reason now, I registered Truckers MP a long time before , but I didn't verified my account , so my account statues is still not activated. But I don't know how to verify my email address now. I didn't see any section for verification in settings.
  3. I recommended my roommate to play ETS2, he likes it , so we go to play multiplayer mod, but there's a problem comes to me, we use the same internet, he can play mp successfully, I can login and connect to the server but when I start the truck and move several steps, it shows offline , please help me, I think I don't have any mods or unsupported DLC..
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