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Found 8 results

  1. Здравей, Понякога, когато стартирате TruckersMP, получавате съобщение за грешка от Steam. Това може да бъде доста досадно, защото ако натиснете „ОК“, той се стартира на сингъл игра вместо на мултиплейър. Ето стъпките, които можете да следвате, за да спрете получаването на това съобщение. 1. На първо място, когато получите това съобщение, не натискайте „OK“. Вместо това натиснете бутона „Отказ“. Това ще попречи на Steam да стартира играта в сингълплеър и това ще ви спести известно време. 2. Затворете Steam изцяло. Натискането на изход в го
  2. In Inglish: Hello, I leave a report of a person who harassed me on the road. He locked me in for almost 10 minutes. I managed to stop in 2 opportunities, but in the 3 opportunity to want to pass it so that it did not bother me, it achieved its mission of blocking the route and making me overturn. En español: Buenas, dejo un reporte de una persona que me hostigaba en la autopista. Me estuvo encerrando por casi 10 minutos. Pude lograr frenar en 2 oportunidades, pero en la 3 oportunidad de querer pasarlo para que me deje de molestar, logró su mision de bloquerarme la ruta y
  3. Beyler rapor sistemi benim bildiğim kadarıyla adminlerin sahneyi izlemeleriyle yapılıyor ancak bu adminler nasıl bir gözle izliyorlar anlamış değilim tam izlemiyolar mı veya ilgilenilmiyor mu? bariz şekilde bilerek çarpan milletin önüne kıran bilerek blocking yapan veya normal yolunda giderken bile bile direksiyon kırıp bariz bilerek sana çarpan adamı bile raporladığımda bir süre sonra "Nickname" hakkında hiçbir işlem yapılmadı yazısı geliyor. adminler neden var diye sorasım geldi ama daha iyi bir soru buldum; rapor sistemi neden var?!?!?!
  4. Hello everyone- I started to use truckersMP again after a very long break. The first thing that happens to me is that 2 guys Diego.09 and Hacker10045 started to block me. I couldn't move or go anywhere. I asked them kindly to move away, but they didn't comply. I asked on the if there was any moderator online, but no one responded. What am i suppose to do now? I might aswell just uninstall TruckersMP and play offline. Any help is appreciated. By: Vahdek
  5. Bonjour, Je connais un amis qui a créé un discord de convoi. Souvent nous démarrons de l'HOTEL mais des joueur qui n'ont pas Discord et qui ne sont pas inscrit viennent. Et c'est la que ma demande va commençait, 1) Je voudrais les autorisation pour Bloquer l'entrée a l'HOTEL, 2) Puis je ne sait pas si vous etes au courant mais en convoi les gens aime nous embêter c'est pour cela que je vous de demande d'avoir la possibilité de les empêcher de passer, Nous bloquerons que ce qui veulent nous embêter mais ceux qui font leurs livraison on les laisse pas
  6. mr_ozzy23

    can it

    dear players i just had problems with players that are blocking the road is it possible that i send the screenshot with pinfo to ban those regards
  7. Guest

    ETS2MP - Ban

    Hi, I recently got banned for two days on ETS2 for an incident that was 75% my fault. But However, because I had previous bans from over 8 months ago this two day ban has been extended to 32 days. Is there anything I can do about this? Also, do your previous bans get wiped after a year for example or do they stay on your record permanently? Because If I were to be banned again wouldn't It probably be permanent? Thanks, WoodenCrumpet
  8. see these trailers blocking road and flying around after some other driver hit them.... second time this week. I know this is a known bug, with solutions for those who can not pick up trailers to f7+enter. So I post it here, not in bug report. But what are we going to do with these trailers blocking road? When we do not want them at all but they just appear on roads. Lucky for me to use a dev cam and see this trailer before I get blocked and no one else can see the reason (then they blame on me and report) But clearly it's not a good solution to wait for another driver to drive by and
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