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  1. mr_ozzy23

    speed limit

    ok but where i live trucks dont fly at 160km/h
  2. mr_ozzy23

    speed limit

    i think that speed limiters can avoid alot of crashes in ets mp many players drive at 160km/h and with cars 200km/h but why. at that speed they cant stay between the line's and crash best option would be all servers limiter of 90km/h for trucks and 120-130 km/h for cars
  3. maybe the double trailers come with the next gen scania in the next update?
  4. ^ im not sure but i think its coming in the next update http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/05/doubles.html
  5. maybe those who drive like noobs and can't revers with trailer are new drivers of waberer's trying to get drivers license
  6. thats a big problem in ETS 2 if you leave a non collision area and your trying to make your turn with 2 trailers . your trailer is in the non collision area that there are players who drive into your trailer and you will be launched in the air and they like it. that would be very hard with the double trailers
  7. ^ what you mean can't drive a truck? some cant even drive a car or flip it over. and the heavy cargo has a problem to. those steerable axle's make your trailer make at the rear a bigger turn and sometimes if i wanted to turn left someone parked on my right so i couldn't make my turn
  8. i hope they don't but that double trailers isnt realistic in most parts of EU you got a max length whats just enough for a truck and 1 trailer. if its longer then that you have to carry a convoi exceptionnel sign on your truck
  9. i want to see some trying to park his trailer into that entrance
  10. mr_ozzy23

    car vs truck

    no what im just trying to say is if you crash into someone that you dont go form your current speed to 0 its just better IF you crash into him that you just slow down by him and won't get launched into the air
  11. ^ thx , that one i tried to upload
  12. sure for most players who can drive ok it will be fun but someone who cant drive with one trailer picks up a double trailer isnt a good idea. if he crash or get stuck and he has to reverse . i had one time i had to wat 6 min until someone could reverse his trailer into his spot but is was funny to see him driving XD i tried to drag a photo of ets trailers in it but it says i got ... kb and its bigger and thats the only one that i could show this one?
  13. mr_ozzy23

    double trailer

    i saw that scs is going to make double trailers for ets and ats . i think to not add the double trailers in mp or it will be a pure chaos the most players cant even reverse with a normal trailer or drive forward with it
  14. mr_ozzy23

    car vs truck

    i don't understand the logic of mp that a car can be stronger than a truck , if a car brake checks you and you crash into him your truck is launced and alot of damage but nothing happend with the car. maybe rework it so if you hit the back of someone that your truck doesn't fly and doesn't go from 90 to 0.
  15. they must update the scandinavian dlc so we got more of sweden,norway and others. and going east so we can drive in romania, hongary and others
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