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  1. Playing a bit on 1.37 while waiting for 1.38
  2. Will the drill engine be swapped for something more pleasant to hear ?
  3. TheoLG


    It's not that I don't like ATS, it's just that I don't live there IRL. I love the trucks, the interiors and the old-looking style we don't have on ETS2, but the map is just not for me. I feel out of place everytime I launch the game.
  4. Can't wait to take a screenshot with only J-Spec trucks ! Love the idea.
  5. Don't speak for everyone that fast I personnally never go on Arcade server simply because I always drive realistically. Why should I play on a server without a speed limit, if I never exceed 80-90kph ? Doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. Can we do it on almost empty servers ?
  7. The cheap versions, 100% yes. The last ones, depends on the brand. But I'd say no must of the time.
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