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  1. Wow. How many steps are you going to be taking next? Accidents happen on every road never mind the speed, so I suppose the next logical step is to ban the use of roads. After that - you could consider who performs the crashes - the user. Then, after banning those from joining, you'll have a truly crash free gameplay. Oh wait...
  2. Right, but what would be the point in voting if no difference was going to be made? And saying that quick saves and F7+enter is a replacement for no damage / no cooldown on the fix command is absolutely absurd.
  3. Yes, the majority DIDN'T vote as like I said, the way to vote is clunky and should have been done on the website anyway. There is no way to know either way what the reach number was, and I highly doubt that the TruckersMP team can give concrete figures on this as all they could possibly offer is the amount of people who viewed forum posts and the dedicated site for looking at the voting results, and even then you've got to work out unique hits to each page, make sure the numbers don't overlap etc.
  4. Perhaps reading the OP post fully would have given you that answer.
  5. Not really. Many users have never even looked at the forums or the website at all apart from when they originally signed up and downloaded the launcher. Even past that, hardly any users come back regularly / frequently enough to spot something like that. They could have either made it more obvious, or at the very least make it less awkward to vote, as they commands you have to type in were dreadful. Lastly, if it was the most effective way of reaching the majority of users - how come it didn't?
  6. What a joke. As others have pointed out - the results should have been listened to whether or not the turnout was low. Not only that, but it suspiciously seems as if you've made it difficult to vote on purpose, by not really telling anyone and making a whole bunch of awkward commands to type in, instead of a poll on the website. In my opinion, you've gone against what the people voted for, though I'm not entirely surprised as the entire idea of TruckersMP just keeps going downhill and turning more and more into a corporation feel, where the main people couldn't care less about what the people using it feel.
  7. Why is everyone saying amazing update? I mean, it's great that they have put their time into it, but it hasn't worked for ages for what I can remember, not even that start of 2017!
  8. Welp. I went full in and REINSTALLED WINDOWS! And that appears to have fixed it. I played for a good hour without crash, I'll try with my wheel again later, but thanks all for your help Extra info: - Game crash was only in multiplayer - Unsure about profiles - Admin or no admin, it didn't work
  9. Goto: My Documents --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 --> crash.log (open this) Ctrl+A all of the document, and paste it to http://pastebin.com upload it afterwards and get the link and paste it here. Just 'a fatal error' is enough unfortunately
  10. @Sentinel_ nothing im afraid, infact it crashed on the C-D road, that's going to be fun Running as admin doesn't have appeared to have done anything either. I've updated nVidia, Windows, uninstalled any conflicts that I could see. I'm totally at loss at the problem.
  11. Title says it. Sometimes i can drive for a nice 30 minutes. sometimes it's a boring 10 seconds. -- BEWARE OPENING THE SPOILER-- I've attached every crash i've had with this problem just in case. I was going to use pastebin but it's too big... EDIT: I've tried "sfc /scannow" Tried reinstalling ETS2 Reinstalled the mod including deleting the ProgramData\TruckersMP Crash only appears to happen on the x64 version.
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