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  1. what is different in the simulation server
  2. it says i got wrong version even though i have it on the right version it is says i have 1.21 for ets2 but i i have it on opt out of beta so it should be on the right version and i re download the mp installer to so pls help hers is a pic of wat it says
  3. yes i probably will wait till scs brings out the full version and wait for mp to support i can play sp to i guess
  4. got a problem starting mp it says it is wrong version so i put it to the right version on steam and it does not do anything still broken plzz help
  5. never mind went ingame and found out only paintjob not allowed solved
  6. is the new dlc supported yet or is it not the michelin one
  7. when is the trailer pack being supported i wasted my money if it doesnt work in mp because i only play mp so plzz tell me why
  8. cant connect to server e2 right now after restart i have tried at least 10 times and it keeps saying reconnecting but i wait like 15 minutes and nothing plzzzzzzzzz help fast
  9. are we allowed to install the winter mod or no i see it is added and can i check mark the box or is that not aloud
  10. i hope i dont sound dumb but wat is a corrupt save file it worked thank u soooo much everybody and have a safe drive thanks
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