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  1. So some guys just tried to overtake me while i was getting my speed and he crashed into a truck in the other ways lane. Had fraps open but wasn't recording >_<. fun times>

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    2. RaawrItsTomi


      Also he didn't give me way at Felixstowe nearly rammed me while i was on the main road. Karma is a biatch :*

    3. Robi47


      I know that feeling when you don't record while you should xD

    4. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Had that nearly happen the other day, dude was trying to overtake near Calais and I had a pingspike. Next thing I knew, he was cartwheeling end over end past me and swearing up a storm XD

  2. Ratatatatatata

    1. Creatured


      /me shoots rpg in the air

  3. ign would rate ets2 mp 7.8/10 because theres too much water on the windshield (Kappa

    1. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      no ign would rate ets2mp 10/10 because thats what they do with everything, there is no such thing as a 9/10 to them

  4. Euro Crash Simulator 2 Multiplayer, i'm starting to get impatient now :(

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    2. S2020


      Scandinavia is like 2 months away minimum.

    3. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      stop complaining they already know of the complaints no need at all to add any more. youre just taking up space with the same words over and over.

    4. RaawrItsTomi


      but that's what statuses are for, for expressing our opinions and sharing our thoughts

  5. When will the Europe #3 server be available on the client?

  6. Waiting for my game to update so i can finally play multiplayer!

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