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  1. Protip: Spewing a recruitment ad over the CB about your "professional" VTC, then running a red and t-boning me not even a minute later...is a bad look 😂

  2. Protip: Running someone else off the road so you can "safely" turn left first rather than following through the turn behind them is a really good way to get the same done back at you.

    1. ScaniaFan89


      & then get yourself banned for sinking to their level....you literally just admitted to reckless driving 

    2. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Mmm no, I didn't. Just an observation, this seems to be a thing in ATS with heavy haul convoys. Trailed one from Spokane to Roswell last night, the six times this happened to them their escort cars thrashed the people who did it. That wasn't right, but how shocked the people doing it were that they got their actions returned was pretty funny.

  3. Are these clips handled server-side or is the client tied into the saving of them? Wondering if this will impact my data use cuz my connection's capped.
  4. Thank you for the follow! That's a cute avatar you got there. :)

  5. I got that with ATS multi all the time, I think I drove for nearly three months once before it stopped. I miss seeing it but would rather have it disabled to see whoever's driving sans lights and trying to kill me
  6. Gotta love being tailgated for 20 mins nonstop by some dorkweed with his high beams on. Stopped to get gas, he did the same. Pulled off to let him past, he did the same.


    Dude finally passed and slammed the heck out of my rig right before the dropoff point. Blech.

    1. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      always gotta look out for them but no way to really tell what they want to do.

    2. Trucking Gekco

      Trucking Gekco

      Makes you think if that same person uses their highbeams like that IRL as well. I always flash them and they just honk at me as to say..... what?

    3. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      sometimes in the dead of the night on the eu2 server just go somewhere and listen to this   ( Adult Swim Bump - I Should Be Dreaming )


  7. Did anybody else hear the guy in Bakersfield lose his shit over the mic earlier? On the US server I mean. I haven't laughed so hard in my life! :lol:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Oh God, it seems like someone was REALLY bothered by your friend's microphone! XD Too bad I missed it. I would totally have kept that footage. lol

    3. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Yeah, he did record it and reported the guy as he kinda had to, but he won't link the clip anywhere :(


      I hate my friend now :lol:

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Aww, that's a shame. D: Well, maybe in the future, who knows! At least he recorded it.

  8. Does ATS not close for anybody else when they quit MP? I keep having to Task Manager it to death every time :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Cyrusj


      Yeah, i guess i didn't think it was coming from MP when i answered it in my on explanation.


      Derp :P

    3. Cyrusj
    4. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Yeah, just the client for me too :lol:

  9. Getting trolled by two cars in the Primm gas station, and that moment when you tell them you're recording and one screams "MY PEOPLE NEED ME!" and launches into the ground :blink:

    1. Syntog


      i'd watch that xD

    2. Titanic4


      Have you got the footage of this?

    3. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Still gotta upload it, having connection problems though so who knows when that'll be :(

  10. So that's what it's like to be trolled by idiots in cars. Spent so much time airborne on a ramp in Tucson just now <_<

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      yea i had the same problem :P i was driving  on the high way  then  a truck with 3_4 cars chasing me , i think they were hacking  because  they drove right through me  high speed 

    2. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Yeah, bunch of crazies on the US ATS server last night :lol:

  11. Anybody else see the 125 ton modded load convoy on the US ATS server last night? That was pretty cool :D

  12. Been enjoying the multi more since they brought the two limits in, actually. Most people who want to pass are more careful now, signaling and whatnot. Desync lag is horrendous above 90 though, so roughly half the times I've been wrecked outside the towns would likely be from that and passers not taking it into account. People seem to be less freaked out now when another rig comes near them, which I never thought I'd see. As far as the idiots go, the ones I've encountered seem to all be organized AKA they're much harder to avoid, especially when working in groups of three or more. The worst would be folks attacking convoys, which is something I've not seen before apart from maybe one guy hounding them all the way to their destination. Ended up hiding in a gas station for a good 15 minutes the other day while three trailerless rigs pounded the hell out of an eight truck Russian convoy next to it.
  13. With all this speed limit talk and both sides accusing the other of being crybabies, it's a wonder we've not all drowned by now. ;P

  14. Love all the illogical logic flowing around on here with the limiter debate. Needing a biased poll to prove something is just sad.

    1. delboyspencer


      Yep, just accept the changes and move on, we have

    2. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      I like the limiter, but I'm getting the feeling you think I don't :D

  15. Rejoined the new forum, albeit under a new profile name. This is "Gypsy Horse" from the old forum, checking in. :P

    1. ClickForLife


      Welcome to the New Forums! :)

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